My world cup narration: The rest of the things I said…

Kindly read my 1st, 2nd and 3rd narration before proceeding with this read.

… from my social media postings (to what I think about them):

In “quotes” are my social media comments, and my thoughts about these comments are in italics… Enjoy!

“I’m definitely not a ‘hater’, and I especially do not hate your FIFA man crushes, GOATS or whatever you choose to call them. I’m just glad that we can have some good breath of fresh air…”

>> let’s just say that I was glad that FIFA got themselves new “children” in this season… The world is not just for one kind of people after all, lol.

“Special Shout-Out to the person that advised me to support Mexico in this World Cup, that they will go far…
I see you bro, I see you…
You don try…”

>> This is why it’s good to find your own reasons for doing things, lol.

“I’ve been meaning to get something straight for some days now…
So, Rodriguez was actually swapped on that Col/Sen match day for his own health sake? Cos of injury issues? (1a).
So, why did he now stomp out so violently like the world had wronged him? (1b).
Very importantly, why are Fifa-Children so spoilt?! (2).”

>> I have realized that ‘FIFA CHILDREN’ usually feel very entitled, lol.

“And now that our World Cup drama king has gone, who will now be giving us the different styles of fall and roll?
I sincerely will miss the multi talented Brazilians.”

>> I was so sad for Brazil. I felt they worked so hard…

“Firstly, who can help to teach me that Umtiti’s dance style/step… that step seems good enough to give Shaku a run for its money!
Secondly, who else is wondering if Nigeria will not just kuku hire J.J as coach with all that football intelligence he’s been spitting on SuperSports…
Thirdly, who else thinks England and France are playing the finals? (even though I kinda wish Belgium & England will play again, cos they appeared not to have taken that group stage match seriously…)

Anyway, after Sunday, all of us go find another topic to talk about….
Who knows: maybe the already ongoing Wimbledon or the IAAF league…”

>> I’ve been trying ro practice that Umtiti’s dance, and I have been loving the IAAF league…

“Dele Alli sounds Nigerian, and Sterling is such a fine boy”

>> Nigerians are everywhere! And some of my male friends judged my “taste-in-men” for considering a fellow man handsome… Imagine, lol?!

“The way my fellow Nigerians are supporting Croatia sha; you people did not support Argentina like that o, and they did the same thing to you, literally… lol “

>> I couldn’t understand ‘Nigerian-Croatians’; I felt they were unjust to easily ‘forgive’ Croatia for the same ‘crime’ they couldn’t ‘forgive’ Argentina about… I figured it had a lot to do with the Croatian president, lol.

“These commentators sha know how to shout in high blood pressure into somebody, tufiakwa!

>> Commentators should be dreaded: their screams can be anxiety laden!

“Good one, Nepa. Unu agbaliala… alarming people… mtchew. “

>> Nepa (PHCN) became an undoing for me during this Word Cup season.

“My own is that these commentators should calm down and let us watch this match in peace…”

>> maybe “shouting” anxiety into viewers is a requirement for the commentating art… Someone told me it was “part of the fun” after all.

“So, who’s getting lucky tonight?
By the way that own-goal reminds me of Croatia’s first match with Nigeria…”

>> I had always felt strongly that the winner of this world cup wouldn’t be by over-zealousness/’ginger’, but I’m glad that the most ‘ginger’ (ditto, ‘hardworking’) team also made it to the finals…

“I like this Perisic’s Croatian goal… It was well calculated/done… reminds me of Musa… “

>> maybe, I just wanted to imagine that Nigeria was in the finals, lol. But Musa was  good!

“I’m watching this World Cup finals with a mad woman o! Someone please come and save me…
She’s more Croatian than the Croatians right now, and she’s shouting my head off so much so that I’m beginning to prefer the commentators’ nearly unwelcome ginger…

>> my friend wouldn’t let me hear word… and she really got emotional when her ‘fav’ team couldn’t win.

“My dear Nigerian-Croatians, I’m not against you people o…
But if these Croatians don’t calm down, France will use luck and win this…

But then again, something is telling me that I’d benefit something if France wins…
P.S: all my French friends please take note…”

>> I was relatively indifferent about the winner until this point. I felt it strongly that the Croatians were doing several things wrongly…

J.J Okocha is alright!”

>> I absolutely enjoyed his entire sport analysis (on SuperSports) during this world cup season: I was so proud of him, ‘repping’ the Green White Green ‘fam’ real good!

“This Nepa people have to be Croatians! They have interrupted the match… but no, they can’t stop the shine… LMAO

>> It happened in the 81st minute or so… ‘haterz’, no mind them, lol!

“Anything for your French friend? “

>> I’m still believing that the French communities around will treat this Nigerian fan well for her love and support [and hope faileth not!], yeah.

“Please, who else found Pogba very annoying during the victory celebration/award?”

>> I kept asking myself, why the hassle really? No be only one goal “you” score? I know winning isn’t easy and scoring a goal isn’t too, but you would think he won the golden boot or something: man was PROUDING (and I was pissed, lol).

“By the way, it was nice seeing Ronaldinho again!
He seems to be doing alright.”

>> To think that he was once the star of FIFA moments! Life sure goes around in seasons.

And that should be a wrap from my World Cup narrations. Did you enjoy them? Let me know down the comment section. Also, tag me on Instagram and Twitter to/with (hilarious) World Cup posts from around the world.

I would live to hear from you, thank you!


My world cup narration: unforeseen reactions!


Check my first and second narration out before you proceed, if you haven’t already.


I was very sad yesterday when Nigeria lost, and consequently couldn’t gather myself together for a blog post until now.

Basically, today’s post is about how scattered-all-over-the-place my emotions were yesterday.

I also didn’t bother to check through some interesting things on my timeline: I just logged off.

>> it was that bad.


So, let’s just go ahead to my social media posts:

  • I want to say “Thank you Germany”, but my mind keeps straying to the Argentines and how they’re currently planning to use us to shine and come-back…
    Oluwa, biko, help us o!
    Someone please help us tell the Eagles to win their next match, biko…

>> Let’s start with this throw back: the day Germany won (and to think they’ve also gone… sobs some). This post was on the 23rd: I knew it very well that the Argentines were going to fight very hard… I was however hoping that Nigerians were equally prepared. To a large extent, Nigerians were, to be honest, it’s just that it didn’t work out for them.

>> if I were to be a bit analytical, I’d say that we should have had more ‘strikers’ with Musa and Iheanacho at the fore (amongst other things), but, is there really any need for more analysis?

  • Dear Lord, we are not “dying there”: we are WINNING THERE!
    Our boys are making it!
    What are they coming back for when their ‘mates’ are still ‘in’ the World Cup?
    Our prayers are answered in Jesus’s name.

>> I prayed hard o! I hoped! I really wanted them there, especially for their own good and expertise: they would have played against great teams, tried out their skills and learnt a lot: they’d have returned way better and more confident. But now, we’re back to square one, and we’d have to keep at it until we get it. All the best to them.

  • Within the next couple of hours, I want to be saying many thanks: “Thank you, Iwobi!” “Thank you, Shehu!” “Thank you, Ndidi!” “Thank you, Iheanacho!” “Thank you, Moses!” “Thank you, Mikel!”… “Thank you, SuperEagles!” I want to be bursting with a combination of all the positive emotions of victory! Yes, we can! It’s a Blessed Super Eagle’s day: Let’s do this!

>> how I wish this came to pass… sobs a bit … I however think our boys are good players regardless: a little tact here, a little pruning there, and we’re good to be great. Musa for instance had improved a lot in confidence from 2014, and if Ndidi adds a little more tact and apt calculations to his shots, they’d be very clean goals… All the best to them still… And I didn’t even get to say, “thank you Moses”; I was too alarmed at his somersault to utter any word, and I don’t know why. Thank you, Moses , please!

  • I’m fine, in case you’re asking: I’m just not bursting out in jubilation yet…
    I think our boys are doing better though… I pray we win… One quick question : was Iheanacho trying to get us a free kick / penalty there? And lest I forget, Di Maria is a better player than your man crush whatever.

>> Yes, Di Maria is a better player. The other one is overrated in my estimation.

  • It’s like Victor Moses has been practicing this Somersault for a long time?!

>> this was before the sadness erupted… and it seemed Moses had been waiting to perform this particular somersault for a long time.

  • And for the first time in my life, I set out with all the ‘motions to properly fan a football club, and get heart broken as a result…
    Just send money to my bank account, it will help me feel better…
    *dabs eyes*

>> this was too painful, and is a good reason why am not a football league fan. Plus, no one sent money yet. You can redeem the situation. Let me give you my account details, please.

  • I really wish we had this: our boys had improved since their first game!
    Now, they’d be back and watching their colleagues compete for the World Cup?!
    That’s so painful to imagine!

To console myself, I’m postponing teaming/fanning till the next team that plays out Argentina… You can call it hate if you want… Or better still, you can ‘bribe’ me to team with/fan your fav team: but your bribe needs to carry weight, and it better not be Argentina.

>> I really felt bad for the boys. It’s back to square one for them, and I really wished they had lasted a while longer for their own good. No experience is as good as the world cup, for a footballer. It tries them and makes them better, now the boys have missed out till another time… sad And I’m still not team Argentina, not even for Di Maria’s sake.

  • So we got to wear our celebrity jersey just once? So many painful things…

>> so painfull… although I saw some (oyibo) fan wearing it during the Serbia/Brazil match… I was like, “see our jersey o”, lol.

  • I knew there was a problem when Shehu spelt Match as “March” on one of his recent Instagram posts…
    And to think he was my SuperEagle ‘crush’

>> when the little things started to matter, lol

  • To those happy for Argentina/Messi right now on my TL, I am side-eyeing you with all my heart.
    Why rub it in? Couldn’t you wait until tomorrow?

>> at this point, I couldn’t believe those that were hailing our opposition! Like, how could they? Nawa o.

  • However, Nigerians that bought this new celebrity jersey have made it as the real MVPs…
    What will y’all be doing now with your very nice jerseys?

>> I would have felt worse if I had bought this jersey: it’d just be reminding me of all that could have been… sniffs

  • I want to ask Arsenal fans a sincere question though… but today’s not about them…

>> Let me just celebrate these group of people… they are usually great with this kind of situation…

And then, I returned to chill with the World Cup, lol:

Neymar is just too extra with his falls: giving us different versions: lie flat for five minutes on the floor today, perform turn and roll level 10 tomorrow… which kain sef! 😀😀😀

Yes, I know I said I wasn’t going to watch again after yesterday, but look at us now: lol

Lest I forget, I stand with the Germans today in their FIFA-loss: I really do: they were supposed to be my next fav… but, look at us: In fact, look at me- hopes being dashed left and right!

Right now, I’m in between low-key rooting for Brazil and high-key being indifferent, cos it may seem as though this Cup is not about being nice to my emotions…

>> someone suggested I stand with the Mexicans instead, that they’d go far… I might even stand with the Croatians: I know an unexpected team will win this cup; I’m almost convinced of this.

In conclusion, I’m looking forward to England Vs Belgium, and to be honest, I think England had it very easy with Panama… let’s see how tomorrow goes though.


You? How are you taking in this World Cup, or you cannot be bothered at all?

Engage me in the comment section, or via Twitter or Instagram, and I’ll respond.




My world cup narration: today’s match

You may want to catch my other narration before you proceed….

First, a few interesting things from my social media timeline:

My new crush: MUSA

>>Musa surely got himself a lot of love today… but in the Nigerian way, I hope it lasts.

“Someone should help me inform MTN that we scored 2 goals not 1”

>> MTN also sent me that annoying text. This brother wasn’t having it though.

“His full name is Amadi chiMUSAram from Umunnachi, Dunukofia, Anambra Central. Popularly known as Ahmed Musa.
Nwanne m o!”

>> Ndi Igbo have already resonated with Musa in a great way: “ChiMUSAram” should mean “God birthed for me”: ‘Genuises’ everywhere, lol.

“Where is our shaku shaku?!?”

>>I saw just a few Shaku from the players-on-bench, at the end of the match. But none from Musa. Why? He doesn’t know to?

“Nigerian pastors are at work. Over the bar!!”


“Henceforth, We play with only one jersey”

>> A lot of people still believe that this jersey worked. How, please? I’m still at a loss.

“Our Tuesday game is key. We need to declare a fast. Lol. Nigeria”

>> Very key!!! I can’t imagine how very ready Argentina is already! But we can, yes we can! We can also like to fast, anything for the win, lol (no lol)!


Then, my comments (I sure did put out a lot of words today!):

I first started with the call for prayers:

Please, let’s take a minute to pray for our goal keeper: that guy seems very dodgy: coordinated now, and uncoordinated a minute later- could it be a function of his 19years though?
pray up guys

And while at it, let’s pray in Wisdom to the minds of our strikers: the wisdom to run and score regardless of Mikel and Moses- cos it may seem as though someone erroneously told them that these two are that great (we should find this person and judge him/her though).

Let us also give thanks that our defence is good- at least, something to thank God for.

Now, we have about 4+hours to lift our hearts in prayers, because, logically speaking, I don give up…

My prediction though- 0:1 against Nigeria. God please help my unbelief and disappoint this prediction, amen.

Happy Super Eagle’s day to us all.
May we laugh last and best!

>> All of this was based off our last match. But I’m very glad our eagles did better! It may seem as though someone is feeding them with our comments. Please whoever you are, thank you and keep it up.

And then, I flashed back:

In the spirit of Flash-Back-Friday, Brazil has won me over in this World Cup. I must confess though that I haven’t watched a lot of the matches (and teams); but out of the much/few I’ve watched, Brazil gave me all the good vibes, and I’m not even “starring” Neymar right now: Marcelo got me glued!!! Silva? Even the young Jesus, and a lot more that I do not remember their names!
The team is good, and I sincerely pray the get to the finals…

>> Neymar though! Why was he falling like that in the match against Costarica? Nawa o! Oke aruruala, lol.

In other news, who else thinks Senegal’s captain is cute (in a weird way, lol)…
And he feels familiar too. Who knows if we’ve met before? Who knows… Someone help!

Happy Super Eagle’s day once again!

>> For real though, with that Senegal player: for real!

Then, Panic set in:

Why is Shehu not playing na? He did great defending in the other game!
I am tired already, confused… but hopeful…
We no get another choice.

But, I sought hope:

It seems the temperature is in our favour: 30+degrees…
Naija, abeg o!
Na beg we dey!

>> indeed, I thought the weather was in our favour with that temperature.

But, panic won’t let go:

These Iceland-ers are not smiling though!
With their strong body frames!
Oluwa bikokwa!
Fear don dey catch me already!

Well, I enjoyed the match regardless and had a few to say after the first half:

My few things:
We’re doing better, let’s make it great (1).
Only Musa seems to want this win badly, why na? (2).
Sweat on black skin looks fine on my screen; is this a thing? (3)
Uzoho has been alright: God answering our earlier prayers. (4).

The game dikwa nwa intense!
We’re still hopeful.
We need to put more uchu!!!

And Musa scored:

I said it! Only Musa wants this goal…
And he got it, thank God!

After the game:

Na who born this Musa?!
Nigga be on da point!!!

Congratulations Naija, and it was indeed a happy Supper Eagle’s day to us!!!

And I saw Timi jubiliating:

I saw Timi Dakolo there o, lol!

And had a few other things to say:

My other few things:
Musa no fit Shaku? He deserved some good Shaku! (1)

We have a good team: we did better, thankfully, and Uzoho wasn’t too dodgy today, thank God (2)

Besides Musa, no other player wants to score goal? Nawa o! (3).

Our boys are good, we just need ginger, drive, zeal and a strong desire to win… so far we have a greater zeal not to loose, but to win, we need the zeal (4).

We can do it, even though I know Argentina is right now planning to use us to shine, but o well (5).

For now, let’s bask in the victory.

Lest I forget, our boys improved a lot. Did anybody show them our social media posts?

Happy Super Eagle’s day to everyone once again: whether for or against! Musa made you proud!

 Then there were some very futuristic fans, I dare say:

These fans in Hard Rock Cafe should better calm down…
Which one is “we’re bringing the cup home”?
Make God help us o!
Abeg o!

The way this World Cup is going, a seemingly regular team may win. No one is joking! Every game is intense. Teams are doing better with each game. No one is taking the fall.

I wish the eagles the best. They can, I sincerely hope they do.

Meanwhile, catch me on Twitter and Instagram… I’d be screen-grabiing some Facebook comments on the go: engage me.

Happy Super Eagle’s day, everyone!


My World Cup Narrations… 1

First of all, there were the funny comments on my social media timelines:

“Although the goals were not that spectacular, we hope for more action from the Super Eagles. Take more risks. It’s the #WorldCupBut I think they just didn’t wear the right jersey (

>> Right Jersey? Realy? Never knew that could make a difference, Lool!

“Alert Nigerians!!! If you’re in the Russia stadium come to Canopy D. They are sharing food #CRONGA #WorldCup

>> At least some Nigerian Jollof to cool temper, I think, lol! We play too much.

“Well done Messi. God loves a humble beginning! Keep the goals for the semis/final.”

>> I am yet to fathom how this works… lool.

“It’s 2018 and I can’t watch Argentina because of a drizzle. Which way, DSTV???”

>> My friend here wasn’t having it with DSTV, lol!

Then, I shared my match-opinion:

(After the 1st half)

  • First of all, my new Nigerian celebrity fav goes to Abdullahi Shehu (Northern connect please come through)…

>> Guy is so fresh abeg. He was some good distraction for me…

  • Mikel has really impressed me (like very well)…

>> He really did

  • What’s with these Croatians and Moses’s leg? They wan give him injury ni?

>> And he kept falling anyhow: talent everywhere, lol

  • Uzoho?! I’m very much afraid o… it’s not looking good from his end o…

>> And to think they kept mentioning his teenage age of 19 years as a thing to be proud of: if you know, you know.

  • Our boys are doing well, but I’m not liking their style: it’s a bit laid back and uncompetitive…

>> Doing great is what we need o, abeg.

  • I’m not disappointed in Etebo at all: anyhow that goal would have entered…
  • It seems we will really do with some divine intervention (cause our skills are not too all that)…
  • When are the Deutch boys coming: my alternative…

>> I’m really looking forward to the Germans, they did it for me in 2014, I hope they do more!

  • Let’s hope more for the 2nd half!

>> Well, that didn’t go down well too, unfortunately.


(After the 2nd half)

And just like that, Nigeria breaks the record of never losing their first world cup match!

Croatia Goal Keeper is good though! And the entire team did better to be honest, from Start to finish…

Nigerian fans are to extra abeg: too extra with their regalia, too extra with their jubilation, and def too extra with their disappointment (lol): they def. wore their emotions on their sleeves today…

Abeg, who can help us read our observations to our boys? They need to do better biko if not our matches will be fewer than we wish/hope: but if God miraculously intervenes though…

Like seriously, we were way relaxed (in the beginning especially) …

Ehn, who told them to pass all the balls to Moses for scoring purposes? Hmmm… OK sha…

Please, someone help us tell them that this our strategy of “wait and take” (ask me to explain if you want) will not work o! Help us o, bikonu, thank you.

Erm, Abdullahi Shehu is still my fav though…


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#studywithdebby ‘s #leanstartup review


I am currently on a share-as-I-learn journey, where I share tips across my social media platforms from my (otherwise) personal lessons. The basics of the journey is that I share as I learn, on my social media handles- @dnddyon (on both Twitter and Instagram)- and then, attempt a reflective summary of the entire lessons here, on my blog- @dnddyon’s .

Today’s post is from my reading of Eric Ries’s The Lean Startup. My lessons from the book were initially shared on twitter using the tags, #studywithdebby and #leanstartup . The Lean Startup is divided into sections, and I shared the lessons in reference to these sections (emboldened below).

Below are the lessons shared as was tweeted with the @dnddyon twitter handle, and also, an attempt at a reflective summary (using the >>> sign) of how we can extend some of these lessons to other areas of our lives.


“The question is not “can this product be built?”… The more pertinent questions are “Should this product be built?” and “Can we build a sustainable business around this set of products and services?”

>> I’d like to think about product and services here beyond those of “corporate businesses”. I’d like to think about them in terms of other areas of life. It therefore helps to always have effective and sustainable reasons for pursuing a cause.


“The first step (of whatever you may) would be to break down the grand vision into its component parts.

“Identify the elements of (whatever) plan (you have) that are assumptions rather than facts, and figure out ways to test them.”

>> Taking life a step at a time is always easier and less complicated than jumbling everything together. It also helps to try out things/situations before concluding on them.


“The products a startup builds are really experiments; the learning about how to build a sustainable business is the outcome of those experiments.

>> We basically all learn on the job, so trying out things should not ever frighten us- they rather make us better.


“Startups need extensive contact with potential customers to understand them, so get out of your chair and get to know them.

>> Who requires our products and services? What makes these people thick? We should be eager to find these out and to tailor our products and services to what we find out.


“We must be willing to set aside our traditional professional standards to start the process of validated learning as soon as possible.

“We all need a disciplined, systematic approach to figuring out if we’re making progress and discovering if we’re actually achieving validated learning.

>> It is always helpful to run with an evaluative open mindset and to build on what you already (think you) know.


“Without a clear-eyed picture of your current status – no matter how far from the goal you may be – you cannot begin to track your progress.”

“Only 5% of entrepreneurship is the big idea, the business model, the whiteboard strategizing, and the splitting up of the spoils”

“The other 95% is the gritty work that is measured by innovation accounting: product prioritization decisions, deciding which customers to target or listen to, and having the courage to subject a grand vision to constant testing and feedback”

“We all must face this fundamental test: deciding when to pivot and when to persevere”

>> Effective evaluation of progress is key to growth. Often times, pause and check how effective or not your processes and steps have been.

Pivot (or Persevere)

“… do we need to make a major change? That change is called a pivot: a structured course correction…”

“The heart of the scientific method is the realization that although human judgement may be faulty, we can improve our judgement by subjecting our theories to repeated testing”

“Startup productivity is about aligning our efforts with a business and product that are working to create value and drive growth”

“In other words, successful pivots put us on a path toward growing a sustainable business”

>> Sometimes, pause, consider and decide whether to continue with your processes or to replace them (if they are mostly ineffective).


“What if it turns out that the customer doesn’t want the product we’re building?”

“Although this is never good news for an entrepreneur, finding out sooner is much better than finding out later.”

>> Feedback no matter how unpleasant is always good. It helps to know if you’re on the right path or if you need to replace some processes.


“At the root of every seemingly technical problem is a human problem.”

“Five Whys provides an opportunity to discover what that human problem might be.”

“Repeating “why” five times… can help uncover the root problem and correct it.”

“Simple rules: 1. Be tolerant of all mistakes the first time. 2. Never allow the same mistake to be made twice.”

“The first rule encourages people to get used to being compassionate about mistakes, especially the mistakes of others.”

“Remember, most mistakes are caused by flawed systems, not bad people.”

“The second rule gets the team started (in) making proportional investments in prevention.”

>> Firstly, seek (until you find) the real reasons why things are they way they are, so as to be properly guided in decisions and actions. Secondly, try as much as you can to prevent errors from becoming the norm.

Epilogue: Waste Not

“We believe that most forms of waste in innovation are preventable once their causes are understood.”

“All that is required is that we change our collective mindset concerning how this work is to be done.”

“… the real goal of innovation: to learn that which is currently unknown.”

“The Lean Start Up movement stands for the principle that the scientific method can be brought to bear to answer the most innovative question: How can we build a sustainable organisation around a new set of products and services?”

>> Try to repair or re-engage processes that cause wastage (of all kind resources).

Join the Movement

“Reading is good, action is better.”

“The most important resources are local.”

>> Basically, start where you are with what you have, and grow from there.

Was this helpful?

You could engage me in questions (and contributions) in the comment section.

All the best!

God’s Sense of Humour in a Lady’s Man-situationships

I was reminded yesterday while listening to someone speak, that God’s dealing with us (as ladies) in man-situationships may not be all that serious anyway. Not that the issues raised thereby will be irrelevant, but they may not be as serious as we take them to be.

The particular scenario narrated by the speaker was one in which after you (as a lady) have eventually struggled to accept a man as a potential mate [a struggle which has happened because you ordinarily would not like this kind of man], then you realize that this man wasn’t yours in the first place. Then the question becomes, “why then did God let me go through this entire struggle?” According to the speaker, God may have just been interested in breaking you out of the mold of specs and restrictions and not necessarily in getting you hooked up with a man. This means that God’s-real-work in the matter would have just been to teach you to open up your heart to possibilities different from your different expectations from life.

I could immediately relate!

The first man-scenario that flashed through my mind was the one in which I had to learn to say no. So, here comes Mr A (for the purpose of this write-up) insisting that I was his according to God’s divine will. I was totally unconvinced, and wouldn’t go through initially, but I began to reconsider my stance, and was almost willing to go through with marrying him just because he persisted, wore me down, and wouldn’t let me be. Thankfully however, with the help of family and friends, I was strong enough to stand by my No and didn’t follow through with marrying him. The lesson for me from this was my realization that the entire deal for me with the situation was to grow my will to say no and/or to stand my ground through circumstances regardless of how ‘divinely-orchestrated’ they appeared to be, and this lesson has been useful to me in different ramifications of my life.

The second scenario that played through my mind was one in which I had to learn that the man I’d love to be with may not necessarily appear in the form I’d ordinarily love him to be in. In this instance, I and Mr. W (again, for the purpose of this write up) connected on major life levels. In fact, we connected immediately we spoke the first words to each other. It was surreal: I had never expected that just like that, there’d be this one person that totally naturally/easily gets me! I loved it. But that was all: because, he didn’t look like I would have loved my man to look on the outside, I never recognized that he actually cared for me (and wanted me) beyond ordinary friendship. So, it took me a lot of struggling with God in accepting how different my expectations in appearance was from what was in front of me. And after it appeared that I was now in a good place to follow through with “the love of my life (who super gets me, lol)”, dear Mr. W moved on, and wasn’t interested anymore! I was the most confused at this point: I felt God had played me, hahahahah! But after I came around with how God’s dealings with us in this earth are actually accompanied with great of sense of humour, I chilled-out greatly, lol. Out of this particular experience, I learnt humility! I learnt to step down from my high horse, and I learnt to open my heart to God for every possibility.

These two scenarios are instances of God choosing to show up differently in my life and help me experience some real life lessons: you know, those lessons that you can never forget?!

In essence therefore, when it appears that as a lady, you’re going through man-drama/situationships, just chill out; it may not be that deep, it may be God trying to teach you one or two or more life lessons that will help you in other aspects of your life.

Of fine and not so fine people

Everyone is fine

Uniquely or obviously

Outwardly or inwardly

Recognize your type therefore

And stick to it


No need to put the other down

No need to strive to be like the other

If you an obvious

Be obvious

If an underneath

Shine from beneath

If a blend

Then blend nicely

No need to front

No need to evade

Just do you and let live


Guard your fine

Let no man thread upon it

Be no thread against another

Be fine in peace

And let love lead the way