This one be like pidgin. lol.

Sha, straight to the point. Yesterday, I witnessed fear; I didn’t have N50 to spare, so I trekked from Ojota to Maryland (Lagos) for the first time in my life, and passing that flyover was very fearful(please don’t ever try it); the breeze from the speeding BRT buses almost blew me away if not for God ( for those that think BRTs run slowly, just trek next to it and prove me right). In fact, we were only 3 trekkers on that highway- I, a not so sound man and one of these regular Lagos hustlers. While I admired the guts of these ” guys, I was scared I was going to either be blown away by the buses or fall off the bridge(and die on one of those random faeces yuk)

Anyway, I continued my journey, reached my destination soundly, and I wont try it again… at least I hope so

So today, I witnessed fear again, but this time around, it was from my colleagues in my German class( I’m learning German: multilingual lady).

My class is filled with sparkling guys and babes- tushed peeps; married and single; yet most of these people become fearful in pronouncing German words when all they need do is follow the instructor while looking into their books and saying what they see in the ways the words makes sense to them. Rest assured hausaufgaben buchstabieren etc are not funny when pronouncing it for the first time, but to me, it is the student’s privilege to leave the correction job for the teacher, hence, give voice to whatever is in your mind and let the teacher correct you. But it seems that like me on that Ojota/Maryland highway, my colleages do not want to spare their 50bucks(their voice and other things), so they walk in the fear of being blown away by BRT buses and falling into shit. And guess what, these guys always look for who is laughing at them or who is waiting for their downfall( bla bla… excuses) just like I was expecting the next bus to destroy me or to miss step and fall…

It might not be german words for you. It might be something greater or lesser than that, but please give it all it takes and overcome that fear. Let’s not let fears hinder us from great achievements.

So, see you above your fears…


Author: dnddyon

I am whom I am. I bring you epistles from my heart, experienced and imagined. I tell it with the most grace I can muster, from a very rewarding and sound perspective. You love to be here.

8 thoughts on “TO FEAR OR NOT TO FEAR”

    1. I’m into languages
      And for german, firstly for myself, then for anybody who needs services in german
      Also, I plan to tour as much of the world as I can with this langauages

      That experience on that highway sha #not to be tried again


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