Can all the “please” in this world achieve this?

Can we stop this ‘battle of the sexes’?

It’s not a man’s world… It’s not a woman’s world… It is God’s world.

Yes! It is his world and he has let everyone, even the devil to live in it. Then why do we insist on killing each other in a place that does not belong to us? A place we know Little or nothing about its creation by the way? Fact is, we have even annoyed God severally, yet he has allowed us to co-habit in his world. Why then won’t we let each other live? Could we live and let live?

I’m not talking about terrorist attacks or Money launderers here. I’m speaking about males and females accepting and embracing the existence and the greatness of each others’ sex.

Men are not BEASTS

Women are not WITCHES

We are beautiful creations of God made to complement each other. I’ve heard a lot of ‘burn the man to death’ and ‘the woman should be disgraced and stripped naked’ to cry out a loud NOOOOO!!! It should not be so please.

Love solves this issue! Yes!

Do what you can as much as you can to all the People you can. No Need to hate. If they decide that you are friend/ acquaintance/ spouse worthy, good. If not, good too, then let go. Let’s not let some people that have agreed on joining the devil’s campaign to ruin God’s world to ruin us too.

I could rant all day on this issue but please let’s Keep life simple, “do to others what you’d like to be done unto you by others.” Don’t use People, use things( enough has been said on this already). Appreciate it when People help you and help others as much as you can. It all boils down to Love. Love everybody as you would love yourself to be loved( even if you hate yourself at the Moment).

Best still, learn from God- if he hasn’t pursued us from his world despite our “arrogance”, let us let others live, love them and let them be.


Thanks as you try

God bless you.


Love is serious… love is not sex



sex is pure

it is ecstacy

it is enjoyable and worthy of longing

it’s easier to stop before you start

and can hardly stop once started

it has no greater words to define it

than just sex


it is what it is

it entails a lot

it justifies itself whether in

the beginning, the middle or the end

it’s easier done than said

nothing else like it

nothing else to express it


whether between the opposite sex

or between the same sex

or even alone with yourself

it sure has its effects

joyful or sadenning

ecstasy or plain guilt

depending on you


it’s best kept sacred

as sacred as holy

best between two people

that have become one

  • a blessing of oneness

unless so

it is never fulfilling


it  can never be casual

no matter how hard we try

to pretend otherwise

once after the act

you feel fulfilment when done in the right

or disaster when done in the wrong


it is so and shall remain so

it was before us

and will remain after us

we should hence play by the rules

‘keep it sacred and holy’

‘let it be joyful and glorious’

it is for the married


the fall, the despair, the anger

that arise after done in the wrong

the guilt, the distrust, the evil

that can never go away from

sex done in the wrong

can only go away when sex’s done in the right

with the right person at the right time


it is said

the word so sacred

the deed so pure

the act so misused

can mar you or bless you

depending on your chouice

mine is sure, ‘leaving it as it should be’

A Night on the 3rd Mainland

It was a beautiful day. It had been from the beginning. Nigeria was celebrating her independence day. It was the first of october.


I had spent my day at home but left in the evening to close the glorious day at a film festival. A lovely festival it was indeed with beautiful pictures, cocktail and all, and then, the night began. I left for home, or at least, I began my journey back home.

It was some minutes after 10pm when I got to Obalende to board a bus for Ketu/Mile 12. Well, it was probably some minutes after 11pm when i actually saw a bus to board. It was mindblowing what had happened before me; people were flying into buses from any available entrance and private vehicles were not spared in the massacre of bus seats- people were desperate to go home. While this seems normal to some people, it isn’t to me as I am not a Lagosian.

After we had left, some passengers began to haggle with the driver on his N150 bus fare, and they insisted on paying N100. So, our dear driver, provoked, stopped on the 3rd mainland bridge and decided to collect his N150 before continuing the journey. wow! It was shocking to me that a human could be so mean; what if something had happend?

And then something happened: immediately after he had begun the journey again, one of his bus tyres ruptured (:ouch!) Then, I checked and it was some minutes to 12midnight. We alighted for him to change the spoilt tyre before recontinuing oncemore. While he was unto the repair, I distracted myself a little bit to notice the beauty of light in the dark(indeed, it is beautiful).
I noticed that vehicles still plied that road despite the late hour of the night/early hour of dawn.
Then, I confirmed that the water (ocean) under that bridge has an awful smell.

In conclusion, I arrived home some minutes after 12midnight. So, this, my people, is how I watched over my country while she marked her 53rd anniversary till dawn.

I’m a patriotic Nigerian. Are you?