A Woman’s Day!

Okay! Just replace the ‘women’ with my name and that reflects me for the ‘best part’ of today. whew!

Exactly yesterday night, I finished a writing project that I had started since the second of January, so basically, whether I was on it or just thinking about it, it ranked high in my daily ‘TO-DOs’… And kept me busy everyday!
I’m about to start another one… but before then, I feel the need to do something else that is not writing. I try my hands on different things but they do not just satisfy my soul.

So WALLAH! I’m crying from within- I don’t know what I want but I want it now!

I’m reflecting and I have realised what was wrong- I expected today to roll like the other ‘project days’, forgetting it was different and had other things in stock for me. I was feeling ‘high’ with getting busy that I forgot to do what my spirit NEEDED to do for the day!

I am glad my day has gotten better and I now know what I needed to do (and I’m on it already).

But because you’re not here to read about my ‘boring’ day (that is not even exhaustive in its description), LEARN to take a break and find out what stuff your soul/spirit/body really needs and feed it with those to avoid ‘junk’- this is what I brought you here to learn ( and you had to indulge me as I couldn’t have said only this in one whole page … So, thanks!).

By the way, don’t forget to replace my name once again with what is actually on the picture(or whatever else you like) BECAUSE that wasn’t the best part of my day finally (LOL)…

If you’ve read to this point then why not know what the best part of my day was?

Simple- remembering my family, friends and acquaintances and praying for them.
What a good day!


Say Hello to Helen!

Before you say Hello to her, please meet my pretty cousin, Osy(Pic above)… Isn’t she lovely for a teenager!!!
Okay. This beauty isn’t just physical, infact, her heart is golden. Her birthday was on the 13th; so why not celebrate the damsel?
So, a shout out to an industrious, highly creative, innovative and precious teen! I’m glad to be related to you!
And I learn a lot from you…
love love love

Also, Ebii! (Please, she’s not Helen!).

There are some angels that God just arranges specially for me and she tops my list. How can one meet another and in a few weeks, bond and laugh and disagree and still bond again with her if she wasn’t sent by God?

I celebrate you for all those special ‘Lasgidi’ paroles. You made them worthwhile. And I am screaming from this mountain top (like Martin Luther King Jnr), OUT OF SITE AIINT OUT OF HEART! AND I AM NOT READY TO FORGET YOU!
(*she’s the pretty face down with goggles!)

And now, Helen!
Chioma, abeg!(LOL)

Today is your birthday and not being ‘boxed up’ yet, I give you this gift of words. This my cousin is precious to me. She was like a twin to me at some childhood moments; sharing clothes, gossip, sweets and biscuits, fights and even measles (lol).

It’s all well now and we’re all grown up ( we still ‘rap’ like that anyway!)

So, a shout out to this God loving, trendy super model of a cousin. And a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!

(I’m still older than you though!!!)

We sure have beauty built into our blood!
Love you!

(Catch her ‘awesomeness’ down the page)

Important: This is part of my decisions to celebrate those that mean a lot to me. So if after reading this and you feel persuaded to reward me ‘kindly’, DO NOT hesitate!

hugs, kisses and more hugs

The Things We Actually Miss

A lot of times, I am not corrected of a wrong because it is assumed I should know better. Sometimes, when I share my weaknesses, it serves as a disappointment.

Other times I’m considered inadequate to perform a task or appropriate for a debased assignment.
So I ask, when did I stop being human? When did I stop acting like one? Or is it totally not a fault of mine? Did people suddenly start having illusions of me? Have I become a god or an animal?

I know of doctors who should be helped by news men, health wise, but miss it because ‘they should know better’. I know pastors that need to be corrected in love but miss out because ‘they are the lord’s anointed’. I know stars who are let to rot in pride when they should be taught a thing or two about loyalty and humility. Even servants are used and not appreciated. Whose fault are these?

If I don’t address you as ‘Revd Dr’ is it an offence? If I dine with my servants am I crazy? If I laugh with my students am I foolish? If I dream to be great am I greedy?
Am I not being cautioned for a wrong because I’m a sister in the lord whom only the lord speaks to. Am I insulted because I only sweep the roads every morning?
Or don’t I dress well enough? Or speak well enough? Can’t I ever go wrong? Are my errors mistaken for a trend?

I was trained to avoid peer pressure. I was shaped to fit into the society.

It seems peer pressure doesn’t end with adolescence. It’s obvious the society often changes its values. So…

I’m breaking out. I’m thinking hard. I’m being me. I’m learning. I’m failing. I’m being the best with each opportunity.

Disclaimer: this is not the story of my life!!!

(A) New Opportunit(y)ies

Hello my beloved readers. It’s a happy new year. I wish you God’s best in this 2014…

Publicite: Today’s post is inspired by a TRUE friend’s story…

So, this friend tells us in a group chat some real funny stuff about the winter cold and shares some sordid pieces of advice by her neighbours on managing this cold.
She also tells about her mini job experiences-good and bad- the days she laughed and the days she wept.
She concludes by telling about God’s provision through people who never knew her before and how God has kept her in a place far from home…

So, this is the 1st post of the year and its prophetic! (Lol!)
Many things are going to happen this year, they’d draw both tears of joy and pain from us and we’re Going to see God through them. This is a ‘no letting God out of our situations’ year… (For me, at least)

A lot of us crossed into this new year with sober reflections and good resolutions. But people, nothing is good without the lord (simple!)
It’s either we’re letting him take us into our ‘gardens of eden’, walk us through ‘the valleys of the shadow of death’ or we’re on our own…
This is the new year but funny enough it has in it the festivities of the former years- valentines, easter, mothers’ day, fathers’ day, childrens’ day, workers’ days, birthdays, even christmas, then the 31st december’s 11:59pm…
So what is new about the year? OPPORTUNITY/CHANCE…
That is what is new about this year- a whole 365 days as chances/opportunities to utilise God’s grace, providence and all he supplies…

So, like my friend’s story, we will have different good and bad experiences, and we will have God supplying and meeting all our needs… But we will have our selves making use of all of HIS OPPORTUNITIES or abandoning them and letting them pass by like the previous years.

It’s a happy new year people and I wish you God’s best!!!