Girls On The Friend Zone

Contrary to popular opinion, the friend/home-girl/family friend zone can be a cool place to be (summarised definition: I appreciate you JUST as a BUDDY). *Somehow, I have gotten used to this zone that I resume in it before I’m even ‘asked’ to (hang on for the benefits).

Example? A family friend once admired my female friend and I asked him why I never got such flattery from him. His reply? I respect your strong character etc (he just doesn’t see me in that light). Don’t pity me, I said it’s cool remember? Okay.

You learn to be strong. Guys here don’t just whine to you on how they’re hurt by their babes but also how they’re stabbed in the back by their men. Gossip? No way! Solid life lessons? Noted!
You get on the panel. You learn about and scrutinise and give your two cents on some of his life decisions- career, wife, house etc(not a joke!).
You get the buddy advantage. Like ‘adding your mouth’ when he’s cooking or shopping for the guys is a regular. And because he actually asks what you’d really like, there’s no fear of ‘bringing in’ below standard.
He’s your man or ‘manest man’. He doesn’t form for you at all. There’s no reason to. So? You get to study him like a book. Why? Erm, for future purposes. Like? ‘Betting a deal’- you can actually win loads of money from this (winks).
You get to air your views. If you think guys stink, here’s your golden opportunity to say it without hurting him. What if he’s really cute? Say it, he’d probably not believe you anyway.
You need a ride to somewhere? He’d take you mostly when you’ve given him money for petrol AND you’d get the say of which babe shouldn’t be picked on the way.
You can leave when you want to. As in you can ‘tune off’ whenever and he won’t take it personal.
You learn to friend zone also (Good or bad? Depends!).
Most importantly, when you think he’d end up in hell because of his lifestyle, maximise the opportunity and preach Jesus to him (he’d accept it as a buddy’s help after all).

You could start to ‘fall’ for him and he MAY never look your way. Hang on! You’re stronger than this. Remember you can actually say it to him and he still won’t believe you BUT a problem shared is half problem solved (you get?).
When you try to fight him physically, he’d fight back(not out of violence though) and not sulk (‘tiz a good thing)!
He has also seen you finish so he can tell you whatever, like he tells his guys and may even recommend you to his ‘appropriate’ male buddies (if you’ve won his heart = irony)

Oh yes! The zone could be all you’re used to. So? You’d have to learn by another means how to ‘carry’ yourself to be properly ‘pursued’ by a man (*hard!).
You could ‘know guys finish’ that anything more than friends would not please you anymore (leave this zone before that happens!).
Should two of you fall for each other, the forming stage of the relationship is already erased or it will appear very mechanical.

You see a guy’s non-sentimental side of life. This can be very useful in your career and life at large.

Continue to be yourself. Don’t form hard man or baby girl. Just flow with whom you are.
Enjoy this zone because it is actually a very good one and continues into marriage(hope I’m right though).

End note: this could be continued BUT what do you think thus far? Kindly leave a comment.


Author: dnddyon

I am whom I am. I bring you epistles from my heart, experienced and imagined. I tell it with the most grace I can muster, from a very rewarding and sound perspective. You love to be here.

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