Abduction Made Easy


Social media has become a weakness to (a lot of) people. BBM, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc has made stalking easier. Nothing is left when I have it all thrown at my face EVERYOTHER minute after all.

Maybe curiosity helps me link things appropriately but if I really decide to start out a journal/diary of some of my ‘friends’ on the social networks, let’s say I could make money dishing out their ‘privacies’. (Oh sorry, I may not excel anymore in it seeing that you just need to become their ‘friends’ to know that which I already know.)

You don’t still get it? “abuja loading: arik Lagos 8:45am” “heathrow airport: waiting for Uncle Peter” “NYSC calling: 2020 batch A things” “beach things: my boo is the ish” “my besties wedding: weekend out of town” “maga falling: this chief can mumu eh” “2shot’s brother just asked me out” !!!
Then the pictures? All revealing! Properly organised to tell the story well!

Can it be because of excitement? Reminds me of how people choose (not) to reveal their ‘personal’ body parts when dressing up (: another day’s topic).
Infact, a rich biography can be easily written off these people without stress.

Creations of God, I think that God blessed you with that “Philosophy and Logic” compulsory university GST course for times like this( Oh! you are yet to take the course? Then you’re forgiven for being underage).
Play it smart (if you must). For God’s sake, the world is evil (or no?) and if I know that you are travelling to ‘Borno’ with your family for the first time and have your itinerary, I could set-up the BH crew on you. You get the point?

Or you think it’s none of my business? Sorry, it’s already in my way. Should I leave the social media? Sorry, it doesn’t belong to you. I should ‘unfriend’ myself? Sorry, I need you for times like this ( I’m really sorry!).

To continue, I have to point out that I’m running on a parallel line with people that have set out to INTELLIGENTLY enrich others with their life experiences. That is, those brothers, sisters and couples that share their life experiences to help others make (un)healthy choices. Infact, people like this are one of the reasons I get better in life (God bless you!) .

I’m referring to (im)mature people that out of ‘unexplained’ reasons continuously spread their ‘privacies’ out on social media. No! They don’t plan on helping you with any experiences. They just feel that the world has suddenly become too small to live in, so why not take it to the social media? It would only cost them a good internet anyway (my random guess!).

Dear sister and brother of the internet(in this category), it is true that you spice up the social media with your ‘close-up’ updates; you should also know some other truths.
We use you as a case-study when referring to how the social media has negatively affected us.
We don’t need to carry out further investigation on you when the need arises as everything we could need is already on the internet.
We hardly care about how your private life is treated because they are already out in.
We can’t grant you that prolific interview you desire because what we need is already ‘on space’.
Above all, we ‘fear’ for your children and love you so much not to let you continue in this light( or darkness).

Please allow us sweat it out a little before we get some ‘close-up’ info from you. We could part with good cash even.
What do you think?

NB: we’re praying for you!!!


Author: dnddyon

I am whom I am. I bring you epistles from my heart, experienced and imagined. I tell it with the most grace I can muster, from a very rewarding and sound perspective. You love to be here.

11 thoughts on “Abduction Made Easy”

  1. Very insightful.
    It is wisdom to manage what one puts out on all the Social Media channels. For instance, some things we tweet about or put on Facebook belong in our private journals . Truly, we must always be circumspect when we decide to put information out. It is so addictive though that with no thought, one reveals more and more about themselves when they post.
    Thanks for this post.


  2. The reason and purpose for every thing is principal.
    I set out to be very visible and open within the social media network but got alarmed some day to discover my cyber litter can not be cleaned up by me anymore…what an affront on the part of cyber managers… What I did was to everything possible to erase my cyber pollution starting with facebook and others…
    Now, my strategy is to leave a word for posterity and I figure they can do with the much my blog can offer.
    Thanks for sharing this…


  3. Another thing ppl forget is your character may be ‘musjudged’ by your updates. A bb contact of mine comes across as needy cos she’s always complaining of being maltreated by some guy or d other. A blogger I know always writes abt sex, yet she claims to be ‘godly’. I mean raunchy descriptions of her fantasies! We need to think abt a day we may be old enough to care yet unable to change d image we created.


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