The Eyes have it


People wonder that I love to stare

And I wonder why I shouldn’t

Don’t they see


The way she picks her teeth

Like she were harvesting grains filled with rot

Squinting an eye as she concentrates on each tooth

How lost she seems in her environment

She doesn’t even notice that someone has sprinkled water on her


How he cleans his ears

The wiggling motions of his hand and the bud

Up, down, left, right

His face crumpling and straightening with each move

He doesn’t even notice the rat that just ran past him


How she digs her nose

And rubs the mucus between fingers

And continues to chew her groundnuts

As though it were a salient ritual

Much needed for the digestion of food


The way he spits from the shop window

At the dump heap at the corner

Aiming to destroy the flies with his saliva

Not minding the passers-by

Reigning curses at him for soiling their clothes


The way she peers at me with rapt attention

As if her salvation depended on it

Face bright with a full smile

I respond with sameness of skill

Almost better than her art



Moments Like This…


“Personally, I think it’s an insult for him to have me and still be jumping around with single girls” J lamented as she poured some juice into a glass.

“Just relax, it’s a phase, he’ll get over it” Ngee gently squeezed her friend’s free hand.

Dumping the empty carton, J exploded.
“Did you just tell me to relax? Are you sure you’re ok… He’s with that small rat! That’s an insult! And if you calm me down again, you’ll be lifting yourself off my couch and driving very far away from me ”

“Oya, how do we get him killed?” Ngee asked.

“Murder?” J shuddered.

“Abi what is your plan… relax joor, and focus on the solution instead of the problem” Ngee offered, sipping from her glass.

“The way you’re just calmly advising… anyway, you have a faithful husband so what do you know?” J threw over her shoulders, dragging herself to the wine bar.

“Drowning issues in wine never solves a problem” Ngee argued, following her.

“Just shut up…” J muttered, shrugging off her friend’s advice.

Tired of sitting and staring at her friend swallow several glasses of red wine in split seconds, Ngee interrupted, ceasing the bottle.

“What?” J tried to struggle with her.

“Is your little rival worth all this stress?” Ngee asked tightening her grip.

“Just go to your paradise and let me be…” J began to sniff.

Releasing the bottle, Ngee held her friends hands and let her weep, then helped dry the tears.

“You know you’re just one lucky girl with a faithful husband” J lightly smiled.

“Cheating is not the only crime a husband commits” Ngee patted her friend’s shoulders.

“But since you insist that I’m blessed, which is my preferred word, why don’t you let me show you how it works?” Ngee teased.

“Oya, please start with purifying my patrolling husband” J laughed.

“Patrolling? That’s disrespect oh, the same crime you’re accusing him of” Ngee winced.

J weakly rose from the bar and shuffled to the sofa, sat and stared blankly into the air.

Not happy with the blank stares, Ngee got water from the dispenser and sprinkled some of it on J.
As J rose to the chill of cold water on her skin, she made to grab the glass from her friend and ended up spilling it’s content on both of them. Laughing, they soft-landed on the sofa and stayed silent.

“Just let him know how you feel about it” Ngee broke the ice.

“He doesn’t even know that I know” J laughed.

“What? For six months? Are you waiting to catch her in your bedroom before doing the necessary?” Ngee cringed.

“I just feel that I’ll end up causing more havoc” J shrugged.

“Don’t bottle your emotions up like that girl! It’s dangerous…” Ngee scolded and made for her phone that had begun to ring.

“It’s hubby, I’d have to leave” she explained.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine” J patted her friend’s arm.

“Please I’m having a headache” J blurted out , wiggling her way out of her husband’s advances.

Giggling and drawing at her dress, he increased his grip, holding her from slipping off him.

She exploded.
“Just go to her and leave me alone!”

The sound of his slap on her cheek was as shocking as her burst but more shocking was that her son had suddenly bumped into the room.

Daddy! He screamed and rushed away.

Her husband rushed after their son and she blamed him in her heart for doing everything wrongly.

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The Ohakoros




“Hey, what’s up?” Chamy looked up from the women’s magazine she was flipping through to her elder brother that just bashed into her room and vigorously sat on her bed.

“What’s this I’m hearing about you and Rey?” he sternly asked and received a blank stare from her.

“That you don’t plan to have sex”

“Heard? From who biko?” she glared at him as though he suddenly grew horns.

“Diire…” he sighed.

Chamy took a little time to imagine how much of her discussion with her mother that her younger brother heard, and how he manages to eaves drop into every secret conversation.

“That sneaking rat” she thought.

“So… why?” her elder brother cut into her thoughts.

“Ebuka, leave me joo, this thing is the least of my concern now” she turned on the bed and flipped the magazine close.

“Biko, who considers marriage without considering sex… Chamy you need good direction” Ebuka pointed at a bible on her bed.

“It’s not like I’m not considering it, I’m not just hyped about the thing” Chamy got up and shut the door that her brother left open.

“I’m your brother and can help if I know the real issue”

“Don’t laugh, don’t scream, just listen and offer gentle solutions” she grinned at him, taking a seat at the end of her bed.

Inukwa teaching me how to control my emotions… yes mother!” Ebuka took a pillow and made himself more comfortable.

Laughing, she took another pillow and stretched forth her legs to touch her brother.

“Nne, keep your legs to yourself” Ebuka shifted her legs off him.

“Please let me be free in my room…” she lifted them unto his laps.

He loosely tied up her legs with a scarf lying around and hung them on a coat hanger.

“Brutal boy” she laughingly shoved him away and set herself free.

Tying the scarf round the magazine she threw it on her brother, aiming for his head.

“Oya!” he dodged and caught the magazine like a skilled goal keeper.

“Why men just love sex a lot seems to escape me… and it’s too early to start talking about that, thank you” she spoke with arms at akimbo.

“And, he’s not happy when I say that, and I get unhappy that he’s not happy, then I feel pressured and I’m just… in short, I don’t know, whatever this sex talk is doing to our relationship is what really bothers me… but is it not just sex, we will have it come wedding, right?” she shrugged, sitting back on the bed with confused facial expressions.

“If it’s just sex then just talk about it… or you’ll die during the discussion?” Ebuka teased.

“Foolish boy!” she threw her pillow on him.

Catching it, he threw it back and shook his head; “I’ve always had a problem with that your school fellowship”

“My school fellowship has nothing to do with anything please” she stood in defence.

“Ok, so, you’re counting down in months and this is what you’re saying… so much for your sisters’ forums” he started towards the door.

“We don’t discuss sex in our forums…” she was saying but stopped at his unbelieving glare.

“What?… abeg stop looking at me like an alien” she waved him off.

“No… it’s not just you… your fellowship also… Aliens!” he furiously stomped off.

“I”ll just go and call your sisters, so I don’t have to repeat myself on this matter” he noted at the door.

“Diire, why should you be eaves dropping into conversations, especially when they don’t concern you?” Chamy harassed as Diire stepped into the room behind his elder sisters.

“What’s he even doing here… thought you said this is girls’ talk” Nenye glared at Ebuka.

“He’s here to help” Ebuka offered with a grin.

“This riff raff!” Dera accused unbelievably.

“The riff raff has something good to…” Dire started but Nenye and Dera rushed at him.

“Hold on na…” Ebuka blocked them, saving Diire’s ass from being whipped.

“This is a grown man… treat him as such” Ebuka drew his younger brother to his side and patted his shoulder.

“100 level for that matter!” Diire supported, prodding his chest in pride.

The two almost-twin sisters stared at each other in shock and shook their head in unbelief.

“Anyway…” Dera began to speak but was interrupted.

“Girls, let’s just hear this Men’s exclusive in peace… you can kill him later” Chamy sat between her younger sisters to prevent side comments.

“Firstly, don’t ever identify with Chamy’s kind of school fellowship” Ebuka drew his ears in mock-warning to his other sisters.

Ndi oke ekpere” the sisters echoed in laughter.

Joining their laughter amidst Chamy’s indifference, Ebuka tapped the bible on the bed; “then always read the part that commands us to drink water from our own cisterns”

“That’s Proverbs… so continue” Chamy supported and four pairs of eyes bored into her in shock.

“What? Abeg stop looking like witches and wizards” she grinned mischievously.

“Thank God oh!” Ebuka cleared his throat and continued.

“When a guy wants to marry you, he wants to have sex with you, not just for procreation, but for pleasure… The Message translation style” Ebuka explained with a wink.

Diire lifted his hands in support and was nearly massacred by his furious sisters.

“Shut up there osiso!” Dera made to hit his head.

“Ihe nke a oh! Kai!” Nenye threw a pillow at him.

Laughing sporadically, Chamy calmed the sisters down and faced the fan to their direction as mock salvation.

Recovering from the word-attack, Diire defended himself; “I’ve not even spoken yet…” and his sisters beat him severally with their stone glares.

“What’s happening here?” Chizzy peeped into the room through the slightly opened door.

“Close the door” Ebuka said and Chizzy shut the door after he entered, and sat on Chamy’s bed.

Nenye and Dera exchanged glances in shock and Chamy introduced another erratic laughter that swept across the room, leaving Chizzy in great confusion.

“E don happen” Diire shrugged and Ebuka continued.

“I’ll just get up and leave” Dera threatened her elder brother.

“These things are what guys start to discover as they grow” Ebuka tried to appease the girls.

“JSS1?” Nenye flared up in unbelief.

“Girls! Stop living in denial…” Ebuka stressed, stomping the bed.

“Ok, I’ll just leave” Chizzy lifted innocent hands and walked out of the door.

“Can Diire follow suit?” Dera whispered and Diire stuck out his tongue at her, behind Ebuka.

“Let me just conclude” Ebuka lifted his hands for decorum.

“Virginity also means that we will have sex with our husbands and our wives… simply, if you want to marry, you’ll have sex and if you don’t want to have sex, stay single, like Paul”

“Is it that Chamy doesn’t want to have sex with Rey” Diire winced.

“Is that not your gossip line?” Chamy nudged him off her bed.

“Shacking paracetamol for another man’s headache” Dera hit him with a pillow.

“As in eh… this kind of gbaza queen boy” Nenye snapped her fingers at him.

“But Chamy, you’re too sweet for this talk… hope you’re joking sha” Diire shrugged and sat down back on the bed, indifferent to his sisters comments.

“Bros, relax and control your hormones” Ebuka nudged his younger brother.

“No, don’t control it, be jumping from pant to pant at seventeen” Dera accused.

“I’m still a virgin oh…I’m just trying to help my naïve sisters” Diire grinned.

“Good negligence to bad rubbish” Nenye hissed at Diire and continued to Chamy.

“Nne, just graciously continue with the sex talk with our husband… and please add all the shakara involved, don’t mind these heavy testosterone carriers here” she winked at Ebuka and gave Diire the evil-eye.

“Na real heavy testosterone carriers” Dera fell in laughter.

Shaking his head, Ebuka continued; “At least you girls understand what I’m trying to say”

“We know more than you, thank you” Dera offered and headed towards the door.

“Thanks for the reminder though” Nenye winked and followed Dera.

Exchanging glances, both girls rushed for Diire and dragged him with them out off the room.

“With this your high sex drive, you’ll soon start sleeping around” Dera accused Diire as they walked the corridor.

“He won’t” Nenye defended to Diire’s shock.

“Amen oh!” Dera raised her hands in supplication.

“Seriously, he won’t, he’s greater than that” Nenye affirmed.

“Thanks sis for your trust in me… I’m encouraged” Diire responded soberly.

“Better trust yourself too… and help yourself abstain” Dera chided.

“Leave this boy jare…” Nenye dragged her sister to another room.

“But do you think it’s immature to shy away from this discussion with him?” Chamy asked.

“I think you should listen to what he has to say” Ebuka shrugged.

“I just wished he could wait for the time during our marriage course” Chamy shrugged.

“You’d even have the opportunity to also speak your mind” he added.

“Abi you’re scared it would lead you guys on before time?” he stared at her.

“I just thought he was being too forward so I tried to delay the talk” she smiled and kicked him.

“Hmmmm… always be considerate oh!” he got up from the bed.

“All the best… and don’t be over-spiri” he headed for the door.

“Thanks dear and it’s not a spiri thing biko” she laughed.






*inukwa(imagine)  Ndi oke ekpere(over zealous Christians)    osiso(quickly) “Ihe nke a oh!(this kind of thing!)

Lara and Seun 3


Check out Lara and Seun 1 and Lara and Seun 2, then continue…

Lara’s phone beeps and she rushes to her phone, sees Seun’s ‘Whatsapp’ message, but decides to get to it later.
The beep goes off again and she suspends her washing to attend to it.


Lara: congrats on your leave

Seun:  did you deliberately ignore my message

Lara:   washing!

Seun: oh, sorry, ‘ll chat later then

Lara:   nice boy… I’ve already left it jare

Seun:  boy???

Lara:   MAN!

Lara:   MAN!

Lara:   MAN!

Lara:   MAN!

Lara:   MAN!

Seun:  Ping!

Lara:   this is whatsapp… pings not allowed

Seun:  what happened, your phone kept sending ‘MAN!’

Lara:   hahahahahahahhahaha

Seun:  okay?

Lara:   I’m addressing you appropriately ni

Lara:   hey, you’re still there?

Lara:   I can see you online oh

Lara:   answer me now or I’d go back to my washing

Lara:   and leave you in that boring office of yours

Lara:   you’re snubbing me

Seun:  is it hard for you to apologize?

Lara:   ???

Seun:  “MAN!” 5x? that’s mockery…

Lara:   really? Sorry oh, didn’t know it’s offensive (was joking)

Seun:  alright

Seun:  just be sensitive, it’s a chat and your words are your only tools #carefulness

Seun:  I understand, always will but the next person may not

Seun:  and I know you can be like this to anybody

Lara:   I’m really sorry, I didn’t know it could be an insult

Seun: hahahahaha

Lara:   ???

Seun:  no big deal

Lara:   okay, sorry sha

Seun:  stop apologizing jare

Lara:   okay… a minute please

Lara:   back!

Seun:  sorry, was attending to a client

Seun:  so, welcome back

Lara:   client ke? You’re not on break?

Seun:  I am oh… I have to cover up some stuff before taking my leave

Lara:   I see… wait oh

Lara:   you’re talking to me and him/her/they at the same time?

Seun:  in a way

Lara:   I’ll just vex now if you don’t explain

Seun:  hahahahahhah

Seun:  e-mails for them, whatsapp for you

Lara:   them???

Seun:  a company actually

Seun:  see interrogation oh! You be EFCC?

Seun:  abi you don join my profession?

Lara:   okay… a minute

Seun:  what’s with these minutes

Lara:   back!

Seun:  what’s with the minutes?

Lara:   nothing

Seun:  #failedline

Lara:   leave me jo

Seun:  what’s with them?

Lara:   what?

Seun:  listening

Lara:   how do I tell you that I’m taking the time to control my emotions so that I don’t pour them out on you?

Seun: impressive!!! Points taken… and noted… THANK YOU!

Lara:   welcome…

Lara: Seun!

Seun:  still here

Lara: let’s start using emoticons again na- those beautiful smileys

Seun:  NO! It makes you lazy

Seun:  I need you to learn to use sentences… you never can tell…

Lara:   teeell whaaat? Learn kini? I don suffer… me???

Seun:  (break will soon be over)… I’m looking out for you ni

Lara:   thank you very much! God’s got me covered!

Lara:   wait oh! You don use me finish and my dumping time have reach abii

Seun:  hello? Use and dump ke? Learn to unlearn the use of some silly words please

Lara:   whatever…

Seun:  Lara be mindful of the things you say

Seun:  you shall give an account, remember!

Lara:   e jooooooooooo

Lara:   Use as in utilize, dump as in to leave a thing (or Lara) for something else

Lara:   example1, Seun uses lara’s conversations during his breaks

Lara:   example 2, Seun dumps Lara’s conversations once his break is over

Seun:  hahahahahaha… I don’t know why I’m not angry

Lara:   na you sabi… so much for your ‘learn to use sentences’

Lara:   how are you spending your leave jare?

Seun:  hahahahahahahaahaa

Seun:  you are not serious

Lara:   … and your leave?

Seun: my leave…

Seun:  I’ve not made up my mind yet

Seun:  maybe travel, maybe stay home… I’d just find a way to relax

Lara:   all you Americanas that know how to waste passport sha

Seun:  how?

Lara:   ‘maybe travel…’

Seun:  hahahahaha

Seun:  (break time’s up)

Lara:   (I’ve lost the energy to wash)

Seun:  (buy a washing machine)

Lara:   (bring the money)

Seun:  (how much is it?)

Lara:   (one million…)

Seun:  (only?)

Lara:   (dollars… yes, only!)

Seun:  become a politician and start looting funds… since you’re learning ‘thiefry’

Lara:   hahahahaha

Lara:   imagine your concept of politics… repent oh!

Lara: bye jo

Seun:  alright, later, bye.


A Few Good Men


Please, let me share with you an interesting BBM conversation I had with a good friend today.


Him:    Ping!

Me:      Hi Hi

Him:    Imagine the nonsense BC I just got

Men! Men!! Men ­!!!So complicated,So confusing,So hard to please.If u try 2 pls dem, u re cheap.If u make love (sex) to them, u’re a Love Peddler.If u don’t, u re playing hard to get.If u show dem u love dem, u’re too emotional.If u don’t show it, u don’t love dem.If u give them attention, u’re bugging them,if u don’t u’re with other men.If u demand for attention u’rea nagging woman,if u don’t u’re not understandableIf u dress sexy, u’re attracting other menIf u don’t , u’re awkward & local.If u cook & wash their clothes u’re desperateIf u don’t, u’re not a wife material.If u go to club/party, u’re tooexposedIf u don’t, u’re naïve.If u re beautiful, u can’t stay wit 1 manIf u’re ugly, u’re not up to standard.If u’re independent, u’re chasing men awayIf u’re dependent, u’re a liability:If u try 2 satisfy dem in bed, U’re a sex addictIf u don’t, u’re making sex boring.If u’r pregnant, u want to trap them:If u’re not pregnant, u’re not awoman or might hv damaged ur wombIf u ask men for money U’re too demandingWhat do men really want?Does that mean they don’t even know what theywant? OThey can be so annoying!!!GOSH!! please, answer dis question:if u are a man pls be sincere,WHAT DO MEN REALLY WANT? (I just copied and pasted)

Me:      Hahahahahhahahahaha

Interesting… what is the real thing na?

Him:    So you also believe this lie?

I and my wife have a heaven on earth relationship

Me:      No oh…

Infact, I want to believe the heaven on earth truth

Tell me about it?

(My part of the conversation, though very short, is cut out… I had to stop typing almost immediately to allow him flow… just enjoy his response…)


Yes now

You sleep on ur bed the way u make it

If u wana enjoy ur relationship… Just trust God to give u ur man

I can only talk about myself

A listening husband

I love my wife to the moon and back

I cherish her like no other

I respect, adore and honour her

I encourage her to be the best she wana be in her chosen career

I know she’s also human who have a life too

I can take bullet for her ni

For sex, nobody was born with dat. We learn together, make mistakes and improve on the skill… trust me practice makes perfect ni

We both are learners

It’s not a man’s world only

I will provide all her needs within my means

I’m committed to make her happy all the days of our marriage

I will chastise her in love

Correct her in love

I don’t shout on her cos she’s an extension of God

I make sure she doesn’t lose sight of the future God has shown me

I live as an example

I encourage her to love and cherish God more and more

I lead the way for her by my examples

Nobody looks down on her whether in my presence or absence

Even my parents can’t talk to her any how

I esteem her above all else

She’s my Sweetness, queen, crown, love, adorable, joy, precious jewel, treasure, dove, angel, dearest, sweetheart, honeypie, bestfriend, confident, accountability partner, bride, girlfriend, wife…


NB:     Please don’t ‘bully’ me by telling me how cheap words are… pray for him instead to continue in this “light”


Thanks for reading, understanding, enjoying, sharing and praying for him in continuing in these good deeds.


Meanwhile, I think the world will be a better place when we start spreading truths such as this in place of lies like the one above.







As much as we can


“Girl, what’s your plan with all these finesse?”



“Chi please, I always look good…”

“Agbonma feeling funky!”

“Biko let’s go home… all these yarns”

Nma and Chi conversed as they hurriedly hit the road.


“All these rush Nma, hope you’re not running to see any man?” Chi teased.

“Chinyere Okorobia! You love to talk about men, and tonight, you are on your own, bye!” Nma mockingly rebuked.

Laughingly, they jumped into the commercial tricycle that they flagged down.


“Mega place” Chi said to the driver.

“Madam abeg, I no dey go there for night” he replied them.

“Ngwa, stop us for  junction” Nma responded.

“Hah! Aunty? Una wan trek there by this time? E dangerous oh!” he exclaimed.

“Nawa for you oga, you no go carry us go and we no go trek again… which one you dey?” Chi accused.

“No vex oh, I just dey advise, unto say una fit be my sisters” he pleaded.

“No worry, nothing do us, we be God Pikin, he dey guide us” Nma added.

“Amen oh!” the driver echoed and continued in silence.


“Nne, this place is rather quiet… are these goose bumps on your skin?” Chi questioned as both girls strolled into the street.

“Quietly please, something is not just right.” Nma whispered.

“No way are we giving into fear…” Chi started but was cut short by distant noises and stopped, holding Nma back from taking one more step.

Rumbles from people rambling inside the mini bush started penetrating the night and the girls quietly listened.


“Get down!” a voice said.

“You no dey fear?” another said.

“Abeg I no follow” the third said and it sounded like a girl’s.


“That’s a girl’s voice” Nma began to tell Chi, then, the lights went off.

“What a pleasant time NEPA” Chi muttered.


“Please oh, I could be your sister” they heard the girl plead.

“Comon shut up!” two voices hushed her down at a time.


“Girl, I’m going back” Nma stuttered.

“There’s even light, these neighbours just fearfully put out theirs” Chi said as though she didn’t hear Nma.

“Are you still talking about light?” Nma asked with disgust.

“A step forward or backward, and they’d hear, that’s if they are not already listening to us” Chi reprimanded.

“We can’t still stand in the middle of the road, they will see us… we should have a plan” Nma stuttered.

“Bravery against fear…” Chi began to suggest but was interrupted by a distant shriek.

“Security… let’s call those police men at that bank…” Nma began to breathe heavily.

“Stop putting fear into me this girl!” Chi rebuked.

The shriek became continuous and loud and the girls arrived at a good option.

“At the count of 3… 1,2,3” Chi spoke and both girls flew with an indescribable speed to the bank at the junction.

Exchange of gun shots and a near stampede got the girls falling into a roadside gutter, where they lay still.

“There’s a clinic close by” Chi offered to the police men carrying the bruised limp girl with clothes torn and almost totally ripped off, who had been yelling from the bush.

The girls accompanied the police men to the clinic and promised to return with clothes for her in the morning.


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My Last Party


I love dad’s free spirit, so, I tell him a lot of things that I can’t bear to discuss with mum. Today is his day off work and I am glad to be home alone with him. Working as a pilot has always been his dream and though I rejoice with him, I’m often sad that he always has to leave me alone with mom and her ready sermons.

“So, the boy that just called you, is he coming over?” he starts.

“Dad! You’re prying into my business” I laugh.

Twisting his mouth curiously, he drags me to the sofa where I laugh and try to wriggle out of his grip. I distract him by asking how many air hostesses that make suggestive moves at him.

“You kid! How dare you ask such?” he reprimands, dragging me back to the sofa.

“I got to fix breakfast” I whisper to his ears and sneak off to the kitchen.

“No, you don’t fix meals for me, I love my health!” he mocks, coming after me.

“I’m 15!” I turn at him furiously.

“That’s only old enough to fix poison” he responds, taking the eggs from my hand.

Fuming, I murmur about how mom let’s me fix up huge meals and he won’t even let me fix pancakes.

“The lady who murmurs easily grows old and ugly” he sings to me, poking my cheeks and I smile, punching his stomach playfully.

“Alright, fry!” he says after mixing and I jump at it with glee.

He sits down to watch me.

“So, who’s the boy?” he continues after a while.

“A friend, and he called to invite me for his party” I gently reply as he helps me set the plates and serve the prepared breakfast.

“Friend?” he asks with deep curiosity.

“Smith…” I respond and begin to explain other details about him because dad just has to know everything.

As we sit and start eating, he continues with his query.

“I don’t know Smith and you can’t go for his party” he says sternly and I lose my appetite.

“Dad, but he’s a great guy and…” I begin to explain but he cuts me off.

“You don’t have my blessings on this baby” he explains.

“I’m not a baby anymore, in a couple of years I’d be in college…” I whine and stop eating.

“What time is the party?” he asks.

“5 pm” I respond sluggishly.

“You can go if you want to” he says and the appetite flies back to me.

“Really?” I ask as I gulp down food in large chunks.

“Oh yeah… I’d drive you down, give me the address” he smiles.

“No way… grownups are not allowed… his parents wouldn’t even be in town” I argue staring at my almost empty plate.

“Oh! You finally agree not to be grown up?” he teases.

“You know what I mean” I reprimand, staring into his eyes.

“Let me guess… lots of kids taking alcohol and having sex?” he shrugs.

“Dad! You should trust me, I won’t act foolishly” I gently reply with a more serious stare.

“Until 18, when you’d also have my permission to work, you won’t be in situations that are out-of-bounds for grownups” he concludes.

I look at dad and he suddenly looks like a monster to me. He’s usually liberal and encourages me to explore the world, which is why I’m confused at this strange attitude. Did I have to stay at home for this? Rage begins to rise within me and I conclude never to reveal Smith’s address.

“There’s this new technology used in flying planes that you need to see” he begins.

“Let me clear the table first” I respond and slowly start off, hoping he’d forget to show me his Airplane stuff.

I wake up with an obscured vision of plastic strings hovering around me. I try to lift my hands but a weighty pain runs through my spine. I start to hear beeps and I look around to find dad fully dressed in his uniform, squeezing mom’s shoulders as she weeps. I call out to him and my voice is subdued by the mask partly covering my face.

I remember clearly now; Smith was slightly drunk but he had to get me home before dad came in that night from a work-emergency. I had tried to warn Smith of the truck ahead but the screeching and bumping sounds of metal came quickly and dumped us into a ditch.

Dedication: To (future) dads who care.

Image credit: Google(obviously).

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