On The Burj Al Arab

Last week, when I visited a friend, she convinced me to watch a documentary on the construction of the Burj Al Arab hotel… and I told her that I wasn’t interested, but later, (in her absence) I watched it, and I learned a lot!
And decided to share.

Very briefly, the Burj Al Arab is ‘the 7star’ Dubai hotel that was constructed on an artificial island between 1994 and 1999- both the island and the hotel took 5years to build.

My lessons:

  1. God is no respecter of persons!

Whatever your tribe or religion, his blessing is all out for you already, if you seek it, you’ll find it, and he won’t stop you from having it.
One big thing that pushed this point home for me was when, during the early stages of construction, a heavy disastrous storm that Dubai hadn’t witnessed in ages arrived, and ‘shook’ their structure.
To me, that was God guiding them to plan for the worst, and they did! They re-strategized and got back into business.

  1. Having a lot of options isn’t always right!

One thing that tripped me in that video was the fact that everybody involved in erecting this building, stuck to one option- producing an iconic/symbolic statement for Dubai!
And when Tom Wright, the architect behind the building, drew the ‘Sail of a Dhow'(A Dhow is a type of Arabian sailing vessel) as the working piece for the Burj, he stuck by it, even when his team mates debated against it!
And everybody thenceforth, worked hard and got the Burj to actually represent ‘a sail of a Dhow’. Impressive, right?

  1. Be ready to be inspired!

In the video, Tom Wright wanted to give something that could easily ‘sit-out’ with Paris’ Eiffel Tower, or Egypt’s Pyramids. He wanted a world monument, and one day(after many days of thinking), while sailing on the Dhow with his team mates, it got windy, and while pulling the sail, his inspiration came- ‘the sail of a Dhow’.
And it made sense- a hotel sailing from the sea- something Iconic, and catchy for tourism, just as the Prince of Dubai wanted.

  1. Hard work pays!

Because of the shape of the structure, the height, and the fact that it was going to stand on water, human beings worked hard to get the artificial island going, to erect the structure, and to make it beautiful!
And after Khuan Chew’s ( the interior designer of the hotel) best was rejected by the prince of Dubai because the white colouring she used on the Atrium was just too plain, she had to come up with a better best!
She confessed to forfeiting holidays and good times just to come up with ‘a new ingenious idea’! But when the gold-rainbow idea came along and was implemented, it blew the prince’s mind and made her effort worth it.

  1. The prince doesn’t mind the price!

Who is your prince? He is ready to pay the price for an iconic/profiting venture. In fact, that is what pleases him to do!
So, the Prince of Dubai gladly spent $650million(from 1994-1999) for that structure .

  1. You can always do better!

Apart from Chew’s ‘better best story’, with the other humans involved in the Burj Al Arab’s story, it was their first time to try something that ‘challenging’, but they gladly stretched their minds and intelligence! And it fetched them a lot of gold at the end, both literally and literarilly!

  1. Let it stand/pass the test, and the taste of time!

In other words, let it beat the imagination!
Another impressing thing about ‘the builders’ is that they wanted a building that will last forever.
It is sad that the Burj will not last for ever (as even this earth will pass away), but at least, it is standing and passing the test and the taste of the times it has lived. It is still a wonder to its visitors.

  1. ‘Impossibility’? What is that?

Those guys defied ‘impossibility’.
Honestly, personally, I believe that some things are just impossible.
But those guys helped me realize that I have to be careful with what I deem ‘impossible’.
I didn’t hear them demean their strengths and possibilities. They were always ready to try the next ‘risk’, and when it didn’t work out, they tried again till it worked!

In summary, that video reminds me of a lot of things in my bible that I’ve been letting go just like that. And ironically, it is people that are not ‘born again’ that screamed the same biblical points back at me.

NB: Thanks dear friend for the video!

Now, who wants to send me more videos like it?


Lara And Seun 15


Catch Lara and Seun 14 before you proceed.


‘So adorable’ Seun whispered to a resplendently dressed Lara as she cat-walked to his car. She blushed at his complement, shy to look into his eyes. And basking in his ability to move her insides in such a sweet manner, he complemented her some more as she took her seat.

‘You look good yourself’ she managed to utter, still avoiding his gaze, and he realized that only little effort was actually needed to soften her. While she blushed all over, he took some more time to take in and appreciate her beauty.

‘Are we going to spend the day in the car?’ she smiled coyly, reminding him to move the car.

‘Is this the place?’ Lara grunted as Seun stopped in front of a huge unfinished building. He grinned slyly at her and she almost lost her peace. She would have just worn slacks or something if Seun was planning a community service instead of a date. Why waste her time looking beautiful to be brought to a place with workers on every window pane, nailing one thing or the other. He didn’t still reply her, but drove in as the gates were opened for him.

He laughed as he drove in, because Lara’s emotional expressions were beyond his expectations. He knew that she would be shocked and annoyed, but he never expected that she’d be ready to go mad. Her aghast-mouth, heaving chest, squinting eyes, and the way she sporadically hit the glove compartment amused him.

‘You dare not… ‘ she tried to resist, but it was too late. Her anger was starting to be melted by amazement as he drove further inside.

Inside of the compound looked nothing like the tall uncompleted building shooting out in the front of it. He had expected this sudden change of mood, so he smiled as she took in the scent of the freshly mowed lawns, and admired the beautifully carved plants. There was a lot of artistic touch to every part of the field, and it pleased her.

As he drove into a parking lot, she smiled at him, apologizing for fuming earlier on. She slid into his side and let him help her walk out of the white pebbles that filled the drive way. Seun didn’t mind holding her in that position either, and they walked together that way, arms around each others’ waist.

‘This place is beautiful, thank you’ she whispered to him.

‘And you were about to kill me for something nice’ he smiled.

‘I don’t mean that building jo’ she laughed, pinching his side, and he joined in the laughter.

‘Wow! An artificial lake? Very lovely!’ Lara exhaled in glee, and Seun prod himself on the back for scoring very high in sweeping her off her feet.

‘Yeah, let’s check it out’ he replied calmly as though he wasn’t excited by her response, and walked her towards it. He loved that she had let him lead her along since they arrived, and that she had been blown by the beautiful sight surrounding them.

He had come here almost every day, for weeks, to plan this outing with the help of his boss, the owner of the place. The man was a blessing to him for giving him this place at no cost. From the moment he knew about Lara, the man had nagged him everyday to marry her, and on a particular day, when he couldn’t stay calm about his nagging anymore, he had blurted out that he should give him some money so that the ceremony would be done. The boss had taken him seriously, and gave him the place to use. When he first brought him to this place, he was like Lara, ticked off by the front building. But by the time he had taken some walk round the compound, he knew that it was the perfect place for their first formal date, even though his boss meant to give it to him as his wedding venue.

‘How come they let flowers litter this path?’ Lara asked, and Seun shrugged as though he didn’t understand her question. But as they walked further along the path, she observed that the floor was actually decorated with different flower petals in a catchy sequence. She looked closely and noticed that the petals were used to inscribe something on the ground.

‘They actually wrote something with them’ she pointed Seun to the floor, giggling, and he nodded in agreement, still acting like he didn’t know what she was talking about.

‘My feet hurts’ she whispered to Seun, and he was grateful that it had only begun to hurt- he imagined that she could carry on for the little more distance left.

‘We’re almost there’ he soothed, and helped her up to a high marble stone in front of them. Then he beckoned on her to turn towards the path they had just walked through.

‘I said it, they were writing something with those leaves!’ she giggled.

‘Yeah, right. Let’s read what is written’ he smiled, and they began to read:





She immediately covered her mouth with her hands on realizing what she had just read. Then, stepped down from the stone, went back to the beginning of the first letter on the floor, and lingered through the words, releasing soft tears, forgetting about her hurting feet. He didn’t know that she would start to melt at this point. He had some other plans ahead, plus, the camera men were also stationed ahead and not here. So, he got down to her level, let her cry a bit on his shoulders, then walked her ahead.

‘Oh no!’ She shrieked and fell into him, closing her ears with her hands as they stepped on a button and triggered an alarm. But he assured her that all was fine. And indeed, all was fine, because immediately, her favourite song began to play, exciting her.

‘Wow! Can you hear that?’ She yelled, screaming, singing and dancing along with the record. Seun smiled, and joined in her happiness.

As they sang, and Lara recklessly abandoned her consciousness, Seun’s guys appeared behind them, from where they were positioned, set a diner-table for 2, and disappeared again. So, when the song finished playing, Lara felt she was hallucinating when she saw the set table.

‘Oh, I’m famished!’ Seun said and moved towards the table with her, ignoring and smiling at her confusion.

‘What will you like to have?’ He asked, picking the menu card in front of him, and Lara just stared until he beckoned her to pick hers as well.

But what was in hers was different:


She read it repeatedly to herself, then gently closed it, and looked up at Seun. But Seun was no more in sight. Some guys were rather standing and smiling in front of her- some carrying food, others ready for photo and video coverage.

Then she looked around, and found Seun kneeling on both knees beside her with a lovely engagement ring!

‘Oh my God, Seun?!’ She shrieked as she dragged him up from the floor, but flash from cameras had already begun to blind her eyes.

‘Say Yes’ he pleaded with his eyes, holding unto her.

‘I can’t think about it?’ She whispered, and he nodded in disagreement.

She laughed, and said ‘Yes’, and he whisked her up and flung her about in glee.

When he dropped her she reminded him that he hadn’t given her the ring. Laughing at his slip, he went back to the ground with both knees.

‘It’s one knee’ she teased, and he corrected himself, pulled her to sit on the ‘spare’ knee, and slid the ring to her fingers.

‘Awww’ she cried and hugged him tightly, granting the camera guys some good sight.

(… And that is the end of ‘Solomon Grundy’, as Lara and Seun continue their lives outside this blog… Lol)

Thanks lovely people, for waiting, and loving it!!!

Lovely end, right? I guessed so!!!

He has a Side Chick……

This is real!
My comment:
Please permit me to re-blog!

+ let me commend the woman’s forgiving spirit…
(Honestly, I can only forgive like that by God’s grace)



Side Chick, Mistress, The other woman; She is that girl who shares your man or worse enjoys your man more than you do. . She is the one your man pings early in the morning just to tell her “Good Morning Beautiful”. When he is with her, he is this cool guy who knows all the cool joints in town, they both sing along to Dorobucci on the radio. She is the one he takes along when he goes on business trips. It is just more convenient, she doesn’t have to think of who to leave her children with, besides she is more fun, she is the one he does acrobatic sex with, the girl who has enough time and energy to match his libido. You on the other hand are the wife, the one he has “married sex” with – the ” flam-bam-bam-yawn-are we done yet” type.

Yes he…

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Yeye Girls

Na these yeye girls for church dey pinch me pass. The way dem dey rush my husband every opportunity they get makes me want to call upon thunder from above to fire their nyash! Even in my very presence, they’ll be attempting ‘holy kisses’ and falling onto him in the name of brotherly hugs.

These girls don tire me sha! Just a quick ‘Hello!’ to me, then they’re off to a long conversation with my man! Who even trained them? If no be my husband’s reputation, I for don tell them things dey no go fit believe!

The worst part be say, assuming my man first ask them, dey no go gree marry oh! But now I don dey work hard, dey bring forth his fine boy, they’re all over the place, tripping! Someone should help me remind them that for every finished product, a lot of hard work was put into it oh! No be small something!

One even had the guts to mention that I do not deserve my husband! Anyway, I’m happy that my husband properly put her in her place- now she considers him to be a beast. I don’t mind oh! In fact, I wish they’ll all consider him to be worse and leave him alone for me.

Haba! Is he the only fine doctor in church? They even come with all sorts of ‘female ailments’ to him, despite that he’s not a Gynecologist oh! Chai, there is God oh!

But, these girls are just falling their hands outrightly. Don’t they realize that my husband tells me every thing? And, don’t they know that he can never fall into their traps? They say that I’m too ugly, and I bewitched him into marrying me. But with their temptations and seductions, and hotness they have not been able to move him into having an affair with them!

No be say I get power oh, but na God dey work for me, and na him dey keep my man!
But from this moment, any woman wey dey plan to seduce my man, Holy Ghost fire pursue am!

Any one wey dey fall onto him when pastor say make we celebrate sign of peace, Holy Ghost fire flog am away!

Any one wey dey wish make I die. Make e come carry my man, Holy Ghost fire!

And anyone wey get anyother yeye gimmicks, Holy Ghost fire and thunder from above destroy the plans!

As I don cover my husband with fire reach, make I sit back dey watch. Anything wey do them, my hand no dey am oh!

Her Pregnancy Cycle

One of the best things I like about being pregnant is the Tender Loving Care I get from my darling husband during that period. Naturally, my husband scores a 100% in this area, but with pregnancy, he adds some 200% to his score sheet. He pays attention to me with every sense organ in his body and is quick to respond to my needs and wants even when they’re crazy. I remember when he had to buy a trip of sand and keep at home for me because I just loved immersing myself into its smell and coarseness. His kindness and understanding also multiplies- he never flamed up when I pursued him from the bed on several occasions because I didn’t need a human body touching me.

I do not however appreciate his overprotective attitude during that period. Like, I was banned from driving myself anywhere. In fact if I had to leave the house without him, I had just 15 minutes to do whatever I wanted and get myself back to the house, traffic or not.

‘Haba! I’m pregnant, not sick!’ I yelled at him the day I finally won the fight of driving myself to anywhere and for however long I desired. But as the devil likes to always spoil a beautiful lady’s show, my victory was short lived. The devil just brought this dizziness on a fateful day that I had driven out of town without darling husband’s full blessing, for an inter-city tour. He had told me not to go because of the distance, but after begging, and whining, and threatening, he let me go for the sake of peace. My weak response to him along the journey, over the phone, sent him rushing to get me, and as he sternly lifted me up, I knew that I had broken all the straws that ever needed to be broken, and that he would never let me move alone until the birth of our child.

Darling husband kept to his unspoken decree! He was glad to always find me at home whenever he popped in, and for the first time in my life, I regretted not working for anybody. Like, if I was working for somebody, wouldn’t he have “jejely” gotten used to my personal “waka”?! Plus, he would have been unable to neither determine nor control my movement. Anyway, he still pitied me, because he knows alright that my next best friend is ‘Waka’.

The man “taya” for my adventurous spirit!

Ah! He even had to leave me at our honeymoon destination to rush back to resume work, as I wasn’t done with touring the world.

So, he felt bad most of the time that I was confined to the house. But because life was now about I and baby, he didn’t still let me tag my pregnancy along with my ‘Waka bestie’; he only drove me out once in a blue moon, when he could afford the time to.

Did I mention that I became the aggressive sex partner during that period, and that my husband loved every bit of it?! At first though, he was afraid because orgasms came just a few seconds after he penetrated. He even had to ask me if I was faking it once; and when I told him that it was now two against one because baby was helping me by pushing herself down, he closed his mouth forever on that topic. Well, it was like that for me during that period. I reacted to things as though two nuts exchanged positions in my head and affected my mannerisms, and as a darling husband, he was always loving, understanding, or being virtually confused of his wife’s new tactics.

He became the king of the kitchen also. After a while of burning a few of my hairs over the cooking fire for the pleasure of its smell, he virtually kicked me out of the kitchen before I took to scraping myself with knife for an extra ‘high rush’. I didn’t know he could ever cook like he did! Nothing was lacking. I even felt my culinary prowess being threatened at some point. It however felt good to lift my legs on high and enjoy being served- when I could eat though. And as he tried, I virtuously didn’t make him feel bad for all his sacrifices and sweetness- I was busy making his head swell.


Yet, the beauty of pregnancy still found itself down to the post birth stages. Darling husband had begun to share his affections between me and baby so much that sometimes I felt like putting baby back inside and enjoying his affections alone. But the arrival of our mothers made it all beautiful again. They contributed their affections and added it to the one darling husband had left for me after taking away for baby, which made my Tender Loving Care account run into multiples again.

My mother and darling husband’s mother arrived at the same time, and I am glad they did, because he was relieved of all his domestic duties, except for loving me of course; and I still enjoyed lifting my legs up high and doing nothing.

Oh, I did something- the hot water treatment! That is the worst part of post-birth experience. I always ran away from my skin during the mornings when both mothers massaged me with very hot water. I still wonder how they were able to soak their hands into such steam.

There was this other no-sex drive ‘worst’ post-birth experience for darling husband though. 6 weeks and counting, your beautiful lady was irked at the thought of any sexual touch, and whenever he suggested that we do, I suggested he underwent the hot water treatment before I could consider the request. The mothers were not in support of me here oh, but I still couldn’t comprehend why I had to share my breasts between baby and her father at the same time.

Being the wise husband that he is, darling husband planned a romantic getaway, tagging the mothers along to take care of baby. And it was there that “the Ice” melted: “One exclusive outing, one touch, two touches, and I was good to go!”

So, we’re back again to that cycle. My Ada is now two, and I have just announced to darling husband that my pregnancy results read positive. I only hope that the cycle gets more interesting this time around, and that I am permitted to tag well along with my ‘Waka bestie’.

Lara and Seun 14

Catch Lara and Seun 13… before you continue!


‘Yeah, I was calling to lock down a date with you by this weekend’ Seun spoke through the phone to Lara.

‘Lock down a date? What does that even mean?’ Lara groaned back at him.

‘Honestly, I don’t know the meaning. But, I know that this is going to be a little bit different from what has always been happening between us’ Seun stammered.

‘Ah! Seun? Happening ke? Just take a break and call me later, you’re babbling… ‘ Lara giggled and hung up. As she turned to leave, she bumped into her mother who had quietly stood behind her as she received Seun’s phone call.

‘Jeez! Mami! What’s up? You scared me!’ Lara screeched.

‘Too exited to look I guess’ her mother shrugged, and Lara knew at once that she had eavesdropped into her conversation with Seun.

‘Mrs Olubunmi Balogun, can you kindly explain to me about your affiliation with young people’s love gist?’ Lara frowned.

‘I’ll just tell you to better lock down that date with all the keys in your power’ Mrs Balogun replied her daughter and left the living room where they stood, leaving Lara to stare in unbelief.

‘I’m well now though, in case you need to return to your husband’ Lara called after her and followed her out immediately.

Seun reclined back in his office after work, thinking about all the places that Lara could like to go and jotting them down. After a while of canceling and rewriting items, he tore several sheets of paper he had written on, and threw them into a waste bin. Deciding that he wasn’t sure of what Lara really liked, he picked his phone to call her and ask her for the right details.

‘Wait a minute! You’re serious?’ Lara laughed into the phone as Seun asked her about her likes and dislikes, and when Seun affirmed his seriousness, she fell out with him.

‘Gosh, I just feel that our friendship has been a waste if you don’t know the answers to your questions. I can’t tell you…’ She began to lament until her mother interrupted her conversations.

‘You don’t say that to him!’ her mother scolded.

‘What? Are you trailing me now?’ She yelled at her mother without cutting off her conversation with Seun, leaving him confused at the other end of the line. But her mother left immediately without responding to her.

‘Let me call you back’ Seun interjected and cut the call, but Lara didn’t hear him, so that when she turned from her mom to continue with her phone conversation, the line was dead, and she became frustrated.

With that frustration, Lara stormed into the room that her mother occupied.

‘I’m sorry’ her mother threw out immediately she stepped in.

‘No, you’ll repeat it’ she replied her.

‘I’m only concerned’ her mother defended.

‘You should stop this, please… It’s me, not you that he wants after all’ she retorted.

‘Let me just go back home’ her mother replied in remorse, walking towards her box.

‘No, you’ll stay’ Lara sighed and walked up to soothe her mother’s shoulders, attracting a smile from her.

‘That’s because you’re better off where I can see you function’ she teased the woman, and both women laughed and hugged themselves.

‘You just don’t have to stress him out though’ her mother whispered in her ears.

‘He’s already having a hard time. Don’t add to it’ she continued as Lara furrowed her brows in disagreement.

Dragging her daughter to the bed and sitting beside her, she narrated to her how she almost lost her father as a result of harsh words. Explaining that although she didn’t consider her words as such and really loved him, her father had taken it seriously and interpreted them as an open hatred towards him and as a cue to run for his life.

‘I’m not like you’ Lara laughed.

‘You obviously are, my darling’ her mother laughed in reply, further admonishing her to trust and enjoy Seun’s affections instead of picking on all of his faults.

At the end of their conversation, Lara was thankful for her mother’s presence, and decided to grant Seun some peace.

Seun lay on his bed, thinking to himself if he was making the right choice by wanting Lara for life. Her spice was a little too much, and he wondered if he could handle it everyday for the rest of his life. He wished she wasn’t very harsh with him- that was her only “but”. Her words struck his heart like poisoned arrows, and he began to consider if he wasn’t wasting his time after all with her.

He took out his diary where he had written down the features that attracted him to her in the first place, just to focus on the right thoughts. As he started to pray to God to help him live past Lara’s wounding words, a message from her entered his phone, apologizing for being rude, and listing out 5likes and 5dislikes as an answer to his previous question.

‘Is this for real?’ Seun muttered in unbelief, reading the message over and over again. The Lara he knew would never give him a clue to any ‘likes’. In fact, she would make him suffer for “wasting their friendship.” But this detailed explanation even came with an apology, confusing him the more.

He shut his phone down and decided to sleep through the situation, so as to verify the truth of the message he had just received.