He’s in the middle of 2 girls.

I remember during the years of (senior)Primary school, when the teacher put a boy/girl between 2 girls/boys as the case may be, as his/her permanent seat for the entire term/session. The rest of the class usually considered the boy/girl a victim of misfortune, because the boy/girl in question was automatically ‘humbled’ until that position was reversed (unless the person in question was a natural-tyrant). The ‘humility’ usually arose as a result of the obvious side-lining by, and outnumbering of the opposite sex. The victim therefore had very low chances of winning any ‘seat’ argument/decision.

While I rejoice that I was never a victim in Primary School, I think this type of scenario often repeats itself in real adult situations, either by choice or ‘unforeseen’ circumstances.

Yesterday, I witnessed one inside one of our school taxis. These taxis which usually carry 3 in the back seat, already had I and a guy seated at both ends, waiting for the 3rd passenger. Shortly, as another lady opened the car-door at the guy’s side to enter and “complete us” for the brief journey, the guy jumped out, and asked the girl to sit in the middle. In shock and wonder, the girl asked why, and Mr young guy said “I cannot sit in between 2 girls”… oops!
That was a straw, because miss young lady got offended, and refused to oblige.
I was shocked too, very, but because of peace, and the fact that I wanted the vehicle to reach its destination immediately, I shifted to the middle, and pleaded with the lady to sit at ‘my’ end.

Of course the argument continued inside the car with the girl accusing him of low self esteem, and the guy refusing to be sidelined- it was an ‘uncultural’ thing for him…

So, people, what do you think of situations like these… Do they really mean anything?


From the UofI’s Chapel of the Resurrection

Hi people, I hope this will be an interesting piece for you.

So today, I attended a Family meeting at the Chapel in my school, which is where I worship by the way, and I am glad that I didn’t miss it.
My best word for this meeting is “Interesting”… and this word fits because it contains both the power of God’s word delivered and the engaging drama involved in the delivery of it by the speaker.
Unfortunately, I arrived late- I missed the introduction of the speaker,and therefore do not know his name. But not very late, because I came in just as he was praying to begin… And I can assure you that my best description of him is “Mr Normal Next Door 50-60 year old Neighbour”- honestly, there is no ‘extra swag’ to his gait, or some ‘smoking spiritual scent’ around him, but he was, well, “Interesting”.

First of all, his topic, and the theme of the meeting: ‘Rekindling and Sustaining the fire of the Christian family alter”

I should confess that at this point I was expecting a good list of Dos and Donts, but that was how the interesting began for me. After a very brief introduction, he quickly stated that the relationship between husband and wife is the foundation of this alter, and that how they relate with each other depends on how well their fire burns.
To examples,
He noted that Abraham understood the importance and wealth of a good marriage relationship so much so that he had to establish an oath/covenant with his chief servant to find a good wife for Isaac by making him swear by his genitals… something he did not do for the dispersing of his so much wealth.

He dived into the real relationship matter: Rejoicing in the wife of your youth!
His Scripture reference: Prov 5… let your fountain be blessed: and rejoice in the wife of your youth. Let her breasts satisfy you…
Then he paused and explained to the many professors present (while young ones like us eagerly listened) that this wife in question is the same one that they had married some 40-60 years ago, not the ones they married after their fame and so much wealth arrived. In fact, he dared to say that success for men is as as a result of how well they treated their wives; which implies that even ‘apparent’ successful men that do not treat the wives of their youth well, might still be on ground zero on their success level without knowing, AKA there’s plenty room for more goodies when you treat ‘Mrs Wifey’ well.

To cut his long story short, he dared again to say that the real ‘burning’ family alter is the one were the husband and wife are always rejoicing in the wives and husbands of their youth, AKA blissfully being sexual with each other, AKA not letting the honeymoon/romance die… And not in the length of the prayers made to God, or bible studies done together as a family.

Do you agree with him?
Why, or why not?

NB: I don’t think I relayed this message well, because at the end of his message everybody, including the professors whom I thought would wear serious looks (and threaten some reprimand for being blunt), where down with heavy bouts of laughter.

NB 2: If you’re in Ibadan, please attend with me tomorrow for this same program, between 5 and 7pm, at the UofI Chapel of the Resurrection- maybe you can tell a better story of it than me… AKA You are invited for our interesting family week…

I love y’all… You mean ‘a plenty to me…