For the other woman


Disclaimer: This is not meant for everybody

I have written here before about this kind of issue, and reblogged a post here about it too. I am however back with a different tone- more serious and firm. This could also apply to the handsome dudes that ‘patronise’ their ‘brothers’’wives. I would however choose to concentrate on these pretty ladies.

Dear pretty ladies, because you are beautiful conversationalists, I dare to say that your powers of attracting our husbands to yourselves and distracting them from us may seem to work. However, I still dare to burst your bubbles by stating that whenever we realize that we have left our ‘territories’ for ‘vultures’ to desecrate, we will arise and ‘repent’, and because na we originally get our men, we go use our original wife-power, which dey strong and mighty (even in God’s sight), and we will win him over (back) to his original place (innit?). However still, I have some strong suggestions for you.

Since you are very pretty and have all of those charming powers, why not try single men. Some of these men are praying for your kind most of the time. On a more serious note, they want that pretty conversationalist that will not bug them about the days stress; that will be hot and sexy almost all of the time; that will know exactly when to chip in the good, the moderate, and the not so good news; that will perfectly nurse their egos, and not always talk about the woes of the children and the house at large; and that will generally fit into every of their ‘manly desires’. Most of these guys are very hopeful that they’d find you, and since you flawlessly match the criteria, why not go to where you are needed? Or do you still believe that you are much more needed by ‘unfulfilled’ husbands? If that is your reasoning, I’m sorry to announce to you that it is very false and attracts high punishment.

Because, guess what, that wife of the darling husband you are attracting to yourself and distracting from his original place, (if she is anything like me), she is seriously praying that no matter how mighty your powers appear to be, that her husband wouldn’t even recognize you nor it, nor fall for it. Yes. she is praying that instead of her husband to react  as you’d wish to your manipulations, he’d rather return back to her and complain about the ‘willing woman’ who was willing to go 10milles for/with him, and then she’d learn and repent, and be much more for him. These and many more types of these prayers are the reasons why your success is highly threatened in this area. And because God loves to answer these prayers, you have failed even before you started.

You might be wondering why I’m still writing you since I strongly believe that you have failed before you started. A reason is simply stated in paragraph 2 where I noted that some guys are seriously searching for your kind. Another reason is to remind you that if you use up your life chances by making out with married men, at the end, your life would be empty, because you’d remain the secret lover that is forever kept far away from his real family: your life would just become an illusion; and you’d realize very late that it wasn’t worth it. So I’m trying to be your Good Samaritan, and grant you some fore-knowledge, and also, to make sure that you don’t walk around boasting of ignorance to these matters. Because, some ladies will not let time to work it all out; they’d take matters into their hands, and destroy your beauty with ‘acid’. They won’t kill you; they’d make sure that you live to enjoy the pain. So, here is another reason that I am writing to you: no matter how a woman feels that her husband is useless, just leave him for her like that, because you understand very well that a woman whose territory is threatened believes that her feminity has been treaded upon. And just like all these very radical feminists all over the world fight their enemies; your portion would come upon you shortly. So be warned and be safe. I don’t mean play safe, because there is hardly any safety around these things. You know as well as I do that a woman is intuitive, and that when it comes to these matters, she won’t even wait to prove its integrity before she acts on it. And no, she will not leave him for you, she’d use her children and everything she has to fight you, and she’d win (be assured).

However, God can still save you, and teach you how to be your sister’s keeper. In the past, when a baby’s mother was unavailaible, another nursing mother could help nurse the baby. In this same vein, help your sister out by holding sacred her marriage. Abeg, just do this in favour of God who will bless you and reward you abundantly for this.

Since you have gotten a grasp of my information, let me stop, and encourage you to think about the rest of the gist, and pray that God will help you act appropriately. Thanks for your attention.

NB: for the men who do this type of thing with married women, just replace ‘the other woman’ with you and apply it to yourselves, and be aware that a man’s fury burns worse than a woman’s, thankyou.

NB: please, if you are not in this category, this is not for you. Just keep forwarding it till it gets to the right persons. Thank you.

NB: I speak not with hate, but with the love of God unto the entire world.