2015. 1

Hello people, it’s a new year again…
I hope we are all doing well (so far)? I wish all of us God’s best in this season, Amen.

Life has been great and full of lessons for me, and I’m grateful to God that I’ve been a good student; though slow and steady, I’ve been learning just fine. So in no particular order of importance, here are some of the lessons I have to share:

  • It’s always a new year until it passes: example, 2014 only became ‘old’ when 2015 arrived. Therefore, while it’s good to start up with goal setting and achievements, I think it’s safer not to rush into ‘goal achievements’ but to enjoy the year as it unfolds by the day.

  • People matter more than money: You realize that ‘all your money’ means nothing when it doesn’t save the life of a loved/dear one. Therefore, NOW is the time to love the best way you can; don’t save it for later, it may never come; and ‘your money’ can never make up for the time lost.

  • Friendship is a choice. If something matters to you, you make an effort, so that even if you don’t get it 100%, you live trying your best.

  • I think it’s better to believe in God, and best to live by faith through Jesus Christ. Life is just simpler and more sensible this way.

  • Time and chance happens to all humans. Hence, change is constant: nobody remains the same with time and with life-experiences.

  • We will all die some day, except the world comes to an end right now. The time for each’s death is also not known.

  • God is good, but if you don’t believe it (or in Him) you may never know.

  • There is a time to embrace and a time to let go.

Please permit me to continue later ( and I’m hopeful that it will come), thanks…