Selma, Malcom X and the others

These are films. Films with different themes for different people. But in these films, I’ve learnt about resilience, resistance, persistence, and more soundly, about privilege. The rest of the films not mentioned include “Up from Slavery”, “Rosa Parks story” and a documentary on “African Development” by Prof Gates Jr. No matter the many themes found in these films, the fact that we have great privileges right now, on earth, no matter our faith or race, remains a huge theme for me.

For instance, in the Rosa Parks story, when Rosa insisted on not moving from her ‘bus seat’ as a form of resistance to white subjugation, I doubt that she was thinking of starting some kind of ‘black race’ activism. I’d rather agree that she was taking the next best option of survival in a wicked world. But because of her (in)action, a movement was started by blacks in that vicinity (in her honour). The point for me here is that the table is no longer so bad for us right now as it was for them- we’re not exactly being ‘dominated’ in the same manner. We are privileged to ‘rant’ our causes on twitter and other social media platforms with little fear of arrest.
It’s interesting, again, that despite how evil Nigeria is termed to be, we still have this massive privilege of the ability to freely express ourselves. Honestly, I doubt the kind of activism we do right now would have been possible some years ago. While some may want to argue that this kind of freedom is solely a’cause of the New Media, I’d say (and insist) that any government still has the right to restrict its people’s ‘social media’ movements; but ours has managed not to…

This brings me back to my point on privilege. In fact, if Martin Luther King Jr or Malcom X lived with us right now, I doubt that they would’ve been applauding us. Also, this draws my attention to the christian Martyrs of the bible. All these people didn’t live/suffer/die for nothing. A real fact is that we have this privileges because they went before us to make a way for us, and died in the process. The sad fact is that many of us do not realize this; we all sit and dream/wish for a Paul/Martin Luther of our time. Sadly however, is the truth that we aren’t getting No more MalcomX or Rosa Parks; they’ve done their work and have gone. We shouldn’t use our TIME to dream or wish for what will almost not happen.
Let’s rather (re)insert ourselves into this world and maximize this blessed TIME.
Thank you and God bless you!

NB: I probably spoke to myself more than to any other person here. Thanks still for reading and taking notes.


For 14th February, 2015

Hi people.
I promise that I do not take this blog for granted…
I have just been unable to type down my many interesting thoughts for sometime now… plus the readily excuse of “busyness”…
I apologize… and shall make an effort to always ‘pen down’ my thoughts…

Here is an article I submitted to a Christian fellowship for Vals-day-publication. Hope you like?


Can you give some heartfelt patience…
And add strong bouts of kindness to it…
Without being envious…
Or boasting?

Will you expunge all form of arrogance and rudeness,
Understand my pace and not insist on having things done your own way?

Can you not be irritable or resentful towards me?

Will you gently but firmly correct my wrongdoings,
And rejoice with me when I get things right?

Can you bear with me in all things?
Believe with me in all things?
Be hopeful with me in all things?
And endure with me in all things?

Can you please show me some unending hot love the 1Cor 13:4-8 style?
(signed with KISSES from @dnddyon)

what do you think?