Its My birthday today!

A few words from me:

I’m grateful to God, for his love for me…

I’m thankful for family, for always being there…

I’m thankful for LAFamily, for always boosting my faith…

I’m happy for friends, for making me smile…

I’m thankful for Salvation, for a redefinition of life…

I’m grateful for today and every other day…

Happy birthday to me!!!

Here are selected messages from friends to me:
“She’s hilarious, alarming, kindhearted, sweet, generous! We’ve prayed, believed, trusted &cried together and she can’t be easily cajoled! HBD Debby({}) :* ”

“Sweetest lady, a lovely birthday wish to u. Lots of goodies n God’s guidance. Success dearie n happy birthday. Long lyf n prosperity. bday gifts gift wine )-| |-C @@>~~ \VVV/ ”

“Happy byday to the kindest heart I Eva looked into,u re loved beyound wat u think,my desire for u today is an encounter wt God in every desire of ur hrt. Enjoy ”

And the celebration continues!

When a friend hurts you…

When jokes get expensive, and a friend erroneously hurts you, how do you react? Do you get mad and edgy, or laugh it off like it never happened? Recently, a friend hurt me, but being the wonderful person that he is, he turned around and apologized! What of friends that never apologize? How do you handle the friendship thenceforth?

Many factors can be considered here:

First, I’m not one to be offended by non-friends, not even acquaintances. Why? Because I just ‘excuse’ them through the ” you don’t even know me” line. But when I open my heart to you (as a friend), you can hurt me over and over again.
What about you?

Second, I always consider myself to be kind, and to easily (forgive) and forget when a friend hurts me. May be that’s why when this particular friend (as mentioned above) hurt me, I tried to laugh the pain away. However, the more I tried to suppress the pain, the more it ate deeper.

Third, the more I read meanings into the action of the hurt, the ‘hurter’ I became. I groomed the wings of the pain so much so that, as light as the action of the hurt was, the many devious meanings inwhich I read into one tiny action blew and expanded the boundaries of the pain.

Fourth, immediately I opened up, I received the choice to either forgive or to bear a grudge. At this point I realized how ‘unsaintly’ I am when, as the guy (casually) apologized, I kept welcoming imaginations and reasons why I should let him feel a brunt of the pain- AKA why I shouldn’t forgive.

Fifth, the more I covered up the depth of the pain, the more I confused him on ‘what the issue really was’. This is bad because, it means taking the opportunity to ‘right a wrong’ from the offender. It was worse for me because it increased my chances of ‘not forgiving’.

Sixth, every moment of indecision in whether to forgive or not mattered, and increased my chances of not forgiving. As he kept saying sorry, I kept being offended because I felt the apology was so casual, and should be cast into the pit.

Seventh, I uttered careless words (like “you’ll not see me again”) in the process of ‘vexing’ and prolonging forgiveness. Thinking about it now, the words weren’t necessary (and sound so childish… Lol).

Eighth, though I still felt like not forgiving, I decided to forgive, and voiced it out, and this helped me. No! The pains didn’t immediately fly away, but I was able to tame/control/influence how I felt about the hurt, and I arrived at a new frame of mind.
And because of the power in ‘spoken words’ I was able to ‘liberate’ my ‘offender’.

Ninth, the offender, my friend, is a wonderful person. He came around, days later, when the pains were miraculously healing; just to talk about ‘the issue’ and to sincerely apologize. Awwww… I felt like one favoured person + he earned more respect from me + the healing process automatically COMPLETED.

Tenth, what if he didn’t return to ‘perfect’ the ‘disappearing of the pain’?

So, what about you?
How do you handle hurts from a friend?
Are you ‘the’ wonderful friend that perfects issues when you’re in the wrong?!

NB: God bless my friends… and every other person!

I love Igbo, so I found “Phone Swap” interesting.

I should start by saying that I’m one of those that would go to the cinemas to see Nigerian films or any other African related films (not ‘home videos’ though). That being said, if you’re young, understand Igbo, and have some good sense of humour, whenever you find “Phone Swap”, see it! You won’t regret it!

Phone Swap is an interesting contemporary Nigerian film, in which I think the film makers and actors did an excellent job. More profoundly though, I love the powerful effects of the Igbo Language in the film. I sincerely think that the language is a strong merit for the film, and that it may not have been so wonderful without it. You know, because one’s indigenous language is what one flows freely in, without the itch to impress, the actors/actresses acted with ease… (And no plenty ‘fune’, which irritates (me) in Nigerian films by the way). This power of (Igbo) language is my point here. Now I understand what people mean when they say that things are better when they’re done through indigenous languages. This is also why I have to learn Yoruba, and every other language that I can. Honestly, one can not rely on ‘subtitles’ or any other form of translation, because language transcends spoken words: it extends to gestures, ‘inside jokes’ etc.

So, learn another language today (lol)

NB: I also love how the love story in the film developed… (I guess you could tell)…

NB 2: I didn’t see Phone Swap in the Cinema though

NB 3: this is my first attempt at talking about the power of indigenous languages on this blog

Thanks all… Love y’all