What Comes First to You?

Yesterday, I was in a place with some Priests when we suddenly met a young guy crying, holding unto his head and at the verge collapsing. I rushed to the guy, helped him to a seat, asked him what was wrong with him. Of course, he could only mumble some words. My next best move was to rush him to the nearest clinic or hospital, but I was stopped in my tracks when one of the priests who had noticed what was going on, rushed to him and began speaking life into him (A.K.A prayed for him).
I was literally taken aback… I couldn’t even make any other move.
In that short moment, I asked myself a sincere question: “why didn’t I (first) think to pray for this guy?”
Then, of course, I pondered on some ‘probable’ responses: “Unbelief?” “Readiness to do good all by myself?” among other things.
As I watched the guy calm down with the prayers, I began to really ask myself if I had suddenly forgotten that God just always needs our confidence/believe/faith in him for us to be made whole.
Unfortunately, my attention was immediately needed outside the ‘scene’, so I couldn’t stay till the end. But as I left, I silently asked for the grace to consistently believe that all things are possible with God, and to constantly put God first in all things.
Of course, the issue isn’t that taking someone to the hospital for medical attention is wrong. The real issue (as with me in this case) is “where our allegiance really lies- whether with God or with man”. This is to say that, what first comes to us in situations, is it seeking God’s help or seeking to do what we think is best (which in the long run isn’t usually the best shot).
Whatever the case, what comes first to you in situations? I hope it’s seeking God’s ever present help?!