Hello WIFI (*Wide Grin*)

Hello and welcome back from the long break in transmission.
I’ve been well and good to the glory of God. How have you been?

Permit me to to fill you in on some gist.
About right now, our internet connection (a.k.a Wifi) started ‘working’ again since March.
In fact, I’m quickly typing this so that I can publish before ‘they’ change their mind.
Honestly speaking, internet has almost been inaccessible to me for reasons that I am yet to account for. Asides the wifi, of which people have lost hope in (for its return that is), my personal Naira earned internet connection have decided to frustrate me… but thank God I have not chosen to let it depress me in anyway… Halleluyah!
I can hardly access internet in my room ( one reason for the delay in blog posts); and its not just an MTN thing. In fact, Etisalat and Smile 4GLTE are the only two powerful networks in our PostGraduate hall so far. It’s an unfortunate situation for us because many of us are currently working on our Projects, thus, NEED Internet connections. Also, for people like me, the Naira to purchase the suitable data I need from the powerful networks, we do not have.
I say MTN and Co should build ‘powerful’ masts in our vicinity… could you help us reach out to them in this regard?

In other news, I think I have more interesting gist for some other day.
Till then, let’s remain blessed as we (aspire to) love the Lord (of hosts) in every way of our lives.
Ese! (I don dey learn Yoruba small small… winks).