From Acts of the Apostles


The story of God’s ‘remembrance of’ Cornelius is one that I find interesting, marveling and inspiring. Cornelius was rich, influential, just, prayerful and generous in his society- a devout or religious man [true religion entails being and doing good].  So, God, in answer to his prayers and devotion to goodness, honoured/remembered him

What marvels me is God’s manner of remembrance of Cornelius. God sent Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, to share the good news/gospel of Jesus’ salvation of mankind from sin, and his (God’s) spirit with Cornelius and his family. Contrarily to this manner of remembrance, I would have thought that God should have promoted him in terms of more riches and influence in his society. However, I learnt through this that God’s concept of remembrance/favour often differs from mine. For Cornelius, God’s gift of salvation from sin and his holy spirit was more honourable at the moment than any other form of favour. This becomes interesting to me because studying this situation closely, I realize that Cornelius was actually prompted in terms of more riches and influence. Through God’s gift of salvation from sin and his holy spirit, and Cornelius’s acceptance of it, Cornelius became promoted to a new status: a holyspirit filled son of God; which entitles him to a great wealth of riches and influence, beyond his society, and even eternally.

What also marvels me is God’s kindness manifested in this remembrance. It located the missing link in Cornelius’s life, filled it up, and produced completeness. Certainly, with all his goodness, Cornelius would have just been acceptable in his society, or the world, but not (eventually) with God; being that our (self) righteousness without God is at its best, filthy rags before God. God’s kindness was thus reflected in his crowning of Cornelius devotion to goodness in the best way that was necessary for him.

What also interests and  inspires me is that God’s remembrance of Cornelius was attracted by his effort at goodness. This also shows that God sees my efforts at goodness, and that even though it may worth nothing [in terms of filthy rags], he still responds to it accordingly. I also learn that just like Cornelius, God sees me inside-out [including my efforts at goodness], understands the appropriate way of honouring these efforts, and makes it happen in the best way.

At the end of Cornelius story, he and his family were exceedingly grateful and filled with joy for God’s remembrance, which implies that God’s remembrance/blessing brings no sorrow with it. This also inspires me to trust God the more, knowing that he’s got me covered on all grounds.


Expectations… 5

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This must be a trying time for me, where Zara is my official temptation, a torn in my flesh.

This client that she just closed a deal with is one of my favorites, who is also usually only impressed with my handling of his business deals. I remember when oga MD once sent another executive to handle his business; he immediately called me to declare that he missed me on that particular deal, and that he would appreciate if I was always the one on his cases. So, if zara’s words are to be relied on, and if he hasn’t called to remind me never to leave his deals to anyone else, then, she must have won over my client’s heart, which should be considered dangerous. Already dangerous is the fact that Zara has completely won over oga MD’s heart, which means that I cannot even apply sentiments on this matter.

“I’m sorry” I hear her whisper.

“Why?” I ask, and start to clarify ‘the why’ when she replies with confused stares.

“That you think I’m not good at my job or what?” I totter angrily.

“I shouldn’t have” she says gently, infuriating me the more.

“Shouldn’t have what, Zara? Is your mission to take me out of my job?”

By this time, I was beginning to boil and I became afraid of what could be our following responses. I didn’t want any exchange of verbal abuses but I couldn’t control my temper at the moment. I watched her flush and for a moment, I thought she was going to hit me, but then she exhaled and ordered the driver to stop.

“Listen to me. If we are supposed to work well together, then you have to accept the fact that we will often step on each other’s toes. So, work out a way of handling that.” I blurt out almost incoherently because Zite has just gotten on my nerves.

“I apologize” he replies absentmindedly, and slowly drifts away in thought.

After I ask the driver to resume driving, I repeat the advice that I just gave to Zite to myself with the hope of heeding to every word of it.

“He called to appreciate our services” Oga MD beamed as they sat in his office, preparing to recount ‘their’ business deal.

“Oh, wow” Zara smiled and gently nudged Zites’s shoulders, forcing a fake smile out of him.

“He was particularly impressed with you” he smiled at Zara “and hopes to continue with you on the business front” he concluded.

“I’m glad he did, and happier that Zite gave me the opportunity to shine. We hope to continue with him on the front, sir.” She smiled, nudging Zite again, who willingly supported with his fake smile.

“If there is nothing else, you may go and celebrate then” he replied, escorting them out of his office with smiling eyes.

“You didn’t have to lie” Zite frowned as he sank into his chair.

“I said I was sorry, and I mean it” I replied, taking a seat in front of him.

“And you actually gave me the opportunity by going away. So, I didn’t actually lie” I teased.

For a moment I thought he was going to flare up, but when he gave a genuine weak smile, I knew we were going to work well as a team.

“Then, I guess you have to make it up to me” he responded with a stronger smile.

“Hope I can” I laughed.

“Sure!” he laughed.

We bumped fists; I winked at him and left his office.


Dear diary… Begging for sex?!


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Dear diary, my single self does not know anything about married sex, but I read about a man that begs his wife for sex (when she is not in the mood), and she agrees for ‘the sake of peace’… and I got pissed!

What sort of peace, please?!

I am not pissed that the wife agrees to have sex with her husband despite not being in the mood, but that the man begs for what he should not beg for…

I am not also insinuating that the man should force his way through… not in the least.

I am only amazed that the only thought-out-appropriate way the man utilized to have sex with his wife (because she was not in the mood) is begging.

I am bewildered… what a pity that he has to beg for what is beautifully his!

I am not also judging the man… God forbid that I do!

I am just concerned that the woman may have ‘yielded to his plea’ out of pity and not peace, and that deep down in her heart, she may have gradually despised him… who was so desperate to ‘release’ that he forgot his ‘man power to woo’…

In fact, I put myself in the woman’s shoes and the scenario did not go down well with me at all!

Like, if I am your wife, you are supposed to know me to an extent (hopefully)… and if you do, you should be ‘smart’ enough to know the more-than-one buttons to press to achieve whatever aim you want even if it is not sex…

Begging in this case appears neither intelligent nor smart… it is more or less repulsive, and strips off dignity…

But like I said, my single self knows nothing about married sex…

However, this reminded me of our walk with God…

God has given us all that pertains to life and Godliness through Jesus Christ. Yet, I often turn around to beg God for what is already beautifully mine…

I am reminded to be pieced off at myself at this point…

I am also reminded that if something is already mine from God, begging is not the appropriate way of getting it to manifest in my life… but that I have (to learn) to pull the right strings and press the right buttons…

God may not be pissed off with me for begging, but I’m almost sure that begging does not get me the best, because, for a start, I’d get myself so used to begging for stuff that is mine that I would become repulsive and forget that that which I ask is firstly, already mine.