A kind of madness… or hustle?

I remember reading about an undergraduate who after being intoxicated by ‘hemp, pulled off his clothes, and went about screaming and being generally mad. So, today, I was faced with a scenario that reminded me of ‘the ‘hemp intoxication’. I, alongside some other readers and staff were in a library when a young man noisily and incoherently walked in, loudly blurting out irrelevancies. As I watched him pace from one book shelf to the other, and shout out inconsistent, yet seemingly academic and accurate sentences, I paused to imagine things.

As a result of his seemingly academic and accurate sentences, I thought, “this might be one of those whom ‘book don run mad o’”. But as he continued with his incoherent paces, I recalled ‘the ‘hemp intoxication’ situation and watched, at first in amusement , and later on in fear of what this could lead to. As fear creeped in, I began to remember ‘the oyinbo’ cases of lunatics taking to random shooting of innocent humans in public places, but I kept consoling myself with the fact that “random shooting no dey happen for our Naija”. This consolation had to come through because there was hardly any security, and the library staff avoided confronting the mad man.

In the midst of displaying ‘his’ madness, this young man boldly grabbed a book from a shelf and began to leave the library. At this point, a staff gently confronted him. I however began to think if this was a form of hustle. At this point also, I remembered the alleged fact that “anything is possible for Naija”. Could it be that this man needed this book that he grabbed and had to put up a crazy front just to get it? As he was being confronted by the staff, the idea of this being a kind of hustle became real in my mind. Even if this is not the case- that he wasn’t hustling, but is truly ‘mad’, I have mostly learnt that a whole lot is possible if you put your mind to it.