Unrealized Help

I offered some essential services to a person, but the person may never realize. While bracing up to the fact that this person may never realize, I ‘realized’ that in the same manner, I haven’t [and may not ever] realize(d) the entire essentials that God/the Holy Spirit, or even fellow human beings cover(s) for me. It also dawned on me that while I may have considerable priorities that i constantly seek to conquer, without most of these unrealized essential help, my priorities may be unable to come through. I am thus encouraged to keep being/providing that essential help that may never be realized, especially, on behalf of all that I have [and I am yet to] receive(d).


If you grew up in Owerri, you may have noticed a gradual residential shift in family/home building. For instance, for those in their 50s/60s, the popular residential areas while growing up were most likely around/within Douglas/Wethral . For those in their 30s/40s, they were most likely around/within Okigwe road/Ikenegbu/Aladinma/Prefab. For young children and teens, it appears to be around/within New Owerri.

For those not familiar with Owerri, you may compare it with what you know to check if there is a match. Something similar to this residential shift can also be found in changes in popular styles of infrastructure across many years; popular fashion styles and other popular practices.

This points to the fact that seasons change and many other precious stuff  are not usually constant. In essence, as much as we can, “vanity” should be left as “vanity” [and never upgraded beyond that].