Are we not all caught up in this web of confusion?

Some days ago, I visited a couple in their 80s, and while we watched CNN together, news of legalizing homosexuality in Australia came up. The focus was on a gay couple in their 60s, of whom one suffered a terminal sickness. The sick man hoped that the law would work in their favour so that they can get married before the one-year life span guaranteed to him by his physician. Another sub-story to this was the conflicting arguments of the Australian government, pro and against the legalization. While we watched, I pondered in my heart, and caught myself laughing in my head at how confused we have become in the face of this type of pro and against argument(s). According to the pro-legalization Australian team, such legalization would take their country a step forward in development. The anti-legalization team complained about national image and value. I was almost laughing out loud as I listened through the ensuing conflict of valid interests, but held on in honour of the elderly couple I was with. However, I realized that I was not alone in thoughts when the elderly man I was with blurted out, “how did all this madness even start?”

At this point, I laughed out loud and didn’t stop until after some minutes. As the elderly man revealed his natural confusions in the face of the news through gestures and side comments, I laughed some more. I sincerely couldn’t get angry. It was all funny to me, and probably still is. For instance, if one can boldly state his/her homosexual status on a big platform like CNN, what more “national legalization” is needed?  Unless there is something more to it, then…

Interesting to me is the fact the politicians who almost certainly did not prepare for such debates prior to election and leadership, have ‘unfortunately’ been pushed into them. It appears that more humour can even be derived from the confusing way these politicians strive to navigate through these ‘unplanned’ situations.

What a mess we are all caught up in!


Dear (teen), it’s okay not to be considered beautiful.

It sometimes seems unfair that while others are constantly heralded as beauty queens/kings, your existence is hardly noticed. It is good not to consider this as a problem. If you have, learn to stop. It only discourages you and works against you by creating an environment that promotes low self esteem. Allow people to consider you however they chose. Let it not bother you. The more important thing is how you consider yourself.

Learn to call yourself beautiful. Build your worth. Take it a step at a time if you like, but make sure you’re consistent. Discover all the beautiful things within/about you and focus on them. Let it be more important to you than whatever opinions others have about you. You should know yourself better than others do. Work on this.

Next time, when you (remotely) do not feel beautiful (as a result of peoples’ un-considerations), remind yourself of all the good things that you are/have and of the better ones ahead. Your creator has already made you beautiful. Identify with him in discovering what makes you so, and fail at nothing to stand upon your discoveries.

It is said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. So long as/as much as you behold yourself as beautiful, you will remain so, and this is what matters more.


N.B: dear, who feels it is ok to (minutely) express how much another isn’t beautiful, you are shortchanging yourself. You are exchanging your opportunity at relevance for folly. Be wise! Build somebody up today.

God bless us all.