Being proactive, even with our reactions

Pro activity in this sense should entail being in charge of and intentional with/about our actions. In a cluster which I’m a part of, I listened to a woman speak about, and place value on intentionally loving your spouse when he appears to be un-lovable, for instance, while he is annoying you. I let this sink into me, and decided, in alignment with my decision to be intentional this year, to be intentional about my actions, even when I have to react to a given (unpleasant) situation. I consider this to be a form of pro activity.

I decided to be more alert in situations which I have to react to, so that things do not take me unawares; so that my actions proceed from the good/loving situations of my heart, and not from a seeming ‘turbulence’ in my head; so that I take responsibility for whatever decisions I may have to take in the face of situations needing my response. In this way, I do not have to turn back in regret, but in hope of good outcome-s, considering that I have put in my ‘best’ (or responsible action).

If I may extend such pro activity to my other business-es, then, it means that I’d always have to stay on top of my game, making sure that decisions are being churned out of wisdom, and not out of disgust or weary. I hope we all get better at taking charge of our emotions as much as we can. All the best to us.

P.s: “to churn out” has to be my phrase of the day. Although, this is only the second event where which I have used it today, I fore-see using it subsequently, and in a similar not-so-appropriate context [if you noticed].
All the best to us.


What has your name on it?

When we consider our name as our identity, then we think of it as what we are usually known/called by. It is also usually inferred that our names are to some extent, a reflection of us, and many also believe that names are prophetic: that we tend to become, or fulfill the significance/meaning of our names. If in the same vain, we consider our other (forms of) identity, like strengths/weaknesses, likes/dislikes, goals, aspirations etc, then we realize that these other forms can also play some roles in terms of whom we are becoming. Hence, they can also serve as what we are known or called by.

So, the questions are: “What has our names on them?”; “Are we identifying them?” ;”Are we attracting them?” In other words, “what requires our strengths/weaknesses/likes/dislikes etc?”, “are we identifying them to either build on them, or to stay away from them?”, “are we attracting them, or are we pointing them out as distractions that we have to stay away from?”

Do we even truly know what we stand for, or whom we are? What are our strengths/weaknesses etc? What makes us ‘tick’ and what does not? When are we usually at our best? Which skills are we excellent in? These also forms our identity. They become what we are called/known by. They help us discover purpose. They live after us after we are gone.

If we think about a few remarkable people that we know, we realize that it is usually as a result of what they have done. Interestingly, people’s actions are a reflection of whom they are- of their strengths, skills etc. Therefore, in living out all that we are to become in this year, can we sort out ourselves, then, try to attract what requires our attention and identity while staying away from what does not. I consider these to be drivers of priority, focus, purpose and of course, greatness. All the best to us in our endeavour for greatness.


Hello everyone. Happy new year! How are our new year resolutions and goals going. Well, I’m not exactly a ‘resolution’ kind of person, but I try to make decisions (and goals) and accomplish them, and I hope to continue in this light this year.

I realized that  for years 2013 to 2015, I preferred the last months of the year [Sept. to Dec.] to the other months. When I tried to check through for the cause of this preference, I observed that towards the end of these years, I mostly took certain  intentional beautiful/successful decisions/steps that for some reasons, I had missed out in the previous months of the years. Anyway, by 2016, I tried to get more intentional with my life. I critically started taking charge/ownership of decisions and actions that affected my life. Of course, if God is intentionally blessing us, then, we should likewise use/amass these blessings intentionally. I’d say that for the most part of last year I was guided by the fact that I would give account of my life at the end [not my father/siblings/mentors]. So, I’d say I became stronger in saying ‘No’ to things I considered unnecessary for me, and became courageous in explaining why I would not be following through many good-intended suggestions/opinions. I also think that this attitude comes with ‘getting older’, when one gets to the point of realization that life isn’t about impressing anybody but in living out all the greatness and blessings endowed within. In this 2017 therefore, I’m continuing with living out my best at all times- honing on my strengths and stretching myself through my weaknesses. One new thing however is that I’d be noting ‘high points’ wherever I find myself. I’d become a real witness of God’s intentional blessings over my life and how greatly or not so greatly it has been utilized by me. On my blog for instance; and this is where you get involved, I’ll be sharing ‘personal’ stuff as much as I can. Please, be my accountability partners. Let us intentionally live this year to the glory of our father.

So, as random as this blog has become, I’ll be noting down major points of my life in the hope that it will either bless someone, or that it will touch someone to bless me. So, for a start, I’m working hard in building ‘a kind of career’ [which has majorly kept me away from social media], and of which I hope to share the full story when it matures. For now however, I wish all of us a great 2017.