What has your name on it?

When we consider our name as our identity, then we think of it as what we are usually known/called by. It is also usually inferred that our names are to some extent, a reflection of us, and many also believe that names are prophetic: that we tend to become, or fulfill the significance/meaning of our names. If in the same vain, we consider our other (forms of) identity, like strengths/weaknesses, likes/dislikes, goals, aspirations etc, then we realize that these other forms can also play some roles in terms of whom we are becoming. Hence, they can also serve as what we are known or called by.

So, the questions are: “What has our names on them?”; “Are we identifying them?” ;”Are we attracting them?” In other words, “what requires our strengths/weaknesses/likes/dislikes etc?”, “are we identifying them to either build on them, or to stay away from them?”, “are we attracting them, or are we pointing them out as distractions that we have to stay away from?”

Do we even truly know what we stand for, or whom we are? What are our strengths/weaknesses etc? What makes us ‘tick’ and what does not? When are we usually at our best? Which skills are we excellent in? These also forms our identity. They become what we are called/known by. They help us discover purpose. They live after us after we are gone.

If we think about a few remarkable people that we know, we realize that it is usually as a result of what they have done. Interestingly, people’s actions are a reflection of whom they are- of their strengths, skills etc. Therefore, in living out all that we are to become in this year, can we sort out ourselves, then, try to attract what requires our attention and identity while staying away from what does not. I consider these to be drivers of priority, focus, purpose and of course, greatness. All the best to us in our endeavour for greatness.


Author: dnddyon

I am whom I am. I bring you epistles from my heart, experienced and imagined. I tell it with the most grace I can muster, from a very rewarding and sound perspective. You love to be here.

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