Lessons of life: Birthing Freshness

About yesterday/two days ago, I decided to return to my concept of healthy living through eating as close to natural (and as seasonal) as possible, letting go of anxieties, studying/meditating on God’s word and getting enough rest for my body. This has already started helping me to eliminate ‘toxicity’ and waste from my mind and my body, and I’m already feeling energized more than I would ordinarily have. These ‘results’ are however, not entirely new to me as I have previously (about 2 years ago) subconsciously gone on a healthy/natural journey. But because I wasn’t so intentional/earnest with it, I got distracted along the line. But since this is my season of ‘intentionality’, I have decided on also being intentional about my mental and physical health. It also occurred to me yesterday that because I ‘naturally’ do very well in whatever I commit my heart to/determine in my heart to do, that my chances of doing well in this (and in any other stuff, really), are high (so long as I stay/remain committed to doing them).
Today again, while trying to consider why I may have been unable to sleep well, to achieve my daily goals and other related stuff, some very little ‘solutions’ began to drop into my mind: change (and wash) your beddings weekly, don’t repeat nightwear and day clothes (wash them daily), bath nightly, wash your ‘undies’ every day and other seemingly ‘personal-hygiene stuffs’. But this may be of greater effect than I can imagine, especially because a lack of doing these is usually as a result of ‘little foxes’: like a little tiredness here and there. And since it is the ‘little foxes that destroy the vine’, I may have to starve the current ones to death, and create NO room for more to come. I really hope this becomes a habit. I hope to take it a day at a time; rising immediately I fall.
As usual, I hope you join me along this journey of good intentions and actions in this 2017. God bless us all.

1. You may have learnt that if you really want me to do anything, just get me to ‘buy the market’ (that is, buy into the ‘vision’). LOL
2. If you have some thoughts about my use of synonyms/similar words together, just also consider me to be your Amplified version of the bible today. I really hope you get this joke
3. If we take some time to really pay attention to ourselves, we will discover a whole lot about us, and about how much we can (not) do.
4. I am squarely facing getting over an old bad habit. I may have to re-birt new habits over it, and starve it to death.
Ciao tutti!


Dear Bae, hoping for much better days.

2 things sadden me right now. First, my hair, and then, my phone.
Since the better part of last week, I have been desiring to braid my hair with ‘attachments’, mostly to keep my natural hair out of the way for a while, and then, to look beautifully different. I had a very slim budget for it: 3k financial, a couple of hours of finding a befitting place, and then, some more hours for making the hair- roughly 8-10hors and 3k. Dear bae, I spent 5k and about 80 hours- at least 74hours were spent in anxiety! I consumed my poor mind with where to get a good hair done with a 3k financial budget within Lekki-Ajah (for about 3 whole days or more). Then, I got a place at Ikota shopping complex yesterday, and spent about six hours making ‘feathers’ for 5k. As in, from 3k to 5k! Not funny. Worse, I don’t like the hair. This salon spoke a good game, but the outcome is just very ordinary. The only thing I enjoyed was their clean toilet, which I used only once. I was angry about the hair, but typical me, I smiled, said thank you, took their numbers and left. To add that they refused to ‘on gen’, and made me make my hair in heat until NEPA brought the light (because to them, 3k was too small a money), chai! Anyway, the lady that made my hair pulled softly, and I almost didn’t feel pain, until a second person joined and it almost gave me the ‘grains.
I am more angry (working on doucing it), that I spent more than my financial budget for such an ordinary hair. I felt so used when I saw the done deal. Actually, I started hating the hair when the braiding started taking shape, cause I saw everything, courtesy of the mirror that was ever before me.
If I had money right now, I’ll walk into a good (in deeds) natural hair salon, lose it, and twist my natural hair, and be HAPPY. Gosh, I feel very bad. Who put me up to this? I’m already crying (can you hold me for a second while I shed tears of disappointment). They talked such a good game that I was expecting the hair to blow my mind- but it’s just very ordinary. And to think that I almost doubled my financial budget for it! And to add that they wanted to charge me about 8k o! Kai, had I spent 8k on this hair, I might just have been heart broken.

To stretch this sadness, this Z10 started acting up. I hadn’t subscribed for a while, and immediately I did, it started misbehaving. It has shown me the ‘bb error…/20, flat battery with exclamation marks, and gone off and on at will’, just in about 18hours! Gosh, this is a (new) gift, and I’m not happy about this. What’s currently paining me more is that it’s currently working as a telephone: I have to constantly plug it to electricity to continue using it, if I take it out, it goes off! I’m very sad. God, please make things better.
In fact, I’ll just work hard and make the money for a good (i)phone. God!

Anyway, I’m glad this is a new day. I hope it takes away the sorrows of yesterday. I hope I do not ever get anxious for any (trivial) thing. I hope I do not fall prey to good game talkers, and I hope to commit to success.
I’m sad, but it will be better. I will it to be better.
Help me bae, help me. Help your dear bae.
Ma bi nu, contribute to my happiness. Getting some dollars in their hundreds will make some real sense now, I swear! Abeg, consider your bae.
Mmuah! Much kisses and hugs dear.