My World Cup Narrations… 1

First of all, there were the funny comments on my social media timelines:

“Although the goals were not that spectacular, we hope for more action from the Super Eagles. Take more risks. It’s the #WorldCupBut I think they just didn’t wear the right jersey (

>> Right Jersey? Realy? Never knew that could make a difference, Lool!

“Alert Nigerians!!! If you’re in the Russia stadium come to Canopy D. They are sharing food #CRONGA #WorldCup

>> At least some Nigerian Jollof to cool temper, I think, lol! We play too much.

“Well done Messi. God loves a humble beginning! Keep the goals for the semis/final.”

>> I am yet to fathom how this works… lool.

“It’s 2018 and I can’t watch Argentina because of a drizzle. Which way, DSTV???”

>> My friend here wasn’t having it with DSTV, lol!

Then, I shared my match-opinion:

(After the 1st half)

  • First of all, my new Nigerian celebrity fav goes to Abdullahi Shehu (Northern connect please come through)…

>> Guy is so fresh abeg. He was some good distraction for me…

  • Mikel has really impressed me (like very well)…

>> He really did

  • What’s with these Croatians and Moses’s leg? They wan give him injury ni?

>> And he kept falling anyhow: talent everywhere, lol

  • Uzoho?! I’m very much afraid o… it’s not looking good from his end o…

>> And to think they kept mentioning his teenage age of 19 years as a thing to be proud of: if you know, you know.

  • Our boys are doing well, but I’m not liking their style: it’s a bit laid back and uncompetitive…

>> Doing great is what we need o, abeg.

  • I’m not disappointed in Etebo at all: anyhow that goal would have entered…
  • It seems we will really do with some divine intervention (cause our skills are not too all that)…
  • When are the Deutch boys coming: my alternative…

>> I’m really looking forward to the Germans, they did it for me in 2014, I hope they do more!

  • Let’s hope more for the 2nd half!

>> Well, that didn’t go down well too, unfortunately.


(After the 2nd half)

And just like that, Nigeria breaks the record of never losing their first world cup match!

Croatia Goal Keeper is good though! And the entire team did better to be honest, from Start to finish…

Nigerian fans are to extra abeg: too extra with their regalia, too extra with their jubilation, and def too extra with their disappointment (lol): they def. wore their emotions on their sleeves today…

Abeg, who can help us read our observations to our boys? They need to do better biko if not our matches will be fewer than we wish/hope: but if God miraculously intervenes though…

Like seriously, we were way relaxed (in the beginning especially) …

Ehn, who told them to pass all the balls to Moses for scoring purposes? Hmmm… OK sha…

Please, someone help us tell them that this our strategy of “wait and take” (ask me to explain if you want) will not work o! Help us o, bikonu, thank you.

Erm, Abdullahi Shehu is still my fav though…


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Author: dnddyon

I am whom I am. I bring you epistles from my heart, experienced and imagined. I tell it with the most grace I can muster, from a very rewarding and sound perspective. You love to be here.

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