My world cup narration: today’s match

You may want to catch my other narration before you proceed….

First, a few interesting things from my social media timeline:

My new crush: MUSA

>>Musa surely got himself a lot of love today… but in the Nigerian way, I hope it lasts.

“Someone should help me inform MTN that we scored 2 goals not 1”

>> MTN also sent me that annoying text. This brother wasn’t having it though.

“His full name is Amadi chiMUSAram from Umunnachi, Dunukofia, Anambra Central. Popularly known as Ahmed Musa.
Nwanne m o!”

>> Ndi Igbo have already resonated with Musa in a great way: “ChiMUSAram” should mean “God birthed for me”: ‘Genuises’ everywhere, lol.

“Where is our shaku shaku?!?”

>>I saw just a few Shaku from the players-on-bench, at the end of the match. But none from Musa. Why? He doesn’t know to?

“Nigerian pastors are at work. Over the bar!!”


“Henceforth, We play with only one jersey”

>> A lot of people still believe that this jersey worked. How, please? I’m still at a loss.

“Our Tuesday game is key. We need to declare a fast. Lol. Nigeria”

>> Very key!!! I can’t imagine how very ready Argentina is already! But we can, yes we can! We can also like to fast, anything for the win, lol (no lol)!


Then, my comments (I sure did put out a lot of words today!):

I first started with the call for prayers:

Please, let’s take a minute to pray for our goal keeper: that guy seems very dodgy: coordinated now, and uncoordinated a minute later- could it be a function of his 19years though?
pray up guys

And while at it, let’s pray in Wisdom to the minds of our strikers: the wisdom to run and score regardless of Mikel and Moses- cos it may seem as though someone erroneously told them that these two are that great (we should find this person and judge him/her though).

Let us also give thanks that our defence is good- at least, something to thank God for.

Now, we have about 4+hours to lift our hearts in prayers, because, logically speaking, I don give up…

My prediction though- 0:1 against Nigeria. God please help my unbelief and disappoint this prediction, amen.

Happy Super Eagle’s day to us all.
May we laugh last and best!

>> All of this was based off our last match. But I’m very glad our eagles did better! It may seem as though someone is feeding them with our comments. Please whoever you are, thank you and keep it up.

And then, I flashed back:

In the spirit of Flash-Back-Friday, Brazil has won me over in this World Cup. I must confess though that I haven’t watched a lot of the matches (and teams); but out of the much/few I’ve watched, Brazil gave me all the good vibes, and I’m not even “starring” Neymar right now: Marcelo got me glued!!! Silva? Even the young Jesus, and a lot more that I do not remember their names!
The team is good, and I sincerely pray the get to the finals…

>> Neymar though! Why was he falling like that in the match against Costarica? Nawa o! Oke aruruala, lol.

In other news, who else thinks Senegal’s captain is cute (in a weird way, lol)…
And he feels familiar too. Who knows if we’ve met before? Who knows… Someone help!

Happy Super Eagle’s day once again!

>> For real though, with that Senegal player: for real!

Then, Panic set in:

Why is Shehu not playing na? He did great defending in the other game!
I am tired already, confused… but hopeful…
We no get another choice.

But, I sought hope:

It seems the temperature is in our favour: 30+degrees…
Naija, abeg o!
Na beg we dey!

>> indeed, I thought the weather was in our favour with that temperature.

But, panic won’t let go:

These Iceland-ers are not smiling though!
With their strong body frames!
Oluwa bikokwa!
Fear don dey catch me already!

Well, I enjoyed the match regardless and had a few to say after the first half:

My few things:
We’re doing better, let’s make it great (1).
Only Musa seems to want this win badly, why na? (2).
Sweat on black skin looks fine on my screen; is this a thing? (3)
Uzoho has been alright: God answering our earlier prayers. (4).

The game dikwa nwa intense!
We’re still hopeful.
We need to put more uchu!!!

And Musa scored:

I said it! Only Musa wants this goal…
And he got it, thank God!

After the game:

Na who born this Musa?!
Nigga be on da point!!!

Congratulations Naija, and it was indeed a happy Supper Eagle’s day to us!!!

And I saw Timi jubiliating:

I saw Timi Dakolo there o, lol!

And had a few other things to say:

My other few things:
Musa no fit Shaku? He deserved some good Shaku! (1)

We have a good team: we did better, thankfully, and Uzoho wasn’t too dodgy today, thank God (2)

Besides Musa, no other player wants to score goal? Nawa o! (3).

Our boys are good, we just need ginger, drive, zeal and a strong desire to win… so far we have a greater zeal not to loose, but to win, we need the zeal (4).

We can do it, even though I know Argentina is right now planning to use us to shine, but o well (5).

For now, let’s bask in the victory.

Lest I forget, our boys improved a lot. Did anybody show them our social media posts?

Happy Super Eagle’s day to everyone once again: whether for or against! Musa made you proud!

 Then there were some very futuristic fans, I dare say:

These fans in Hard Rock Cafe should better calm down…
Which one is “we’re bringing the cup home”?
Make God help us o!
Abeg o!

The way this World Cup is going, a seemingly regular team may win. No one is joking! Every game is intense. Teams are doing better with each game. No one is taking the fall.

I wish the eagles the best. They can, I sincerely hope they do.

Meanwhile, catch me on Twitter and Instagram… I’d be screen-grabiing some Facebook comments on the go: engage me.

Happy Super Eagle’s day, everyone!



Author: dnddyon

I am whom I am. I bring you epistles from my heart, experienced and imagined. I tell it with the most grace I can muster, from a very rewarding and sound perspective. You love to be here.

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