My world cup narration: The rest of the things I said…

Kindly read my 1st, 2nd and 3rd narration before proceeding with this read.

… from my social media postings (to what I think about them):

In “quotes” are my social media comments, and my thoughts about these comments are in italics… Enjoy!

“I’m definitely not a ‘hater’, and I especially do not hate your FIFA man crushes, GOATS or whatever you choose to call them. I’m just glad that we can have some good breath of fresh air…”

>> let’s just say that I was glad that FIFA got themselves new “children” in this season… The world is not just for one kind of people after all, lol.

“Special Shout-Out to the person that advised me to support Mexico in this World Cup, that they will go far…
I see you bro, I see you…
You don try…”

>> This is why it’s good to find your own reasons for doing things, lol.

“I’ve been meaning to get something straight for some days now…
So, Rodriguez was actually swapped on that Col/Sen match day for his own health sake? Cos of injury issues? (1a).
So, why did he now stomp out so violently like the world had wronged him? (1b).
Very importantly, why are Fifa-Children so spoilt?! (2).”

>> I have realized that ‘FIFA CHILDREN’ usually feel very entitled, lol.

“And now that our World Cup drama king has gone, who will now be giving us the different styles of fall and roll?
I sincerely will miss the multi talented Brazilians.”

>> I was so sad for Brazil. I felt they worked so hard…

“Firstly, who can help to teach me that Umtiti’s dance style/step… that step seems good enough to give Shaku a run for its money!
Secondly, who else is wondering if Nigeria will not just kuku hire J.J as coach with all that football intelligence he’s been spitting on SuperSports…
Thirdly, who else thinks England and France are playing the finals? (even though I kinda wish Belgium & England will play again, cos they appeared not to have taken that group stage match seriously…)

Anyway, after Sunday, all of us go find another topic to talk about….
Who knows: maybe the already ongoing Wimbledon or the IAAF league…”

>> I’ve been trying ro practice that Umtiti’s dance, and I have been loving the IAAF league…

“Dele Alli sounds Nigerian, and Sterling is such a fine boy”

>> Nigerians are everywhere! And some of my male friends judged my “taste-in-men” for considering a fellow man handsome… Imagine, lol?!

“The way my fellow Nigerians are supporting Croatia sha; you people did not support Argentina like that o, and they did the same thing to you, literally… lol “

>> I couldn’t understand ‘Nigerian-Croatians’; I felt they were unjust to easily ‘forgive’ Croatia for the same ‘crime’ they couldn’t ‘forgive’ Argentina about… I figured it had a lot to do with the Croatian president, lol.

“These commentators sha know how to shout in high blood pressure into somebody, tufiakwa!

>> Commentators should be dreaded: their screams can be anxiety laden!

“Good one, Nepa. Unu agbaliala… alarming people… mtchew. “

>> Nepa (PHCN) became an undoing for me during this Word Cup season.

“My own is that these commentators should calm down and let us watch this match in peace…”

>> maybe “shouting” anxiety into viewers is a requirement for the commentating art… Someone told me it was “part of the fun” after all.

“So, who’s getting lucky tonight?
By the way that own-goal reminds me of Croatia’s first match with Nigeria…”

>> I had always felt strongly that the winner of this world cup wouldn’t be by over-zealousness/’ginger’, but I’m glad that the most ‘ginger’ (ditto, ‘hardworking’) team also made it to the finals…

“I like this Perisic’s Croatian goal… It was well calculated/done… reminds me of Musa… “

>> maybe, I just wanted to imagine that Nigeria was in the finals, lol. But Musa was  good!

“I’m watching this World Cup finals with a mad woman o! Someone please come and save me…
She’s more Croatian than the Croatians right now, and she’s shouting my head off so much so that I’m beginning to prefer the commentators’ nearly unwelcome ginger…

>> my friend wouldn’t let me hear word… and she really got emotional when her ‘fav’ team couldn’t win.

“My dear Nigerian-Croatians, I’m not against you people o…
But if these Croatians don’t calm down, France will use luck and win this…

But then again, something is telling me that I’d benefit something if France wins…
P.S: all my French friends please take note…”

>> I was relatively indifferent about the winner until this point. I felt it strongly that the Croatians were doing several things wrongly…

J.J Okocha is alright!”

>> I absolutely enjoyed his entire sport analysis (on SuperSports) during this world cup season: I was so proud of him, ‘repping’ the Green White Green ‘fam’ real good!

“This Nepa people have to be Croatians! They have interrupted the match… but no, they can’t stop the shine… LMAO

>> It happened in the 81st minute or so… ‘haterz’, no mind them, lol!

“Anything for your French friend? “

>> I’m still believing that the French communities around will treat this Nigerian fan well for her love and support [and hope faileth not!], yeah.

“Please, who else found Pogba very annoying during the victory celebration/award?”

>> I kept asking myself, why the hassle really? No be only one goal “you” score? I know winning isn’t easy and scoring a goal isn’t too, but you would think he won the golden boot or something: man was PROUDING (and I was pissed, lol).

“By the way, it was nice seeing Ronaldinho again!
He seems to be doing alright.”

>> To think that he was once the star of FIFA moments! Life sure goes around in seasons.

And that should be a wrap from my World Cup narrations. Did you enjoy them? Let me know down the comment section. Also, tag me on Instagram and Twitter to/with (hilarious) World Cup posts from around the world.

I would live to hear from you, thank you!


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