What has happened since the decision to pray for my husband?

>> Before we resume, let’s take a minute to celebrate this blog: today’s my WordPress anniversary… 5years ago, today, I did my first post after thinking about it for many days… Story about me and overthinking things will come later… So, happy 5years to speakingdnd.wordpress.com , which has now changed names from Sweet Baby Speaks to @dnddyon’s, and which has now changed from an anonymous blog to a personal blog (we are coming out ‘small-small’, haha)! Many blessings and many greater exploits! You shall excel for ever!

So, what has happened since my decision to pray for my husband? I’ve done about 10 rounds, ranging from tabling my fears/anxieties about/towards this man to projecting my hopes and expectations in his favour and in favour of our relationship. 10 rounds also mean that I’ve not been very consistent as it’s been over 10 days since I made the decision. But I’m very much committed to remaining and growing in this journey…

Honestly, I’ve been swamped a lot with busy-ness these days that I’ve sincerely lost track of other legitimate things also worthy of doing… but thankfully, I’m now committed (again, even more fiercely, I dare say) to being in charge of my days/life and being responsible and not allowing it get swamped in busy-ness, as there will always be some deadline to meet- always! So, I’m taking it from where it should begin: I and God in the beginning, and every other thing following, so that I get to do everything else that I have to do, including sharing my stories with you.

Something beautiful however happened since my decision to pray for the husband: I met someone- not the Mr., but some lovely woman who has helped me pace myself somewhat practically with this journey to knowing/seeing/finding the Mr., and who also believes that this Mr. is someone I already know… It’s been very interesting and practical- we’ve done a lot of interesting assignments- some of which I considered vain and out of character for me, but of which I did regardless and also submitted in time!

>> If you know me in person, and send me a Private Chat (PC) (nicely), I COULD share ONE ‘vain’ experience with you…

I’m however grateful for meeting this woman, more grateful for how it happened, and most grateful for the fruits that this meeting has borne- she was, and still is, an answer to my prayers. What is however interesting is that we didn’t know this immediately. It started as a random conversation: we disagreed, albeit politely, on a post in a Whatsapp group, and then took it to PC so as to really talk about our points of disagreements and gain understanding from each other. It was a conversation that I was almost certain that the right point to stand with was where I stood and was consequently taken aback to find someone standing on the other end so tenaciously; thus, I was really willing to learn about  her reasons for standing so, which I did, and for which I respect her for. But what was interesting was that at the end of the lengthy (now personal) conversation via PC, I realized that we simply had to meet because of me and not because of her stories…

>> A lot more to say about this, but I’d just cut it short with this: the answers to your prayers are very within reach even though they may not originally look like it

I know this should have made a better blog title, haha… but you see, all of this happened since I decided to start praying for my husband… because, what I left out in this story is the fact that that conversation on our Whatsapp group kinda ensued after I had shared on the same whatsapp group my lengthy narrative of praying for my husband.

So, what decision do you have to take right now to speed up the answers to your prayers?

All the very best to you!

I am @dnddyon on Insta and Twitter (in case you’ll like to hook up with me)

Also, let me know in the comments what you think… Share with friends, let me know what they think too… let’s have Prayer-Answering conversations together.

If there’s anything at all that you’ll like me to talk about, also let me know; I could take up the challenge.

God bless us all.


Author: dnddyon

I am whom I am. I bring you epistles from my heart, experienced and imagined. I tell it with the most grace I can muster, from a very rewarding and sound perspective. You love to be here.

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