We tarry here!

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith.[a]Because of the joy[b] awaiting him, he endured the cross, disregarding its shame. Now he is seated in the place of honor beside God’s throne.Think of all the hostility he endured from sinful people;[c] then you won’t become weary and give up. (Heb. 12: 1-3. NLT).

NKJV reads it thus, “let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus,”

Fam, the work is real:

  1. Putting aside every weight that slows us down (or holds us back, according to The Living Bible) and sin that ensnares us!
  2. Let us run with endurance!
  3. Looking unto Jesus (as per our super role model) [who endured the hardship on the way because of the reward ahead, and has now won the victory]!

If you are anything like me, the desire to call it quits has come up o so often and you’re almost always sure you’re not doing again (whatever it is that is seemingly tasking at the moment). Thank God for the reminder that we have a cloud of witnesses that have gone ahead of us! Thank God that we are not alone in this. Thank God that we can be encouraged to put aside all distractions (including tiredness and feel bads), and run with endurance, the race set before us…

Hab 2:3 promises that though it lingers (and even becomes annoying so oft, lol), it won’t delay. So? Tarry! Tarrying requires determination!

Be determined to win! Tarry here and there and wherever else you have to!

I will do same!

May God continue to strengthen us!


The devil is a Liar!

When I started my post about Journey back to the Center, I had only just wanted to encourage myself as I returned back to my faith in God, in refocusing on him alone. I mentioned here how I had started to have trust issues with God at some point. But as I was just reading this post, it dawned on me how much I had unknowingly let the enemy win! Imagine having trust issues with God, how then do I win the battle of life, please? That’s all of the battle lost already at one go!

The devil is a liar fam, and he’s at work! But thank God Jesus has already won the victory! So, we equally get back to work! We arise again and fight for our faith, and fight till the finish line!

He sows seeds of doubt, of fear, of confusion: “Did God say?” Then, you start to doubt your self and second guess your God. The devil is a liar indeed, but thank God for sure victory; so we stay winning. We fall? We arise and continue.

We stay joyful, we stay winning, we stay faithful, we stay Godly! We say no to the devil and all of his strategies! We stay alert to God and to his victory!

And you know one good way? Not neglecting the gathering of fellow believers! So that once you are down, another can pull you up, directly or indirectly. Thank you, E for this post, thanks for sharing.

Thank you, Jesus!

Journey back to the Center (2)

I wasn’t even planning on writing any sequel. But since I can keep sharing, why not?

For God?

Without even knowing it, I had become this person who would no longer only do things for God to bless her. People have taken so much advantage of me, I will convince myself; so, no more. I would look out for myself and will be sure I was first safe, always, before doing for people. I was saying no to emotional trauma, after all, and was right by my own standing. But guess where that plunged me into? Trust issues with God.

Yes, with God!

I went from this all believing, God-just-say-the-word-and-I’m-doing-it-right-away-girl to some new God-you’ll-have-to-prove-to-me-that-I’m-safe-before-I’m-doing-this-girl. And actually, it was just one ‘bad’ experience that plunged me into all of this o. I’m the type of person that learns her lessons the first time. Once is usually enough for me to get it. But this time around, I didn’t realize that I was doing myself in by myself, so I ‘saved myself’ and missed out on all of the God adventure…


But thank God for the realization of how empty these past months have been without the thrill of God at the center: of doing things with the focus on ‘for him to bless you’ (even if that’s all you eventually get). It’s been frustrating, to be honest, these past months of looking out for myself: so much hard work with little/no results… Because, guess what, it didn’t stop no one from taking advantage, lol…

So, I’m gladly back again, to doing it for God, and trusting that he’ll carry me through whenever the strength fails me, which is looking like every day.

I am also trusting/praying/hoping that I will be fine learning to trust God again, and not have to constantly give God that stare of are-you-still-here-with-me-though?

That I will consistently give it all up to him yet again (and still be fine). It feels painful and I don’t even know why. It should be fine, shouldn’t it?






Journey back to the Center

So, I found myself realizing how much I have allowed myself to become so overwhelmed by every other thing except the main thing: my relationship with God.

It was not sudden. It gradually became the norm to think of myself first; to catch up with me- what next/career etc… Good stuff, very much, which can, however, never replace the main thing: my relationship with God.

I’m glad for the current teaching series on (a relationship with) the Holy Spirit (in my church) and for how much I have become aware of how distant I have become from this ever needed daily relationship. It is as bad as I have for instance, totally forgotten about rewards that will be given in heaven in honor of the works we’ve done on earth for Christ’s sake… I was nearly ashamed at this realisation.

But I’m grateful for my commitment at returning and staying and growing from the center: from my relationship with God, and more grateful for God himself who always brings us back to himself regardless of how far we’ve gone.

The hope that never fails

If we believe in God, then we should know that hope in him does not fail, but that any who has lost hope in him has lost everything. We shouldn’t ever live in hopelessness. We are of God, and since God is our portion, we have hope that all things will work together for our good, no matter how dark the paths may appear. It doesn’t mean that we will not feel overwhelmed at times, it doesn’t also mean that we will always have it all figured out. But it means that we have faith that God will surely come through for us. In fact, we have faith that God has already come through for us in Christ Jesus, and that we only have to believe and to open up to receive. This is our hope. It therefore means that we approach God with our burdens in the faith that he that has called us is able to relieve us.

So, when next the going seems tough; when next we are at our wits’ end; when next we are exhausted ; when next giving up seems to be the easiest option, let us allow God to rekindle our flame of hope. Let us let hope pull us through. Let us believe that he who has said it will bring it to pass. We have a God who cannot lie. Since he sent the sun to shine by day, and the moon, by night; since he sent forth man to dominate and multiply, he has never gone back on his word.

So, what is it that is deeply depressing you? What is it that is eating you up? Believe that God has already finished that situation, just ask to be shown how to go about it. He’ll show you how to pull through, because that’s what he does. He doesn’t ask us to hope in vain. If we dare to believe. If we only but try. Even if our faith is as small as a mustard seed, we can still utilise it in that same size to hope for the best in every situation.

So, the very next time you’re tempted to throw in the towel, don’t do it. Remember that someone has got you, and only needs you to dare to believe in him. This someone is God. If he made the heavens and the earth. If he created all that is seen and unseen, then, our hope in him is sure to be rewarded. Tough times may come, but people who chose to believe in God through it will persist, and will come out better and stronger.

So, let us always dare to hope in him that never fails.
God bless us all

Unrealized Help

I offered some essential services to a person, but the person may never realize. While bracing up to the fact that this person may never realize, I ‘realized’ that in the same manner, I haven’t [and may not ever] realize(d) the entire essentials that God/the Holy Spirit, or even fellow human beings cover(s) for me. It also dawned on me that while I may have considerable priorities that i constantly seek to conquer, without most of these unrealized essential help, my priorities may be unable to come through. I am thus encouraged to keep being/providing that essential help that may never be realized, especially, on behalf of all that I have [and I am yet to] receive(d).


If you grew up in Owerri, you may have noticed a gradual residential shift in family/home building. For instance, for those in their 50s/60s, the popular residential areas while growing up were most likely around/within Douglas/Wethral . For those in their 30s/40s, they were most likely around/within Okigwe road/Ikenegbu/Aladinma/Prefab. For young children and teens, it appears to be around/within New Owerri.

For those not familiar with Owerri, you may compare it with what you know to check if there is a match. Something similar to this residential shift can also be found in changes in popular styles of infrastructure across many years; popular fashion styles and other popular practices.

This points to the fact that seasons change and many other precious stuff  are not usually constant. In essence, as much as we can, “vanity” should be left as “vanity” [and never upgraded beyond that].


The Bible

I read Matthew 16 from The Message bible and some words from Jesus so struck me that I had to blog …

V25- ‘don’t run from suffering; embrace it.’… How? Response: ‘… follow me and I’ll show you how.’

So, how do I follow him? Response: by letting him lead… V24- ‘… anyone who intends to come with me has to let me lead.’

Want to know how to let him lead? simply invite him, ‘then hand over every every as the oga @ the top…’ And his leading is awesome.

ok. Another striking thing:

V26- ‘ what kind of deal is it to get everything you want but loose yourself? what could you ever trade your soul for?’… Real life most dreaded question… to me as well…

V27- ‘ don’t be in such a hurry to go into business for yourself. Before you know it the son of man will arrive with all the splendor of his father accompanied by an army of angels’

well, what should I do when its very obvious that the society cares less about me? who does the me-business?

well, He sure does, with or without my acknowledgement… and I’m grateful… and he’s a good husbandman, a good care taker and lovely leader

(contd)’… you’ll get everything you have coming to you, a personal gift.’… that’s his promise… his good word

Hope you’re blessed by the bible? The very living word of God!