Knowing Wura… 1

He was sure he was never going to be pre-occupied with marriage again. He had his life filled with his daughters, work, church and the memory of his late wife until Wura became his student and changed everything. She was his ever ambitious project student. She would call up at all hours to make sure she was on the right track and will critically review all his corrections with all her “don’t you think this and that…” He soon found it easy and natural leading her. They would go through difficulties together until they reached a resolution. He loved her resilience. She would never give up. “There has to be a way” she would always say. And easily, he always found himself joining her in discovering those ways, and they always won! And in the same vein, they won the best award of the faculty and of all science projects of the year: the ground breaking Masters project of the year! She was glad. He was proud, more for whom she became through the process. And he went to bed that night glad that in supervising this ever bustling girl in her science project, his deadened quest for more became reawakened. She had helped him stretch again, something he had forgotten to do since losing his wife. He had naturally abandoned pursuing more when she died. That part of him died with her, and he was content with it. Nothing was worth it any more, he had believed. He wouldn’t as much as desire a little more: he was after all a renowned science professor with ground breaking research projects in his quiver. He had two beautiful daughters, and his church family- his real support system since becoming single again. He was thus grateful; God had been there after all, letting him move past his wife’s death. He no longer asked God why. 10 years later, he had become content with the need not too. So, as he smiled at the award and at the potential stretches that Wura brought along with her project work, he knew it was time for more. His ambition had returned. He felt it in his gut, and he turned in thanks to God for the new season. “I never knew I could do more again…” he sprawled.

And while he prayed, Wura’s smile flashed through his heart and confused him back to his feet. What were they doing there?


Becoming Undone

“It was her hair that got him to marry her?”

“How magical was the hair?”

“Isn’t that supposed to be so trivial… here today and gone tomorrow?”

“People must really be getting married for very crazy reasons!”

And she continued to consider the funny details of the story she had  just heard- about the man whose reason for choosing a bride was because she had the loveliest hair ever…

“But then, what if there was more to what he had revealed?”

“What if it was more than the hair?”

“Perhaps she was equally good, and smart, and tender hearted…?”

“How did the story teller even get to know these details?”

And she pondered some more, concluding that it really wasn’t her business, nor in her place to determine people’s reasons for their choices. She could pray instead for the man and his marriage, but she chose not to, preferring that people learnt to accept the consequences of their choices.

But then she began to look inwards, to ask herself if she wasn’t equally currently making any choice that people would consider insane. Her recent desire to relocate houses suddenly hit her, and she began to ask herself new questions- why really did she prefer this new place? Yes, it was beautiful and serene and of a good neighbourhood; but was there anything more substantial? She began to remember her uncle’s insistence that she finds a solid reason for house relocation or to remain in her current habitation.  She had fought with him, and accused him for lacking good taste in good things. She had let him know that she’d feel better and gain more in this new place she intended to move into. But her uncle had insisted that one could feel, and actually be better living anywhere, and being “of a good neighbourhood” shouldn’t be her (or anyone else’s) primary reason for shifting base. He had asked her to come up with written substantial reasons or forget about moving base. She had ignored him, primarily because she could very much afford the house without his assistance.  But she loved her uncle, and very much respected his wisdom, and in the light of this story of the man who she learnt had married because of the hair of a woman, whom she had also almost despised, she began to consider the fact that she may equally be in the same boat with him in this her desire to relocate houses just for the sake of convenience.

She subconsciously began to utter prayers for guidance over her choices, and surprisingly, over the man she had no idea who he was, whom she had also initially refused to pray for. She then realized the great blessings of having people like her uncle who would always stick their head out to see to the betterment of other humans. She began to appreciate him the more, and decided to sit in that day and produce a list of substantial reasons why she would (or not) be shifting base.


Out of the web

He first saw it live on his aunt’s computer screen. She had always lived with his family, and after she had realized that she shared the same (weird) hobby with him, she had begun to draw him closer to herself. They both loved studying. She first noticed the traces in his curiosity as a growing boy. He would ask her all sorts of questions that she considered more than his age. She had first discouraged him and explained that such behavior would make him to be tagged as a nerd and to become an object of caricature by/for his peers. She however realized that it was a passion that he could hardly control (like hers) then, she began to encourage that habit. She would invite him into her room to study when she was, and afterwards, they would discuss the key points from their study material. Whenever his siblings’ play disturbed his study time in his own room, she would invite him into her room to evade such distractions. After a while of observing him and concluding that he had no pilfering habits, she granted him access to her room in her absence.

One solo study day in his aunt’s room, he grew tired of serious study and wanted something a bit unserious and entertaining. He mopped around for anything that would catch his attention, but nothing seemed forthcoming. He dived on the bed to rest a while as an alternative and as he bounced on the pillow, a novel flew up. He was about to return the book to its position when the cover caught his attention. He had seen his classmates exchange novels with such covers but was never really interested in finding out what they were all about. He considered them too unserious for his taste. This day was different. He was ready to engage any unserious stuff; especially something from his beloved aunt’s room.

As he flipped the pages, it got more interesting. He was excited about the sensual descriptions he met on the pages of the book. It was his first time coming across such. He had never really considered that his body could work in the way that was being described. Nothing that was taught in his biology class really prepared him for this experience. He got to what he considered to be the core of the book: the description of the coitus, and that was when he caught himself wishing he was the man being described in the book. As his insides swelled with excitement, he heard footsteps approaching the door. He quickly returned the book to its position and returned to his serious study position. His life had however, already began to change.

His reasons for solo study moments in his aunt’s room began to change. His mind had begun to wander and to imagine all sorts of sensuality even at odd times. Whenever his aunt stepped out, he would neatly search her room for more unserious stuff. Initially, he wouldn’t find any, which frustrated him. He however learnt to put his frustrations to good use. He would pen down his own fantasies and read them instead. He also began to steal some glances from his friends’ exchanges at school. It gradually stopped being about the love stories between the characters of the book. It became more about the accompanying sexual experiences and about broadening his sexual fantasies. As he kept penning down his growing fantasies, he became less interested in the novels such that when he finally found a couple of them lying around in his aunt’s room, they could no longer match up to his expectations. He soon started to wonder if this wasn’t too much for his fourteen years, so he decided to pedal down a little bit. But it was already late: he couldn’t easily let go.

One day, his aunt had asked him to help her assess some serious stuff on her laptop. He had afterwards, diverted to mopping around his aunt’s system. He found his first video there and naturally preferred it to the novels. So he watched some more. He also memorized the computer’s password and would assess it whenever it was available for more.

The end drew near on the same day he considered himself a genius. His aunt had naturally first called him a genius because of his smart mind. His family had learnt to call him the same and would challenge him to several smart questions beyond his age, of which he never failed. He however considered their reasons very normal and wouldn’t address himself as such. He would only address himself as a genius after he had successfully innovated some serious stuff. So, on the day he saw it live for the first time on his aunt’s screen… the day he saw a clip exactly as one of his penned down fantasies, he accepted the genius title, but he was too afraid to be excited. It suddenly felt wrong. He knew this wasn’t any of the innovations he had aspired towards. This was solely supposed to be unserious stuff. So, it got him very worried and ashamed. As he closed his aunt’s computer, he began to panic. For the first time ever, he felt like a failure. He felt like reaching out for help but couldn’t share with anybody. He felt chained. As he walked out in shame, he bumped into his father.

It was his shivering that caught his father’s attention. As his father asked if all was well with him, he wished for the floor to open and swallow him up. He couldn’t look his father in the face so he bent his head and said nothing. Throughout that day’s dinner, he was morose and didn’t hear his mother ask him a smart question. While his siblings celebrated that their brother wasn’t that much of a genius, the elderly family members knew that something wasn’t really right.

The elderly ones were right because as the father walked across his son’s room later that night, he heard him sobbing. He listened closely and heard him ripping some papers. Confused, he tapped the door. After much silence, the father tapped the door again, and then tried the door knob. It was locked and the silence grew. Out of fear, his father jacked the door open. He found his son drowning himself in his bath tub.

After his return from the hospital, he explained his shame and fears to the elderly family members. His aunt felt bad and soon moved out of their house. His mother felt shocked and wouldn’t speak to anybody. His father however felt glad: glad for the chance to school his son that he was still normal and hadn’t really disappointed the family; glad for the opportunity to let his son know that he was just in the right phase of his teen life; and glad for the opportunity to be able to guide his own son through life experiences and disappointments.

Expectations… 2

revamped version…


Kindly check out the first part of this story before continuing.

My name is Zara and I like living as simply and as straight forward as possible. I hardly have the time to deal with complicated lifestyles, and I expect everyone to be able to at least, respect themselves and other people’s choices.

In taking up the opportunity of helping Ptem Company build their client base, I was looking forward to linking up with a lot of professionals and to expanding my network of friends in the process.  I however, did not expect that anyone would as much as verbally despise me for my style, especially, not a high ranking professional. You can thus, imagine my shock when Zite gave me such a ‘rude welcome’ to the company. At first I thought it was an expensive joke, and was willing to let it slide, and just casually remind him not to run sarcastic…

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an updated… and intense version


My name is Zite, and just so you know, I’m a good catch. I’m as good as they come. I am the complete T.D.H package, and very loaded… you know. I am even the envy of my friends.

That should be a joke, please.

But you see, I’m very grateful for my current state in life. I have a beautiful wife; actually, the wife of my dreams. She’s tall, pretty, beautifully complexioned, adorned with some lovely skin, well curved and oh so physically blessed. She’s homely, kind and has that  ever enviable 10/10 taste in fashion. I love her. We have two lovely kids and I’m grateful. I just wish she’d be a little bit more.

It wasn’t made to come out like that, I’m sorry. I just want some more. That’s what I mean. Don’t get me wrong, my wife is perfect in her own way. At least, from what I’ve…

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Lara And Seun 15


Catch Lara and Seun 14 before you proceed.


‘So adorable’ Seun whispered to a resplendently dressed Lara as she cat-walked to his car. She blushed at his complement, shy to look into his eyes. And basking in his ability to move her insides in such a sweet manner, he complemented her some more as she took her seat.

‘You look good yourself’ she managed to utter, still avoiding his gaze, and he realized that only little effort was actually needed to soften her. While she blushed all over, he took some more time to take in and appreciate her beauty.

‘Are we going to spend the day in the car?’ she smiled coyly, reminding him to move the car.

‘Is this the place?’ Lara grunted as Seun stopped in front of a huge unfinished building. He grinned slyly at her and she almost lost her peace. She would have just worn slacks or something if Seun was planning a community service instead of a date. Why waste her time looking beautiful to be brought to a place with workers on every window pane, nailing one thing or the other. He didn’t still reply her, but drove in as the gates were opened for him.

He laughed as he drove in, because Lara’s emotional expressions were beyond his expectations. He knew that she would be shocked and annoyed, but he never expected that she’d be ready to go mad. Her aghast-mouth, heaving chest, squinting eyes, and the way she sporadically hit the glove compartment amused him.

‘You dare not… ‘ she tried to resist, but it was too late. Her anger was starting to be melted by amazement as he drove further inside.

Inside of the compound looked nothing like the tall uncompleted building shooting out in the front of it. He had expected this sudden change of mood, so he smiled as she took in the scent of the freshly mowed lawns, and admired the beautifully carved plants. There was a lot of artistic touch to every part of the field, and it pleased her.

As he drove into a parking lot, she smiled at him, apologizing for fuming earlier on. She slid into his side and let him help her walk out of the white pebbles that filled the drive way. Seun didn’t mind holding her in that position either, and they walked together that way, arms around each others’ waist.

‘This place is beautiful, thank you’ she whispered to him.

‘And you were about to kill me for something nice’ he smiled.

‘I don’t mean that building jo’ she laughed, pinching his side, and he joined in the laughter.

‘Wow! An artificial lake? Very lovely!’ Lara exhaled in glee, and Seun prod himself on the back for scoring very high in sweeping her off her feet.

‘Yeah, let’s check it out’ he replied calmly as though he wasn’t excited by her response, and walked her towards it. He loved that she had let him lead her along since they arrived, and that she had been blown by the beautiful sight surrounding them.

He had come here almost every day, for weeks, to plan this outing with the help of his boss, the owner of the place. The man was a blessing to him for giving him this place at no cost. From the moment he knew about Lara, the man had nagged him everyday to marry her, and on a particular day, when he couldn’t stay calm about his nagging anymore, he had blurted out that he should give him some money so that the ceremony would be done. The boss had taken him seriously, and gave him the place to use. When he first brought him to this place, he was like Lara, ticked off by the front building. But by the time he had taken some walk round the compound, he knew that it was the perfect place for their first formal date, even though his boss meant to give it to him as his wedding venue.

‘How come they let flowers litter this path?’ Lara asked, and Seun shrugged as though he didn’t understand her question. But as they walked further along the path, she observed that the floor was actually decorated with different flower petals in a catchy sequence. She looked closely and noticed that the petals were used to inscribe something on the ground.

‘They actually wrote something with them’ she pointed Seun to the floor, giggling, and he nodded in agreement, still acting like he didn’t know what she was talking about.

‘My feet hurts’ she whispered to Seun, and he was grateful that it had only begun to hurt- he imagined that she could carry on for the little more distance left.

‘We’re almost there’ he soothed, and helped her up to a high marble stone in front of them. Then he beckoned on her to turn towards the path they had just walked through.

‘I said it, they were writing something with those leaves!’ she giggled.

‘Yeah, right. Let’s read what is written’ he smiled, and they began to read:





She immediately covered her mouth with her hands on realizing what she had just read. Then, stepped down from the stone, went back to the beginning of the first letter on the floor, and lingered through the words, releasing soft tears, forgetting about her hurting feet. He didn’t know that she would start to melt at this point. He had some other plans ahead, plus, the camera men were also stationed ahead and not here. So, he got down to her level, let her cry a bit on his shoulders, then walked her ahead.

‘Oh no!’ She shrieked and fell into him, closing her ears with her hands as they stepped on a button and triggered an alarm. But he assured her that all was fine. And indeed, all was fine, because immediately, her favourite song began to play, exciting her.

‘Wow! Can you hear that?’ She yelled, screaming, singing and dancing along with the record. Seun smiled, and joined in her happiness.

As they sang, and Lara recklessly abandoned her consciousness, Seun’s guys appeared behind them, from where they were positioned, set a diner-table for 2, and disappeared again. So, when the song finished playing, Lara felt she was hallucinating when she saw the set table.

‘Oh, I’m famished!’ Seun said and moved towards the table with her, ignoring and smiling at her confusion.

‘What will you like to have?’ He asked, picking the menu card in front of him, and Lara just stared until he beckoned her to pick hers as well.

But what was in hers was different:


She read it repeatedly to herself, then gently closed it, and looked up at Seun. But Seun was no more in sight. Some guys were rather standing and smiling in front of her- some carrying food, others ready for photo and video coverage.

Then she looked around, and found Seun kneeling on both knees beside her with a lovely engagement ring!

‘Oh my God, Seun?!’ She shrieked as she dragged him up from the floor, but flash from cameras had already begun to blind her eyes.

‘Say Yes’ he pleaded with his eyes, holding unto her.

‘I can’t think about it?’ She whispered, and he nodded in disagreement.

She laughed, and said ‘Yes’, and he whisked her up and flung her about in glee.

When he dropped her she reminded him that he hadn’t given her the ring. Laughing at his slip, he went back to the ground with both knees.

‘It’s one knee’ she teased, and he corrected himself, pulled her to sit on the ‘spare’ knee, and slid the ring to her fingers.

‘Awww’ she cried and hugged him tightly, granting the camera guys some good sight.

(… And that is the end of ‘Solomon Grundy’, as Lara and Seun continue their lives outside this blog… Lol)

Thanks lovely people, for waiting, and loving it!!!

Lovely end, right? I guessed so!!!

He has a Side Chick……

This is real!
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Side Chick, Mistress, The other woman; She is that girl who shares your man or worse enjoys your man more than you do. . She is the one your man pings early in the morning just to tell her “Good Morning Beautiful”. When he is with her, he is this cool guy who knows all the cool joints in town, they both sing along to Dorobucci on the radio. She is the one he takes along when he goes on business trips. It is just more convenient, she doesn’t have to think of who to leave her children with, besides she is more fun, she is the one he does acrobatic sex with, the girl who has enough time and energy to match his libido. You on the other hand are the wife, the one he has “married sex” with – the ” flam-bam-bam-yawn-are we done yet” type.

Yes he…

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