We tarry here!

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith.[a]Because of the joy[b] awaiting him, he endured the cross, disregarding its shame. Now he is seated in the place of honor beside God’s throne.Think of all the hostility he endured from sinful people;[c] then you won’t become weary and give up. (Heb. 12: 1-3. NLT).

NKJV reads it thus, “let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus,”

Fam, the work is real:

  1. Putting aside every weight that slows us down (or holds us back, according to The Living Bible) and sin that ensnares us!
  2. Let us run with endurance!
  3. Looking unto Jesus (as per our super role model) [who endured the hardship on the way because of the reward ahead, and has now won the victory]!

If you are anything like me, the desire to call it quits has come up o so often and you’re almost always sure you’re not doing again (whatever it is that is seemingly tasking at the moment). Thank God for the reminder that we have a cloud of witnesses that have gone ahead of us! Thank God that we are not alone in this. Thank God that we can be encouraged to put aside all distractions (including tiredness and feel bads), and run with endurance, the race set before us…

Hab 2:3 promises that though it lingers (and even becomes annoying so oft, lol), it won’t delay. So? Tarry! Tarrying requires determination!

Be determined to win! Tarry here and there and wherever else you have to!

I will do same!

May God continue to strengthen us!


On The Burj Al Arab

Last week, when I visited a friend, she convinced me to watch a documentary on the construction of the Burj Al Arab hotel… and I told her that I wasn’t interested, but later, (in her absence) I watched it, and I learned a lot!
And decided to share.

Very briefly, the Burj Al Arab is ‘the 7star’ Dubai hotel that was constructed on an artificial island between 1994 and 1999- both the island and the hotel took 5years to build.

My lessons:

  1. God is no respecter of persons!

Whatever your tribe or religion, his blessing is all out for you already, if you seek it, you’ll find it, and he won’t stop you from having it.
One big thing that pushed this point home for me was when, during the early stages of construction, a heavy disastrous storm that Dubai hadn’t witnessed in ages arrived, and ‘shook’ their structure.
To me, that was God guiding them to plan for the worst, and they did! They re-strategized and got back into business.

  1. Having a lot of options isn’t always right!

One thing that tripped me in that video was the fact that everybody involved in erecting this building, stuck to one option- producing an iconic/symbolic statement for Dubai!
And when Tom Wright, the architect behind the building, drew the ‘Sail of a Dhow'(A Dhow is a type of Arabian sailing vessel) as the working piece for the Burj, he stuck by it, even when his team mates debated against it!
And everybody thenceforth, worked hard and got the Burj to actually represent ‘a sail of a Dhow’. Impressive, right?

  1. Be ready to be inspired!

In the video, Tom Wright wanted to give something that could easily ‘sit-out’ with Paris’ Eiffel Tower, or Egypt’s Pyramids. He wanted a world monument, and one day(after many days of thinking), while sailing on the Dhow with his team mates, it got windy, and while pulling the sail, his inspiration came- ‘the sail of a Dhow’.
And it made sense- a hotel sailing from the sea- something Iconic, and catchy for tourism, just as the Prince of Dubai wanted.

  1. Hard work pays!

Because of the shape of the structure, the height, and the fact that it was going to stand on water, human beings worked hard to get the artificial island going, to erect the structure, and to make it beautiful!
And after Khuan Chew’s ( the interior designer of the hotel) best was rejected by the prince of Dubai because the white colouring she used on the Atrium was just too plain, she had to come up with a better best!
She confessed to forfeiting holidays and good times just to come up with ‘a new ingenious idea’! But when the gold-rainbow idea came along and was implemented, it blew the prince’s mind and made her effort worth it.

  1. The prince doesn’t mind the price!

Who is your prince? He is ready to pay the price for an iconic/profiting venture. In fact, that is what pleases him to do!
So, the Prince of Dubai gladly spent $650million(from 1994-1999) for that structure .

  1. You can always do better!

Apart from Chew’s ‘better best story’, with the other humans involved in the Burj Al Arab’s story, it was their first time to try something that ‘challenging’, but they gladly stretched their minds and intelligence! And it fetched them a lot of gold at the end, both literally and literarilly!

  1. Let it stand/pass the test, and the taste of time!

In other words, let it beat the imagination!
Another impressing thing about ‘the builders’ is that they wanted a building that will last forever.
It is sad that the Burj will not last for ever (as even this earth will pass away), but at least, it is standing and passing the test and the taste of the times it has lived. It is still a wonder to its visitors.

  1. ‘Impossibility’? What is that?

Those guys defied ‘impossibility’.
Honestly, personally, I believe that some things are just impossible.
But those guys helped me realize that I have to be careful with what I deem ‘impossible’.
I didn’t hear them demean their strengths and possibilities. They were always ready to try the next ‘risk’, and when it didn’t work out, they tried again till it worked!

In summary, that video reminds me of a lot of things in my bible that I’ve been letting go just like that. And ironically, it is people that are not ‘born again’ that screamed the same biblical points back at me.

NB: Thanks dear friend for the video!

Now, who wants to send me more videos like it?

The Explosion

It was during my national youth service, and I was headed for the state’s Media house to complete an assignment when I heard the blast. It was deafening.

Things had happened very fast.

I was journeying slowly with a motorcycle rider.

Another driver had yelled at us for riding sluggishly and blocking the road for ‘serious’ commuters.

A Police Hilux van had hurriedly driven past in the opposite direction.

“Jesus!” was all I could scream and my driver increased his speed.

I looked back immediately to find out that a thick smoke had been built.

My heart beat was increasing per second and I was shaking on the motor-bike, tasting raw fear.

What had just happened?

We arrived the media house to find a man weeping at the gate.
“Thank God! Coper?!” He screamed, almost jumping on me.

I recognised him. He was the driver that would have taken my driver off the road if he had the chance.

“What happened?” I asked

“Kai! I just dey think of you since… I don dey cry say corper don die” he lamented.

As the other men around heard this, they stared at me and my driver as though we were ghosts.
I figured out that they had begun to mourn me before I arrived.

It was then that they announced to me that the police hilux I had seen was just bombed.

And I remembered that no other vehicle drove past the smoke.

We couldn’t explain how.

I just dragged myself inside without uttering any other word.

I picked up my phone and dialled home.
“I was nearly a victim of bomb blast just now!” I announced to my dad, and as I heard my mom’s voice shout ‘Halleluya’ at the background, I rounded off quickly for them to continue with their thanksgiving.

“Dear lord Jesus, thank you!” I began my own section of praise rendition.
“So this is how I could have lost my life to bomb blast and become a Federal corpse? God forbid!”

I decided to return home immediately and was shocked to find out that the road had already been blocked, and that security agents had begun their work.

As I stood at the gate, I remembered that the Police headquarters was also bombed earlier that year.

“But if God doesn’t guard a city, it is useless for the watchmen to work”

So, today, I testify again!

The Things We Actually Miss

A lot of times, I am not corrected of a wrong because it is assumed I should know better. Sometimes, when I share my weaknesses, it serves as a disappointment.

Other times I’m considered inadequate to perform a task or appropriate for a debased assignment.
So I ask, when did I stop being human? When did I stop acting like one? Or is it totally not a fault of mine? Did people suddenly start having illusions of me? Have I become a god or an animal?

I know of doctors who should be helped by news men, health wise, but miss it because ‘they should know better’. I know pastors that need to be corrected in love but miss out because ‘they are the lord’s anointed’. I know stars who are let to rot in pride when they should be taught a thing or two about loyalty and humility. Even servants are used and not appreciated. Whose fault are these?

If I don’t address you as ‘Revd Dr’ is it an offence? If I dine with my servants am I crazy? If I laugh with my students am I foolish? If I dream to be great am I greedy?
Am I not being cautioned for a wrong because I’m a sister in the lord whom only the lord speaks to. Am I insulted because I only sweep the roads every morning?
Or don’t I dress well enough? Or speak well enough? Can’t I ever go wrong? Are my errors mistaken for a trend?

I was trained to avoid peer pressure. I was shaped to fit into the society.

It seems peer pressure doesn’t end with adolescence. It’s obvious the society often changes its values. So…

I’m breaking out. I’m thinking hard. I’m being me. I’m learning. I’m failing. I’m being the best with each opportunity.

Disclaimer: this is not the story of my life!!!

(A) New Opportunit(y)ies

Hello my beloved readers. It’s a happy new year. I wish you God’s best in this 2014…

Publicite: Today’s post is inspired by a TRUE friend’s story…

So, this friend tells us in a group chat some real funny stuff about the winter cold and shares some sordid pieces of advice by her neighbours on managing this cold.
She also tells about her mini job experiences-good and bad- the days she laughed and the days she wept.
She concludes by telling about God’s provision through people who never knew her before and how God has kept her in a place far from home…

So, this is the 1st post of the year and its prophetic! (Lol!)
Many things are going to happen this year, they’d draw both tears of joy and pain from us and we’re Going to see God through them. This is a ‘no letting God out of our situations’ year… (For me, at least)

A lot of us crossed into this new year with sober reflections and good resolutions. But people, nothing is good without the lord (simple!)
It’s either we’re letting him take us into our ‘gardens of eden’, walk us through ‘the valleys of the shadow of death’ or we’re on our own…
This is the new year but funny enough it has in it the festivities of the former years- valentines, easter, mothers’ day, fathers’ day, childrens’ day, workers’ days, birthdays, even christmas, then the 31st december’s 11:59pm…
So what is new about the year? OPPORTUNITY/CHANCE…
That is what is new about this year- a whole 365 days as chances/opportunities to utilise God’s grace, providence and all he supplies…

So, like my friend’s story, we will have different good and bad experiences, and we will have God supplying and meeting all our needs… But we will have our selves making use of all of HIS OPPORTUNITIES or abandoning them and letting them pass by like the previous years.

It’s a happy new year people and I wish you God’s best!!!