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A Few Good Men


Please, let me share with you an interesting BBM conversation I had with a good friend today.


Him:    Ping!

Me:      Hi Hi

Him:    Imagine the nonsense BC I just got

Men! Men!! Men ­!!!So complicated,So confusing,So hard to please.If u try 2 pls dem, u re cheap.If u make love (sex) to them, u’re a Love Peddler.If u don’t, u re playing hard to get.If u show dem u love dem, u’re too emotional.If u don’t show it, u don’t love dem.If u give them attention, u’re bugging them,if u don’t u’re with other men.If u demand for attention u’rea nagging woman,if u don’t u’re not understandableIf u dress sexy, u’re attracting other menIf u don’t , u’re awkward & local.If u cook & wash their clothes u’re desperateIf u don’t, u’re not a wife material.If u go to club/party, u’re tooexposedIf u don’t, u’re naïve.If u re beautiful, u can’t stay wit 1 manIf u’re ugly, u’re not up to standard.If u’re independent, u’re chasing men awayIf u’re dependent, u’re a liability:If u try 2 satisfy dem in bed, U’re a sex addictIf u don’t, u’re making sex boring.If u’r pregnant, u want to trap them:If u’re not pregnant, u’re not awoman or might hv damaged ur wombIf u ask men for money U’re too demandingWhat do men really want?Does that mean they don’t even know what theywant? OThey can be so annoying!!!GOSH!! please, answer dis question:if u are a man pls be sincere,WHAT DO MEN REALLY WANT? (I just copied and pasted)

Me:      Hahahahahhahahahaha

Interesting… what is the real thing na?

Him:    So you also believe this lie?

I and my wife have a heaven on earth relationship

Me:      No oh…

Infact, I want to believe the heaven on earth truth

Tell me about it?

(My part of the conversation, though very short, is cut out… I had to stop typing almost immediately to allow him flow… just enjoy his response…)


Yes now

You sleep on ur bed the way u make it

If u wana enjoy ur relationship… Just trust God to give u ur man

I can only talk about myself

A listening husband

I love my wife to the moon and back

I cherish her like no other

I respect, adore and honour her

I encourage her to be the best she wana be in her chosen career

I know she’s also human who have a life too

I can take bullet for her ni

For sex, nobody was born with dat. We learn together, make mistakes and improve on the skill… trust me practice makes perfect ni

We both are learners

It’s not a man’s world only

I will provide all her needs within my means

I’m committed to make her happy all the days of our marriage

I will chastise her in love

Correct her in love

I don’t shout on her cos she’s an extension of God

I make sure she doesn’t lose sight of the future God has shown me

I live as an example

I encourage her to love and cherish God more and more

I lead the way for her by my examples

Nobody looks down on her whether in my presence or absence

Even my parents can’t talk to her any how

I esteem her above all else

She’s my Sweetness, queen, crown, love, adorable, joy, precious jewel, treasure, dove, angel, dearest, sweetheart, honeypie, bestfriend, confident, accountability partner, bride, girlfriend, wife…


NB:     Please don’t ‘bully’ me by telling me how cheap words are… pray for him instead to continue in this “light”


Thanks for reading, understanding, enjoying, sharing and praying for him in continuing in these good deeds.


Meanwhile, I think the world will be a better place when we start spreading truths such as this in place of lies like the one above.