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As much as we can


“Girl, what’s your plan with all these finesse?”



“Chi please, I always look good…”

“Agbonma feeling funky!”

“Biko let’s go home… all these yarns”

Nma and Chi conversed as they hurriedly hit the road.


“All these rush Nma, hope you’re not running to see any man?” Chi teased.

“Chinyere Okorobia! You love to talk about men, and tonight, you are on your own, bye!” Nma mockingly rebuked.

Laughingly, they jumped into the commercial tricycle that they flagged down.


“Mega place” Chi said to the driver.

“Madam abeg, I no dey go there for night” he replied them.

“Ngwa, stop us for  junction” Nma responded.

“Hah! Aunty? Una wan trek there by this time? E dangerous oh!” he exclaimed.

“Nawa for you oga, you no go carry us go and we no go trek again… which one you dey?” Chi accused.

“No vex oh, I just dey advise, unto say una fit be my sisters” he pleaded.

“No worry, nothing do us, we be God Pikin, he dey guide us” Nma added.

“Amen oh!” the driver echoed and continued in silence.


“Nne, this place is rather quiet… are these goose bumps on your skin?” Chi questioned as both girls strolled into the street.

“Quietly please, something is not just right.” Nma whispered.

“No way are we giving into fear…” Chi started but was cut short by distant noises and stopped, holding Nma back from taking one more step.

Rumbles from people rambling inside the mini bush started penetrating the night and the girls quietly listened.


“Get down!” a voice said.

“You no dey fear?” another said.

“Abeg I no follow” the third said and it sounded like a girl’s.


“That’s a girl’s voice” Nma began to tell Chi, then, the lights went off.

“What a pleasant time NEPA” Chi muttered.


“Please oh, I could be your sister” they heard the girl plead.

“Comon shut up!” two voices hushed her down at a time.


“Girl, I’m going back” Nma stuttered.

“There’s even light, these neighbours just fearfully put out theirs” Chi said as though she didn’t hear Nma.

“Are you still talking about light?” Nma asked with disgust.

“A step forward or backward, and they’d hear, that’s if they are not already listening to us” Chi reprimanded.

“We can’t still stand in the middle of the road, they will see us… we should have a plan” Nma stuttered.

“Bravery against fear…” Chi began to suggest but was interrupted by a distant shriek.

“Security… let’s call those police men at that bank…” Nma began to breathe heavily.

“Stop putting fear into me this girl!” Chi rebuked.

The shriek became continuous and loud and the girls arrived at a good option.

“At the count of 3… 1,2,3” Chi spoke and both girls flew with an indescribable speed to the bank at the junction.

Exchange of gun shots and a near stampede got the girls falling into a roadside gutter, where they lay still.

“There’s a clinic close by” Chi offered to the police men carrying the bruised limp girl with clothes torn and almost totally ripped off, who had been yelling from the bush.

The girls accompanied the police men to the clinic and promised to return with clothes for her in the morning.


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