Of fine and not so fine people

Everyone is fine

Uniquely or obviously

Outwardly or inwardly

Recognize your type therefore

And stick to it


No need to put the other down

No need to strive to be like the other

If you an obvious

Be obvious

If an underneath

Shine from beneath

If a blend

Then blend nicely

No need to front

No need to evade

Just do you and let live


Guard your fine

Let no man thread upon it

Be no thread against another

Be fine in peace

And let love lead the way


To humans that freely give

When you locate one

Locate the other

Or is it not free giving anymore?

Is there something else?

Do you want something in return?


Why buy her a car for nothing and not her neighbor?

Or were you led by the spirit?

And which spirit exactly?

Only leading to the same person at all times?


If it is free

Make it accessible by all

Share it randomly


If it is not

Be true to yourself

And state it as it is


In a world of so much hardship

Free gifts are mostly welcome

And very much appreciated

With many blessings in return


If you therefore have good means and a lot of money

Bless others with it

And you’ll be blessed in return

But don’t use it as a cover for mischief




To the boys and girls that won’t let go

Sticking up doesn’t always produce desired results

Letting go may be more beneficial

More excellent

And more spiritual


If he says no

If she says no

Let go

If she returns…

If he returns…


But don’t waste your time

And do not make them look bad

For not answering the way you’d have loved

Do not guilt trip


You do not want to be managed after all

You want to be loved

You deserve love

Why not give love a chance

Pushing and prodding one who isn’t interested will rob you of the love you so desire

It will stress you and effect damages



From Eko Towers

The white expatriate with red scalp

And very soft looking

Very scanty black hair

That wouldn’t look my way

Was he afraid

Did I stare a little too hard

I still admired away

The beauty of our differences


The entrepreneur expatriate

Quite studious

Laptop open

Cup of coffee at hand

Or was that tea

Sitting on a table somewhat away

From the noise and the bustle

Scrolling away on his phone

Teaching me to work hard


The swimmer expatriate

In the pool

In the rain

In the cold

This must be a different kind of summer

In a way I am yet to experience


The cook

The butler

The steward

Domestic whites

Expatriates as well

Such an interesting world


The non expatriates

The Nigerians

The staff

The visitors

Alike in body

Different in soul

Some pleasant

Others not


The sole fish meal

The best in the pack

Took my soul away

And made me promise

To find a way to eat it as much as I can


Love is serious… love is not sex



sex is pure

it is ecstacy

it is enjoyable and worthy of longing

it’s easier to stop before you start

and can hardly stop once started

it has no greater words to define it

than just sex


it is what it is

it entails a lot

it justifies itself whether in

the beginning, the middle or the end

it’s easier done than said

nothing else like it

nothing else to express it


whether between the opposite sex

or between the same sex

or even alone with yourself

it sure has its effects

joyful or sadenning

ecstasy or plain guilt

depending on you


it’s best kept sacred

as sacred as holy

best between two people

that have become one

  • a blessing of oneness

unless so

it is never fulfilling


it  can never be casual

no matter how hard we try

to pretend otherwise

once after the act

you feel fulfilment when done in the right

or disaster when done in the wrong


it is so and shall remain so

it was before us

and will remain after us

we should hence play by the rules

‘keep it sacred and holy’

‘let it be joyful and glorious’

it is for the married


the fall, the despair, the anger

that arise after done in the wrong

the guilt, the distrust, the evil

that can never go away from

sex done in the wrong

can only go away when sex’s done in the right

with the right person at the right time


it is said

the word so sacred

the deed so pure

the act so misused

can mar you or bless you

depending on your chouice

mine is sure, ‘leaving it as it should be’