Knowing Wura… 1

He was sure he was never going to be pre-occupied with marriage again. He had his life filled with his daughters, work, church and the memory of his late wife until Wura became his student and changed everything. She was his ever ambitious project student. She would call up at all hours to make sure she was on the right track and will critically review all his corrections with all her “don’t you think this and that…” He soon found it easy and natural leading her. They would go through difficulties together until they reached a resolution. He loved her resilience. She would never give up. “There has to be a way” she would always say. And easily, he always found himself joining her in discovering those ways, and they always won! And in the same vein, they won the best award of the faculty and of all science projects of the year: the ground breaking Masters project of the year! She was glad. He was proud, more for whom she became through the process. And he went to bed that night glad that in supervising this ever bustling girl in her science project, his deadened quest for more became reawakened. She had helped him stretch again, something he had forgotten to do since losing his wife. He had naturally abandoned pursuing more when she died. That part of him died with her, and he was content with it. Nothing was worth it any more, he had believed. He wouldn’t as much as desire a little more: he was after all a renowned science professor with ground breaking research projects in his quiver. He had two beautiful daughters, and his church family- his real support system since becoming single again. He was thus grateful; God had been there after all, letting him move past his wife’s death. He no longer asked God why. 10 years later, he had become content with the need not too. So, as he smiled at the award and at the potential stretches that Wura brought along with her project work, he knew it was time for more. His ambition had returned. He felt it in his gut, and he turned in thanks to God for the new season. “I never knew I could do more again…” he sprawled.

And while he prayed, Wura’s smile flashed through his heart and confused him back to his feet. What were they doing there?


In Sept., Oct. 2014… Anniversary Bants

Hi, fam, and welcome back to our Anniversary bants- turned- blog tour…

We are in Sept., Oct. 2014: Progress, yay!

I first re-blogged this hilarious post about why you shouldn’t sell your man’s PlayStation. Is this still a thing though? Then, I opened up my blog for my readers to guest-write, and we did connect in the process! You should check out their rich heart felt posts. I also did my first post as a Masters Student, which was naturally about new cultures/lifestyle.

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In April 2014… Anniversary Bants

So on the first day of April 2014, I dropped this very interesting short story. I had a couple of Lara and Seun episodes too, afterwards. Then, I did this sweet post in honour of dads who are always there for us! I also did this story about girls being there for each other. April was filled with good fiction, I was on a roll, fam! I also had a nice poem in the mix.

As non fiction, a friend of mine excited my blog readers by sharing this piece on what being a good husband looks like.

Then I did more fiction/short stories: one with too many characters, that should actually serve as Rom-com short film, (which I will see to, shortly!) and another that indicts unfaithfulness and how it causes havoc in families.

Till next time people, kisses and hugs!

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From March 2014… Anniversary Bants

My last anniversary bant was here…

So in March 2014, my first post was me sharing my (first ever) personal photos on the blog in celebration of my birthday. Then, I shared a poem from my heart (I always do share from my heart though).

It was also in March that I began this my award winning, headline making fictive series– I am still in awe of my imagination for producing this. Make sure to catch all of it… It has a tag of its own! And it is purely refreshing!

So, I decided to pace the anniversary-bants-posts, so that we can really read through them without feeling overwhelmed. See ya very soon, hopefully, tomorrow, yay!

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Proceeding to 2014… Anniversary Bants

Hello everyone, and welcome back.

To continue, catch a drift of what’s happening in this series from here, to here, and here

And then, proceed…

In 2014, I started off very positive, gingered, and encouraging, then, I did some kind of retrospective journalling. I may have been at a place where I was seeking some new answers to stuff. Then, I celebrated my lovely sisters who now all look different in appearance, lol. Then I did some ramblings, and I continued in February with ramblings and celebrating a sweet sister , and dambled into the Friendzone topic, a zone I am now very tired of existing in! I now seek business partnerships, please! I also shook a table I am now a sound member of, lol- those who readily disclose their lives on social media. Then I ended the month of February with some good banter on living in the moment.

I will continue this gist later, meanwhile, I’d like to hear from you: in the comments, on Insta, on Twitter… Let’s connect people!



From August to October with Love… Anniversary Bants

Hello fam,

Sincere apologies for the sudden break, a huge welcome back, and a re-commitment to consistency!

In view of my blog anniversary in August, I started sharing about my inspirations for blogging. I did the first, did the second, and dis-appearance happened. Apologies! I’m back to complete it and to continue blogging daily….

In October 2013, 8 days after the (Nigerian) independence, I shared about sharing the midnight of the 1st with the 3rd Mainland bridge. It was not exactly funny at the time. Then, I did a post about what I imagined the purity of sex as. I may not being doing something like that again though. And I ‘mistakenly’ got entangled in the unending gender banter . I won’t do this to myself again. I am now very accepting of these gender hassles as part of us. I will not sweat it no more, lol.

In November, some passages from the bible hit me and I decided to share.

And that was it from me in 2013.

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Anniversary Bants… 2/What Mayokun Did (Not Do)

So, in view of this blog’s 5th anniversary, I started a journey of basically sharing my blogging motivations, and in the first post, I stopped at how Mayokun helped out. Please, check it out before you continue.

Mayokun is a friend, a very smart one at that. So, at the time, he was my ‘mannest’, so I shared my fears with him: “hey, I’d like to start blogging. I’ve been thinking about it for sometime now… I’m anxious-nervous-afraid etc…”, and the guy just cut me short abruptly: “which, Blogspot or WordPress? I’d suggest WordPress  cos it’s more user friendly etc…” and as he ranted on, I thought the guy wasn’t just getting it! ‘I’m telling you that I’m ‘afraid’ and you’re instead telling me about start-up processes? Is this not supposed to be the pity-party conversation where you get to encourage me about my ability to do all things through Christ Jesus?’ People, I had to arise quickly from my self-endowed-fear-slumber-party and immediately got unto the program of blogging! And I began to take notes as he showed me what to do and how to do it, and boom, I did my first blog post. You see, Mayokun did not indulge my fears and I’m grateful to him for that. He also had blogged before and naturally had experience he could share with me(although I found this out later on my own), and of course, he likes to show off his smartness at any given time: so it was very easy for him to shine at that time under the pretense of ‘give no room to fear’, lol!

So, my first blog post naturally became about my reasons for wanting to share my stories/ideas/experiences publicly. Following it was my first fiction on the blog: at the time, I was too careful for prose correctness and was making sure to arrange everything as accurately as possible- I even had to sift through my imaginations a lot: It was my first fiction, and it had to be alright, I thought. Thank God for growth; even though the fiction came out well, I’m now way past the phase of being too careful for correctness. Right now, I let my stories flow from the depth of my soul, and I’m the better for it. Then, I did my first reblog of a post I considered quite intelligent/interesting from a Twitter pal. At this point, I had a lot of Twitter presence and followership: You would easily find me on ‘popular’ Nigerian threads and arguments- I was always ready to share, lol! And that was it from me in August: I was proud of myself and my confidence was growing. Some of my friends didn’t and couldn’t get the idea of non-monetary blogging. Whenever I told them I blogged, they expected a gossip site kind of thing with a lot of traffic, but I was always ready to disappoint them and share my own blogging style. Some of them loved my story (it was one at that time, yo!), others felt indifferent and some felt I should be out of the game already, lol. But I moved on to September…

In September, I had moved cities, and got an interesting leap into my blog posts by including non-fiction: TO FEAR OR NOT TO FEAR and CHURCH MONEY!!!

And the journey continued, and is still on, thankfully.

Until next time, I’d like to hear from you: in the comments, on Insta, on Twitter… Let’s connect people!