Anniversary Bants… 2/What Mayokun Did (Not Do)

So, in view of this blog’s 5th anniversary, I started a journey of basically sharing my blogging motivations, and in the first post, I stopped at how Mayokun helped out. Please, check it out before you continue.

Mayokun is a friend, a very smart one at that. So, at the time, he was my ‘mannest’, so I shared my fears with him: “hey, I’d like to start blogging. I’ve been thinking about it for sometime now… I’m anxious-nervous-afraid etc…”, and the guy just cut me short abruptly: “which, Blogspot or WordPress? I’d suggest WordPress  cos it’s more user friendly etc…” and as he ranted on, I thought the guy wasn’t just getting it! ‘I’m telling you that I’m ‘afraid’ and you’re instead telling me about start-up processes? Is this not supposed to be the pity-party conversation where you get to encourage me about my ability to do all things through Christ Jesus?’ People, I had to arise quickly from my self-endowed-fear-slumber-party and immediately got unto the program of blogging! And I began to take notes as he showed me what to do and how to do it, and boom, I did my first blog post. You see, Mayokun did not indulge my fears and I’m grateful to him for that. He also had blogged before and naturally had experience he could share with me(although I found this out later on my own), and of course, he likes to show off his smartness at any given time: so it was very easy for him to shine at that time under the pretense of ‘give no room to fear’, lol!

So, my first blog post naturally became about my reasons for wanting to share my stories/ideas/experiences publicly. Following it was my first fiction on the blog: at the time, I was too careful for prose correctness and was making sure to arrange everything as accurately as possible- I even had to sift through my imaginations a lot: It was my first fiction, and it had to be alright, I thought. Thank God for growth; even though the fiction came out well, I’m now way past the phase of being too careful for correctness. Right now, I let my stories flow from the depth of my soul, and I’m the better for it. Then, I did my first reblog of a post I considered quite intelligent/interesting from a Twitter pal. At this point, I had a lot of Twitter presence and followership: You would easily find me on ‘popular’ Nigerian threads and arguments- I was always ready to share, lol! And that was it from me in August: I was proud of myself and my confidence was growing. Some of my friends didn’t and couldn’t get the idea of non-monetary blogging. Whenever I told them I blogged, they expected a gossip site kind of thing with a lot of traffic, but I was always ready to disappoint them and share my own blogging style. Some of them loved my story (it was one at that time, yo!), others felt indifferent and some felt I should be out of the game already, lol. But I moved on to September…

In September, I had moved cities, and got an interesting leap into my blog posts by including non-fiction: TO FEAR OR NOT TO FEAR and CHURCH MONEY!!!

And the journey continued, and is still on, thankfully.

Until next time, I’d like to hear from you: in the comments, on Insta, on Twitter… Let’s connect people!






Anniversary Bants… 1

Hello everyone, in view of my 5th Blog anniversary, I will be taking a tour round my blog, re-sharing all the posts I ever did and attempting to share my inspirations around each of the posts…

It’s been 5 years and a lot of posts, so, all of this will not happen in a singular post, it may take up to 7 posts or more, and it could be interrupted by new posts on current/recent/on the go experiences…

I hope you are inspired and blessed… Let’s go:

So, what inspired me to start blogging?

I didn’t even know blogging was a thing until someone BroadCast(BC) via BBM [in ‘the days’ of BBM, in 2013] an interesting blog post her pastor’s wife had guest-written on someone’s blog. I loved it, and consequently started reading through the entire blog, and discovered that I loved and could relate with nearly everything I read… The blog was Temi’s , which she has now upgraded. Thenceforth, I started checking out different types of blogs and blog posts, and I would usually curl myself up at a corner to read, laugh and to be entertained by my findings. Often times, people living with me felt I had gone crazy; the only other thing that took my attention from my phone was downloading movies, watching, deleting, and downloading some more! Those were the days BBM data was N1000 for unlimited, lol! Honestly, I did not care much about chatting with people on BBM in those days: only reading blogs and seeing/unseeing movies were my favourite things to do… lol [and somehow, the trend continues as I’m still not a “whatsapper” like that, which seems to be the in-thing (except I have to be, then I BECOME, LOL!)- if I’m on my phone, I’m usually doing every other thing, which now ‘heavily’ includes watching, loving and relating to YouTube videos… (who knows if YouTube-video-production is part of my near future?!)]

So, I realised that I had so many stories that I could equally blog about, but I was a bit laid back to share: I was partly afraid- it was going to be a new terrain for me and I wasn’t sure I would excel, plus I thought I didn’t know how I would start. This fear of starting to do is almost now familiar to me I should say: e.g, I feared writing WAEC right from when I was in JSS1, lol… I feared writing common entrance right from when I was in Primary 4; but I “SLAYED” them all as I usually eventually “SLAY” all that I had ever initially feared… So, why fear in the first place? Maybe because I would feel so unready/unprepared/unqualified etc… (Blog post for another day)… but then again, why would a JSS1 child be already thinking of/dreading WAEC??? Some kind of madness, yeah? Welcome to me! Anyway, I don’t get afraid anymore even though I am still futuristic. I’m now rather committed to being faith-filled about them and working towards achieving them positively… (gist for later)

So my friend, Mayokun, helped me through this ‘fear process’ of starting a blog… [we shall start blogging from here next time].

Connect with me fam, let’s talk in the comments!

Stay blessed!


Expectations… 2

revamped version…


Kindly check out the first part of this story before continuing.

My name is Zara and I like living as simply and as straight forward as possible. I hardly have the time to deal with complicated lifestyles, and I expect everyone to be able to at least, respect themselves and other people’s choices.

In taking up the opportunity of helping Ptem Company build their client base, I was looking forward to linking up with a lot of professionals and to expanding my network of friends in the process.  I however, did not expect that anyone would as much as verbally despise me for my style, especially, not a high ranking professional. You can thus, imagine my shock when Zite gave me such a ‘rude welcome’ to the company. At first I thought it was an expensive joke, and was willing to let it slide, and just casually remind him not to run sarcastic…

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an updated… and intense version


My name is Zite, and just so you know, I’m a good catch. I’m as good as they come. I am the complete T.D.H package, and very loaded… you know. I am even the envy of my friends.

That should be a joke, please.

But you see, I’m very grateful for my current state in life. I have a beautiful wife; actually, the wife of my dreams. She’s tall, pretty, beautifully complexioned, adorned with some lovely skin, well curved and oh so physically blessed. She’s homely, kind and has that  ever enviable 10/10 taste in fashion. I love her. We have two lovely kids and I’m grateful. I just wish she’d be a little bit more.

It wasn’t made to come out like that, I’m sorry. I just want some more. That’s what I mean. Don’t get me wrong, my wife is perfect in her own way. At least, from what I’ve…

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