Expectations… 4

Hi ya’all, I’m grateful to blog again…

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I didn’t know how else to react to Oga MD’s official unfairness to me. How dare he make me play second fiddle in my own company, to a woman? I have never had to come second to any woman, not even to my wife. In fact, she is the more insecure party in our relationship, if I can say so. I have never also had any cause to report to a female senior colleague; you can thus imagine why this Zara issue is becoming difficult for me to handle. I was therefore, so determined to quickly sort things out with the MD, that I ordered the driver to drive off without stopping to think about Zara’s welfare.

As we drive towards the company gate now, however, I regret letting my ego maneuver my good senses. I regret throwing chivalry to the winds and letting a woman suffer for my sake. I have now burdened myself with such folly, but I am lucky to be interrupted by a strange call.

“Hello!” I scream into my phone, partly in relief for interrupting my thoughts, and partly in anger for trying to rescue me from the same thoughts. It is the terror from the call however, that shakes me back to my senses.

“If you delay by one minute, we’ll kill her!” is all I hear before the caller rudely hangs up.

I am not even sure who is being referred to, but in shock, I ask the driver to take us back to “Madam”. By the confused faces the driver makes, I am almost certain that he thinks I have lost my mind. But I am too shocked to convince him otherwise.

I don’t even know whether to scream or to sulk. I cannot just believe that this man just drove off without me. In fact, I do no longer understand what is going on between us, if I may call it that. He acts so immature sometimes that I am tempted to blow up his head.

As I sit to ponder on how embarrassing what has just happened is for my career, I learn that our client has just arrived, so I leave to attend to him, thankful that I am temporarily relieved of Zite’s troubles. You can now imagine my shock as I return to meet a panicking Zite, surrounded by some people, all panicking.

It is the driver who sees me first and thinks I am a ghost. The way he looks at me with his eyeballs almost bulging out almost frightens me.


His scream draws the rest of the other’s attention, including Zite’s, who can no longer handle his emotions. He runs towards me and lifts me up, all the while thanking God that I am alive, which frightens me the more. By the time the rest of the people approach me, I have begun to snatch myself away from Zite’s grip in preparation to flee, but he doesn’t let me.

“What is all this?” I manage to mutter, but answers to my question were already coming in their numbers.

“Na joke be this?”

“Dem release am, abi na run she run commot?”

“ Who else dem hold na?”

“Abi na mistake dem make?”

“Abi person don already pay ransome?”

People were hurriedly talking over their heads that I had to shout to alert them of my presence.


The uniformed silence got me laughing until Zite spoke up.

“I got a call that you were abducted”

“Well, I am not” I smile and begin to walk towards the car, desperate to escape the scary stares that are hitting me all over.

“Abi, na your madam?” I hear the driver whisper to Zite who immediately follows me, and I almost froze.

Zite actually froze until I walked to him, took his phone, dialed his wife, and learnt that she was doing all well in her office.

It was then that Zite told me what he really heard the caller say.

I smiled, and thanked God for letting some strange occurrence bring this man back to his senses for once, but then again, I wonder why he first thought about me before his wife.

I smile and thank him profusely, and as we settle into the car, I tell him that our client returned, so I had to settle the deal without him. I had hoped that I would be glad to watch him grit in pain when I delivered this news, but as I watch a mixture of shock and fear grip him, I become afraid and regret letting the words ever slip from my lips.